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Voyage in Vintage…

Posted by helen on April 14, 2014

Bouncy Flouncy

Bouncy Flouncy Ensemble for Silkstone Barbie

Bouncy Flouncy Vintage Repro

Mad Betty
Mad Style Betty Drapper Rose Dress for Barbie

Mad Betty
Mad Style--Betty draper Pink sheath

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My Pandora’s Boxes

Posted by helen on April 14, 2014

After my friends helped me to sort through and boxed up all the my dolls & fabrics, they told me I should only open one case at a time and work with whatever in that box.

Last week I was trying to find a piece of right fabric to make a doll dress for a doll that one of our doll clubs is going to donate to Barbie Convetion 2014, before I knew it, I have opened too many boxes, and messed up my place “fast & easy”.

after that, I spent days to sort everything in order again. the whole week was ruined… each of these boxes is like Pandora’s box… if I m not careful,  they will lead me to into disasters….




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Spring Ahead

Posted by helen on April 9, 2014

Fiorella is absolutely a lucky Girl, she has been getting lots new dresses…


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A blooming season

Posted by helen on April 8, 2014

I finally see a couple of tiny flowers on the ground. Spring has sprung.

My “Juli Lynne Charlot” inspried rose Dress

more spring flowers:

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Wedding Day

Posted by helen on March 31, 2014

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ribbon rosette…

Posted by helen on March 30, 2014

Weekend projects:

ribbon Rosettte Black

ribbon Rosettte pink

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Dulcissima style in Grey

Posted by helen on March 28, 2014

they say there is “Grey” between black & white…

actually, you get the best looking grey shades by mixing red, blue & yellow



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DULCISSIMA: Purple For Mystery and Sophistication

Posted by helen on March 27, 2014

the World is full of beautiful colors…

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Posted by helen on March 26, 2014

Mattel’s arranged “Romantic Tale” of 2014 Silkstone continues…

Dulcissima  is another wedding guest  who dressed up like attending a Funeral. Both she & Fiorella must be jealous of the Bride.  The “romantic Tale” sounds like  a pretty bitter one.

Fiorella was trying to “find love again” and hopping to find her new Prince Charming at her friend’s wedding banquet.  Hear out  her story: http://www.barbiecollector.com/news/bfmc-fiorella-barbie-video

2 variations made for Japn & Paris doll convention increase the sadness

No one knows how Dulcissima is going to tell her story, but she doesnt look like a happy girl at all. perhaps  she is “financially tight” as well, her outfits were made of cotton twill..


Her gold eyeshadows probably isnt a thing many collectors would like. she is not a holiday doll or on the stage palying drama. I wish glitter eyeshadows were not applied.

Her hair is tied up at the back,  the hair net hold it in shape–no styling at all.

I probably wont keep her for long.


We are waiting for  the Bride and Groom…



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Silkstone DULCISSIMA Barbie on sale

Posted by helen on March 24, 2014

anyone wants to order Silkstone DULCISSIMA Barbie?

she is  listed $91,  you may get $20 discount if you use  promo code: BARB261861 at checkout. so she becomes $71. plus free shipping.  that’s the best deal you can find at this moment…

Barbie Collector Fashion Model Collection Doll 2


Happy Shopping,  today isnt black Monday…

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