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Fashion Fever


Fashion Fever Barbies

–“Water Under the bridge” Dolls

I started my Barbie Collecting with “Fashion Fever”, I truly loved them, the Fever was running high.  but the Passhion & Happiness were shortly lived,  when Mattel replaced “Fashion Fever” with “Fashionista” in 2007,  my interests in playline dolls  shifted to “Barbie Collector” Dolls. “Fashion Fever” is now a part of  sweet memories.

Wave A

wave a

Wave B

Wave  C

wave C

Wave F

Wave K

wave K

Wave L

Wave N

Wave N

Wave R

Wave R

Wave S

Wave T

Barbie Loves Benetton

wave benetton1

Makeup chic

Style for Two


15 Responses to “Fashion Fever”

  1. dollsaga said

    I am working on pictures of Wave T, V, W, etc. hope to make a complete quick guide.

  2. Thanks for the high quality images!!!

  3. Tiffany said

    It was wonderful to see all these FF pretties lined up…reminds me of how many I have of them, still in their tubes, packed away in my storage room! (Along with many boxes full of Fashion Avenues..) I always felt the Fashion Fever series was an entirely adequate replacement for the Fashion Avenue series–although I was quite sad when the FA series ended. The FF series had delighful fashions that were nicely accessorized, like FA’s…and you got a doll! Now that they’ve been replaced with Fashionistas, I’m buying them…but mostly for their articulated bodies (for my favorite doll heads) and their fabulous shoes! :o) Their fashions are just so-so, and I truly hate the *front-only* dresses and tops I’m seeing so much of…the fashion sets are full of half-clothes! Very cheap. :o(

  4. torimonet said

    I love these dolls. So sad that they are discontinued

  5. sandra said

    Oh wow, this is great! Can’t wait to see the other waves all together! Still have a soft spot for the FF gang! LOL!

  6. Timothy said

    Your collections?

    • dollsaga said

      Once upon a time, My collections were much larger than this, I purchased so many duplicates. Now I no longer collect them, so I sold most of them, still have quite a lot.

  7. Timothy said

    Fashion fever do not have articulated body like fashionista

  8. Bella said

    I have about 209 Barbie dolls in my toy boxes.

  9. Jane said

    very nice barbies:)

  10. Studio 126 said

    Could you post head shot/close-ups of the figures in that series? I’m particularly curious if the 2005 Barbie head sculpt was ever used there.

    • helen said

      thank you for asking. but no, I cant provide any close up photos— as stated, they are “water under the bridge”, I no longer collect them or have them. you may find close up photos on Flickr or other doll groups or eBay, or use” google image” search,—you can find everything anything via google.

  11. Hello Helen, Do you know where the wave names came from?

    • helen said

      They are printed on the shippers (the cardboard cases that Mattel used to ship these dolls). the dolls come assorted, I don’t remember how many in the case. probably 12. but the Barbie Basics come in cases of 4..

  12. Nadine said

    Still love these dolls, I do have a few that ik can’t find here…

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