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Happy May!

Posted by helen on May 2, 2015

Time flies by so Fast. We are in May.

Boucle Beauty Barbie has been the talk of the town because of her Quality issues.

After reading all the comments online, I decided that I need to order one, only found she is out of stock.  but she will be my May Girl.

If you also like her to be your May girl, here is a Free desktop calendar for you:

Screen Resolution: 1280×800 (You may resize it to fit your screen, or message me to do it for you.)

Click on the image below for enlargement ( wide screen 1280×800):

She is not in Paris, but strolling down the 5th Ave., NYC.  (noticed? she does not have a handbag! Mattel robbed it)

Barbie Collector offers free monthly Calendar, too, check it out:

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Posted by helen on April 28, 2015

 Remember? these Frozen dolls !  Again,  I missed the “Doll of the Year” —Disney’s special edition, limited to 500 units worldwide “Wedding Day Cinderella 17″ Doll”.  She’s sculpted in the likeness of the Actress Lily James, who played the title role in the new Live Action Movie “Cinderella”. the doll was officially priced at $500 and released on Friday, March  13, 2015.  Before she went on sale, I read comments from many upset Disney collectors “why is she $500? why does she have to be so expensive?”

why is she $500? as she is a collectible item, the price is based on “customers’ value”, not its production cost,  that is—Disney believed there would be more than 500 customers who value her as a $500 doll and  pay $500 for her, so $500 is her price.

Of Course Disney was right. On the next day, her price soared to $2000 on eBay,  Sellers can  still sell her for more than $1,700 if they are lucky. 


Limited Edition Cinderella Wedding Doll

I don’t think I’d pay $500 or $1999  for a doll with such a big bobbing head.  The world is full of better things—Here comes my $24.99 “Wedding Day” Cinderella  by Mattel,   she is prettier,  I enjoy  her more:

I have the “Royal Ball” Cinderella, too:



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wide face & broad forehead

Posted by helen on April 21, 2015

The heads of Silkstone dolls are getting bigger & bigger, their foreheads are getting so wide,  wider than “Broadway”.

A comparison photo:

Principessa’s  forehead makes me want to sell her off…  then, I saw a picture of the new doll “Boucle Beauty”,  she is even worse than Principessa.   oh, that Triangular Face!  I give her a Red Card b/c of her “Triangle Offense”

The differences:






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Cherry Pie Picnic—what if she were Steffie

Posted by helen on April 7, 2015

Cherry Pie Picnic, the doll that released on April Fools’ Day was supposed to be a Barbie Collector’s direct Exclusive, production number 4,700.  A week later, it all changed, production number is 6,400, Amazon is also distributing it(with free shipping)–although  BC’s “what’s new” page still marks it as “exclusive”

I guess 6,400 is a large number for BC to handle,  Amazon’s help is highly appreciated.  Now things get interesting. I will be watching it to see how it ends…. Maybe I should buy one right now. but I am not a great fan of her.

well, what if this doll used Steffie face mold? I probably would like her better.  what do you think?


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The Faces

Posted by helen on April 6, 2015

I sorted through some of my Silkstone dolls yesterday afternoon, I think these faces are my  favorites at this moment:



Joan Halloway



Gala Gown

valentine's day peplum dress

Stunning in the spotlights



Gal on the Go

Ravishing in Rouge

Lingerie 6

little bubble dress


happy halloween boater Silsktone Barbie

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The Easter Bunny

Posted by helen on April 5, 2015

okay, its the Easter Bunny, not the Mother Hen who brings you Eggs.

the Bunny looks sad & worried, but Barbie is happy!

Happy Easter Again! (we said it yesterday)

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Happy Easter

Posted by helen on April 4, 2015

Easter came earlier than I expected. well, I got mixed up and thought this Easter would be on April 17.

Wishing  you  all a  Happy Easter!  We are actually still in winter, the cold & strong wind almost blew me up into the sky when I came back from  the Post Office this afternoon.

I  received 2 old dolls from eBay ,  its like an Easter Gift (even I paid for them).  so  I am pretty happy.  I ordered them for my Barbie Convention projects, but  I may keep one.

hmm… I should make Barbie a dress for egg hunt, its not too late.

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Happy April!

Posted by helen on April 1, 2015

I guess BarbieCollector.com does not have the sense of humor as Amazon.com does.  did you visit Amazon today?

But, if you are not totally broke after the cold & long March, BarbieCollector wishes you order a sweet pie that’s so perfect for April Fools’ Day this is not a hoax, check her out:

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2015 Barbie Convention

Posted by helen on March 29, 2015

I think I’d spread the words:  the upcoming 2015 Barbie Convention still has seats open, so if you are interested in joining the fun, the registration is open.

here is the  registration form:


and you will get a convention doll like this


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Tips & Tricks –“Magic Comb”

Posted by helen on March 25, 2015

Sometimes your dolls need a little bit of grooming for improvement.

here I have a Fashionably Floral.  Her hairdresser was in rush when she was packed to leave the factory. her hair looks messy and some hair plugs are shown… if your doll is like mine,  you’ll need to comb & reset her hair.

you don’t need a  comb— use a  needle instead.

1. insert a needle under the first raw of her hair (or the raw next to her hairline)

2. Gently push the needle down and move it all the way to the back

3.  Insert your needle under the 2nd raw (then 3rd, 4th…)and  push it to the back…repeat the above steps  if necessary.

Result? Not a single hair is out of order!  Barbie’s Scalp is fully covered by her rooted hair layer after layer .


if her hair is too messy,  you can untie her bun then “comb” her hair with a needle.  Its easy to retie the bun, isn’t it?



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