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Shop ’til You Drop

Posted by helen on January 14, 2021

Barbie is having a shopping spree to release the stress caused by the Covid19 pandemic and the Capitol Riot


the monogram pattern on her dress is copied from a Chanel scarf.


Barbie’s dress looks more vibrant and colorful than the old scarf.


Barbie may love Chanel, but Chanel does not love Barbie, therefore, there isnt a licensed Chanel Barbie. well,  dolls like “Preferably Pink” “Toujours Couture” “Best to a tea” are “Chanel” enough.

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Hello, 2021!

Posted by helen on January 1, 2021

Hello, 2021, here we come—

Barbie is walking into the new year with grace & poise.



May 2021 be filled with Rose flowers,  not Rona virus.  lol




The photo below is from 2018,  I dumped the Rose doll on eBay, but I regretted it, so I made the AA version.


Have a happy & healthy New Year!

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hoping for a better 2021

Posted by helen on December 31, 2020

Saying Goodbye to a miserable 2020, hoping for a better 2021


Barbie & Ken are Practicing Social distancing, there wont be a dance party at New Year’s Eve.  but we can have some visual cards:

Here is a toast to the new year:image.png

Bubbles make you forget troubles, may happiness come through your door or doll:new-year-pin.jpg

 Hell0, 2021, here we come!image

By the way, you can buy the Lunar New Year Barbie doll at Walmart:


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The Countdown to Christmas begins

Posted by helen on December 1, 2020

My little doll and I wish all of our friends far and near a happy & healthy holiday season ahead.


Its a shame that I have not made any new dresses for Barbie, but she can still dig her old closet and find  stylish dresses that fit the occasion.


I plan to make this dress in Green.


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Thanksgiving Feast

Posted by helen on November 26, 2020

I Pardoned the Turkey but Barbie cooked it up.


No turkey for me, if you have one, then, enjoy it!


I could have made a more realistic Turkey Platter, but all the craft shops near me have gone out of business, I have nowhere to buy art supplies–shopping online is not always a choice.


Happy Holidays!


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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by helen on November 25, 2020

I’m thankful that I’m covid19 free.

I passed by a hospital on my way back home from Post Office this afternoon and saw a lot of ambulances there–it was just like early March when CoronaVirus cases spiked.

Also, there was a long line in front of the “Emergency” Entrance–I’m not sure if these people are sick or they only want to get a quick Test so they can go to visit their families tomorrow.

There are trucks running around on the streets with large digital screens showing a scary message “Covid19 is rising in your neighborhood, stay home”

Well, this is America, people are not going to stay home. they do what they like, so it will be natural selections that who will die and who will live.

but Barbie is risk free and will  live her life to the fullest. She is having a good time







Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and–

Please accept my sincere thanks for sticking around and reading my craps. lol


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Posted by helen on November 3, 2020

Election Day!

Barbie is serving her Civic Duty!


its easy to vote, there is a voting site right around the corner!


its only 4:40PM, but the darkness has fallen.  Many people have voted early, so there isnt a long line. you are in & out in no time.


We are back home! The first thing is to take off the damn Mask.





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Happy Halloween 2020

Posted by helen on October 31, 2020

I wish the kids stayed home in the midst of pandemic, but many of them still went out, only they didnt go to the residential houses for their Halloween treats, they went to our local stores –these stores have been closed until Oct 24th. I’m sure they have missed a lot of Halloween sales.

Here is the “Best to A Tea” Barbie doll Having some Halloween Fun. she is wearing an altered “Black & White Forever” ball gown.



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The stolen “Exclusives”

Posted by helen on October 11, 2020

I was invited to join a “Buy N Sell” online group, while browsing through the group photos to see what its members have to offer, I was surprised to find that someone is selling homemade greeting cards that feature many of my artworks,  the seller grabbed these images from my blog or other social media accounts but  she claims these are her own “Exclusives”.

Well, I didnt expect such an October Surprise

its fine if you use other people’s artworks for non-profitable purposes, but its not acceptable that you use them to make money and tell your buyers these are your exclusives.

From now on, I will use Watermarks on all of my photos and artworks, something like this:



oh, well, I dont like it, but life is not always pleasant.

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Double the Fun

Posted by helen on October 10, 2020

I bought a bunch of Mattel 75th Anniversary Silkstone Dolls and have been busy customizing them.

here are some of them:

Pink Haired side part American Girl


NYC is shutting down many businesses and schools again due to the new wave of Covid19, so we really need a  glass of wine to boost spirits. its really very depressing…

Who doesnt love Twins?  they Double the fun!

I found that some Vintage ponytail #3 dolls have brown eyeliners, so I said to myself, I need to give my dolls brown eyeliners, too. The warm golden brown is perfect for Autumn. 

The Yin/Yang Swimsuits are cute, aren’t they?

Black & white forever!  Swirl Ponytail Twins, blond & raven hair:

I wonder how it feels like to have a twin sister? well, I dont even have a sister, so I’ll never know.

Swirl Ponytail Barbie with turquoise eye shadows. 

Love her bright-colored swimsuit and large flower prints.

Redhead is more popular than Blonde in the collector’s world.

Blue Red White & beautiful –this Ponytail Barbie doll has dark blue hair.  She is a true American!

She is perfect for Memorial day,  Independence day, Veteran’s Day, Election Day, President Day, etc. 

Oh, the “Midnight Pink” also belongs to this collection, she was  a “Mattel 75th Anniversary” doll, too.


well, I need to make a pair of Bubble Cut dolls to close this chapter.

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