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Happy the 1st day of Spring

Posted by helen on March 20, 2021

It is the new beginning of Spring 2021!

Happy Springtime and

may this spring be more enjoyably than the last one!

I wonder if I need to move the blog to BlogSpot. as WordPress has become more and more annoying, it has completely disabled the “Classic editor”, you cant use it unless you pay for it, then it keeps asking me to buy its business plan–which I have ZERO interests.

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Happy birthday to Ken

Posted by helen on March 11, 2021

Ken celebrates his 60th birthday.

I wanted to buy the 60th Anniversary Silkstone Ken a week ago, but Amazon pulled him off the site only a few hours after he was listed for sale, As Mattel didnt allow any US stores to start selling the doll until the clock stroke 12 and March 11 began. Why would Mattel do such a stupid thing?  its like telling the stores not to sell “Happy Holidays” dolls until Dec 25th.

So, I dont have a new Ken doll for his big celebration, I’m posting the same old dolls again–well, look at the bright side, Barbie & Ken are still together after 60 years of ups & downs.


No new dolls, no new clothes, either. They wear old outfits from the old & better days  when I was more passionate about doll-collecting


The news letter I received from Mattel early today says “Ken will always have a special place in Barbie’s heart” –it sounds strange to me, as if  Barbie & Ken have gone their separate ways, but she will always love him…


The world is rapidly changing, we shouldnt be surprised if Barbie & Ken grow apart and are no longer romantically involved but remain as friends–whatever helps Mattel to make more sales.


Happy Birthday, Ken, Barbie is hosting a big party for you! 

This is a group of OOAK “Sparkles” Dolls that Mattel donated to 2019 Barbie Conventions (both domestic & int’l),


All the OOAK Dolls are designed by Bill Greening. From the left:
1. Redhead/Mermaid gown 2019 Portugal convention
2. Raven Updo/mermaid gown 2019 Australian Beyond Rare Barbie convention
3. Raven Hair/Mermaid gown 2019 Paris Fashion Doll Convention
4. Blond Ponytail/Ball Gown 2019 Japanese Convention
5. Platinum Ponytail/Sequined Mermaid Gown Madrid Fashion Doll Show
6. Platinum Updo/Ball Gown Spanish Doll Convention


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Happy birthday to Barbie

Posted by helen on March 9, 2021

Today is National Barbie Day, Barbie celebrates her 62nd birthday.

Mattel online Store (Barbie Collectors) used to offer “Surprise Sales” on Barbie’s Birthday, after you put an item in your shopping cart, you’d be surprised to see a big discount. I purchased a lot of expensive dolls at discounted prices on Barbie’s Birthday. but  we don’t get such great deals anymore—well, I’m not even a Barbie Fan Club member, so I cant complain.

Happy Birthday, Barbie–and Happy birthday to at least 10 million girls who share the same Birthday with Barbie.


I noticed that both Target & Amazon are offering discount on some Barbie Signature dolls.  you may want to check them out!

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I feel nostalgic

Posted by helen on February 25, 2021

#TBT Throwback Thursday

Mattel officially ended “Barbie Fashion Model Collection” (BFMC) in 2020. It caused a storm among its loyal fans. but Mattel was more than ready to move on since the line had not been selling well for years.

The Silkstone material is still being used to create new production lines, such as Mattel 75th Anniversary Swimsuit Barbie60th Anniversary Ken and the “Pink Collection” that starts with “Ruffle Shuffle”  To me, these silkstone dolls are less interesting.

 I started collecting BFMC in late 2009, I missed a lot of great dolls from the 1st decade of BFMC.  Look at the 2006 production line–I wonder how it was like to be a Silkstone collector in 2006? it had to be really exciting–you’d get something new every month!  I only have Highland Fling and the Waitress –as by the time I started collecting silkstone dolls, the great ones were already expensive, so I only got the two cheapest from eBay.


I miss the excitement in the old days. I was buying dolls every week. those days wont be back, but I have plenty of dolls to play with. I plan to make some vintage styled dresses for my silkstone dolls.  here is my Interview doll wearing my Repro “Japanese Exclusive On the Go Sheath”. Believe or not, the originals cost $795 on eBay  I dont know if people really would pay that much for a used doll dress. I would not.  


I wonder if Mattel will continue to use silkstone material to make Repro dolls after the 60th Anniversary Ken.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

Posted by helen on February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day & happy Lunar New Year

Barbie & Ken are celebrating their 60 years of togetherness.  how awesome is that?! many couples are not lucky enough to spend 60 years together.


2 dolls are “Barbie & Ken” from Wonder Woman 1984 gift set, the set is on sale now: $48 on Amazon. Not the best looking Ken, but the price is good. I switched my wonder woman Barbie doll’s body, she  is on a Model Muse body, b/c I dislike the original poseable body that has a small torso but thick thighs.


enjoy your Valentines!

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Happy Year of the Ox

Posted by helen on February 12, 2021

Wishing everyone peace and prosperity in the “bullish” Year of the Ox Ken was born in the year of Ox, he is turning 60 on March 11, 2021, there will be a lot of celebrations at home.

Here they are, Barbie & Ken, planning a night out for Peking Opera (Beijing Opera) to celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

Barbie wears a slim evening gown that features Beijing Opera Masks & Chinese calligraphy “Family Tree”, Ken wears a matching Mandarin Jacket.

What a perfect couple, they are opened minded and love world cultures: from Mexico to China, England to south Africa…. they set out to explore….


I confess, I only have a couple of Ken dolls left in my collection, most of them have gone to eBay.  Ken just isn’t as fun as Barbie. It took me quite a while to find this Ken doll. I wish I still had the Speed Racer Ken– he has raven hair!


If you were born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, this is your “Zodiac Year”, it is said that a person would experience more difficulties in his/her zodiac year than other years, wearing a red belt could  help to smooth things over and keep troubles away –dont take my word for it, just ask Google. 🐂

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Shop ’til You Drop

Posted by helen on January 14, 2021

Barbie is having a shopping spree to release the stress caused by the Covid19 pandemic and the Capitol Riot


the monogram pattern on her dress is copied from a Chanel scarf.


Barbie’s dress looks more vibrant and colorful than the old scarf.


Barbie may love Chanel, but Chanel does not love Barbie, therefore, there isnt a licensed Chanel Barbie. well,  dolls like “Preferably Pink” “Toujours Couture” “Best to a tea” are “Chanel” enough.

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Hello, 2021!

Posted by helen on January 1, 2021

Hello, 2021, here we come—

Barbie is walking into the new year with grace & poise.



May 2021 be filled with Rose flowers,  not Rona virus.  lol




The photo below is from 2018,  I dumped the Rose doll on eBay, but I regretted it, so I made the AA version.


Have a happy & healthy New Year!

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hoping for a better 2021

Posted by helen on December 31, 2020

Saying Goodbye to a miserable 2020, hoping for a better 2021


Barbie & Ken are Practicing Social distancing, there wont be a dance party at New Year’s Eve.  but we can have some visual cards:

Here is a toast to the new year:image.png

Bubbles make you forget troubles, may happiness come through your door or doll:new-year-pin.jpg

 Hell0, 2021, here we come!image

By the way, you can buy the Lunar New Year Barbie doll at Walmart:


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The Countdown to Christmas begins

Posted by helen on December 1, 2020

My little doll and I wish all of our friends far and near a happy & healthy holiday season ahead.


Its a shame that I have not made any new dresses for Barbie, but she can still dig her old closet and find  stylish dresses that fit the occasion.


I plan to make this dress in Green.


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