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Scam Alert

Posted by Helen on August 25, 2021

 Many scammers are using my name and photos to scam people online, the fraudulent websites are run from China,  Czech Republic, etc.  

I’m making a statement that everything you see on my webpages is not for sale, if you see them on shopping sites,  you can be sure that I’m not the one who is selling them,  the scammers are.

Here are a few examples:



Almost all my doll photos of Halloween, Thanksgiving St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas are stolen and used for scam. image.png




Please use common sense when you make purchases online.  some people who want to  “give the scammers a chance” need to understand your foolishness is the reason the Scammers will never go away.  Here is a true story:

A scammer posted a Betty Draper Silkstone doll for sale, $75. Against everyone’s advice, a lady insisted that her purchase would be protected by her Credit Card Company & PayPal.  Besides, she said,  “I can afford a $75 loss”.  —15 minutes after she made her purchase, $600 was charged to her card for “luxury limousine car service”.

By the way, Betty Draper doll is often used to scam people on eBay, and the scammers never fail! Anyone who has common sense knows these are scams, the sellers have “zero” feedback, the item location is the most remote town in China. the photos & item descriptions are stolen from other sellers or bloggers….


For those who think you can win your case with your CC company or PayPal , most likely, you wont. the scammers know workarounds. If you win the case, then, it is your credit card company or PayPal’s loss. The scammers dont lose anything, they take the money and disappear, then, they set up a new website and the scam goes on….  your CC company or Paypal wont bother to track them down–b/c its too expensive to fight scammers, its less expensive to write it off as “business loss”–the consumers will ultimately cover the loss by paying higher service rates.




4 Responses to “Scam Alert”

  1. Helen said

    Sadly, there are too many scam sites–they may be run by the same scammers, b/c they all use the same so-called “service” email: service@service7s.com, their site logos are also the same “365 Biz
    Here are the complaints filed against this fake “days 365 Biz”

  2. If it seems to good to be true it probably is has always been a good motto to work with.

    • Helen said

      sadly, some people are too “adventurous” to let go. there was a recent post on Facebook, someone paid $80 for “Violette” Silkstone–one of the most expensive dolls that eBay sellers often ask for $1500. Her Facebook group members told her it was a scam, but she wanted to give it a chance, she said she would open the package at post office, so the postal workers could be her witnesses just in case she received a piece of junk…. Gee. this kind of people just make me mad.
      eBay scammers always get what they want, see, 3 dummies bought Violette doll at “Great prices”.
      Violette Scam on eBay

      • As long as they can find victims scammers will keep trying. I wish that buyers would do their research. Maybe they can afford to be out of pocket but I would not want to risk either my money or the disappointment.

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