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Innocent in White

Posted by helen on August 13, 2020

Barbie got  a little Black Dress last week, now she is getting a Little White Dress.

She looks so innocent:

Here goes the Twin Sisters:

Black White Pink cocktail Dresses

These 2 silkstone Dolls are my favorite, they are “Stunning in the spotlights” and “Yellow Gala Gown”, but one thing I dont like about them is that their heads are huge, many collectors call it “Balloon Head Syndrome” (BHS), and there is no cure for it. what a pity!


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The Spammer

Posted by helen on August 12, 2020

I have no idea what these spams are about, but they are quite entertaining, one low-IQ spammer pretended to be 8 different people.  lol

I found extremely amusing the spammer says “Terrible seller and this blog is a joke! DollSaga what a gross company! and its laughable you use so many fake names to attack me. at least you can hide your IP when you make comments” — I dont run a company and I have NEVER sold anything of Facebook or used fake name to attack anyone, I know how to hide my IP or write a little script to track the spammer, but apparently the spammer himself does NOT know how to do so, he thinks its safe to hide behind his iPhone… I probably should contact Polar Communications for further investigation. but I have better things to do

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The Gala’s Best has made a comeback

Posted by helen on August 12, 2020

The Gala’s Best Doll was sold out on Barbie Signature website, some collectors were upset that they missed out, so I said to them “dont worry, she will be back, she will be on Amazon & Target’s websites” –No one believed, Some Facebook bullies were certain I was wrong, so they attacked me like crazy

well, here she is:

on Amazon Website:

On Entertainment Earth Website:

On Target website:

The doll is platinum,  her edition size is not 1,000 like it used to be, it is 5,000. that is a large number. the stores will sell her in lots, so keep checking if you want her. I do NOT want her.

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The Gala’s Best

Posted by helen on August 9, 2020

The Gala’s Best Silkstone Barbie will go on sale tomorrow (Aug 10, 2020) she is a platinum label (no more than 5,000 units worldwide) and priced $175.    Barbie Signature Platinum and Gold Status members will have first access to add her to their collections, followed and then the general public on 8/12.  At launch, there will be a limit of one (1) doll per person. This limit is subject to change at a later date

She has a pretty face, but her gown is not justified for $175. However, Mattel has a plenty of nice things to say about her:

…. In the case of The Gala’s Best™ Barbie® Doll , Senior Director of Barbie® Design Robert Best completes the collection at the top of his game, giving us Barbie® in a Dresden blue gown with a strapless corset bodice, full layered tulle skirt, and dainty pink organza flowers accents. A matching blue organza petticoat with taffeta ruffled trim billows beneath the gown, ensuring that all eyes will be on Barbie® the moment she walks in the room.

Hair, makeup, and accessories have always been just as important to the presentation of a Barbie® Fashion Model Collection doll, and Robert and the team collaborating with him for this swan song creation rose to the occasion. Her dramatic up-do hairstyle frames her face and highlights her golden, pearl-drop earrings. Long, elegant white gloves complete a breathtaking look that is sure to be captured in the minds of BFMC® fans for years to come. She’s a fitting finale – get her in the online shop as quickly as you can!

Gala's Best Barbie


I dont think she will be sold out on Aug 10. I’m not a club member and I have no plan to buy this doll at $175.  but I’m curious about her sales–I’d like to know how fast she will sell.

In the past years, Platinum (LE 1,000) dolls were often sold out within 20 minutes. Times have changed. the Star War ChewBecca Barbie doll is a platinum label doll, she was released on May 4th, 2020,  but the “Force” is not with her, she is still a wallflower of the Signature Shop. her price is $150.

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A little back dress

Posted by helen on August 6, 2020

We are back to black  after seeing Mattel’s new “Best Look” gift set.

its boring to see black again and again, so I used pink lining to make a little difference.


The  Redhead “Gala Gown” Barbie has a beautiful face, but her head is huge.


I like the headpiece I made for Barbie, it looks much more elegant than the one “Best to a tea” Barbie has.


well, you can never go wrong with a Black Dress.

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Blue Skies

Posted by helen on July 27, 2020

Sharing some Monday Blues:

“Blue Skies” Barbie Doll was made based on a 1962 fashion design by Carol Spencer. the doll  is a limited edition of 120 units and was given to the 2015 United Federation of Doll Club (UFDC) Convention attendees.


I like the sketch, it reminds me of the “Fancy Free” Barbie Dress.  I felt that my Barbie would love to have this “Blue Skies” Dress. So here is my rendition to honor the legendary Barbie Designer Carol Spencer.



It took me 3 days to make one dress.  lol — I was not able to concentrate on the sewing work.  and I lost 3 needles –perhaps there is ghost in my room. I heard the sound when my needle dropped on the hardwood floor, but when I bent down to look for it, I found nothing, it happened 3 times. so strange.


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Sunday Stroll

Posted by helen on July 26, 2020

Its a peaceful summer Sunday if you turn off TV and dont read any news .

A morning stroll puts Barbie in happy mood. Social distancing is not a concern, as people stay home due to the extreme heat, Barbie encountered no one.

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Wear A Damn Mask

Posted by helen on July 22, 2020

four months after the #CoronaVirus started spreading in USA, we are still arguing if we should wear Masks or the Mayors and Governors’ Mask Mandates are legal. there are lawsuits filed against Mask Mandates by the so called lawmakers who live their luxury lives at taxpayers expenses but certainly cant find better use of their time.

Barbie says: “Wear a Damn Mask!”

Its uncomfortable to wear a mask in the hot summer, but its your patriotic duty to wear a mask!

you can wear it in Barbie Style!

Wear a Mask, period!

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Curtain Call–The Gala’s Best

Posted by helen on July 20, 2020

The final doll of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection (Silkstone) is “The Gala’s Best”

she does not look at her best. she is not even a new design, but a color variation of the “Midnight Bloom” Barbie–The live auction doll at Barbie Convention 2019, I’m not sure how much she was auctioned. but the Gala’s Best probably will cost more than $150 plus Tax if you want her.

Midnight Bloom (left) & The Gala’s Best (right) –Wouldnt it be better to call her “The Best Memories”? lol

The sketches look dreamy, but the dolls are not up to par. the  bodice of the Blue gown does not fit her body, so you know its a Hand-me-down prom dress from her big sister.


So, that concludes the Barbie Fashion Model Collection. Barbie takes a bow: “Thank you for your 2-decade’s devotion and support!” lol


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Summer Storll

Posted by helen on July 20, 2020

Summer is a colorful season, but we become so dull because of the depressing CoronaVirus Pandemic.

Barbie threw her black funeral dress out of the window and braved into the summer heat…


Keep away from the crowds, Stay in your bubble and play Barbie!

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