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Barbie 2017 Calendar Girls —Jan & Feb

Posted by helen on October 16, 2016

Have you ordered the new Barbie 2017 Calendar ? these are the design concept sketches, but Barbie probably wont have these fashions made by Mattel.  I’ll try a few of them just like I did in 2009.

Jan. 2017   Pink Garden Dress with Hat

It took me a week to make this dress.

Feb 2017,  Polka Dot Dress

Polka dots are timeless, this dress is a classic 50s style designed  by Adele Simpson

People often cry out loud for the little purse that Mattel no longer offers, so I have to make one:


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Hudson’s Bay Barbie

Posted by helen on October 15, 2016

Hudson’s Bay Barbie is a thoughtfully designed doll. she has very nice outfits and accessories, the whole package is very presentable.

But the doll itself falls flat, nothing so special or unique about this face, its another blond Barbie basic dolls

I decided to  let my Travel doll model the Hudson Fashion,  then we left home for a street Fair, she wasn’t buying anything but fishing compliments:  “oh, I love this doll!” “she is so pretty…”  lol

Lots interesting things to see at the fair:

Panda Bear!

Monkey face?


shoes,  not Barbie’s size!

these Little Dolls are keychains


Modern Art

The “Jewish Center”

Time to go home:

Wait, we need to check out this store:

you’ll have more fun if you can manage to pay a lot less.

we did not come home empty-handed, we bought 3 miniature  “food” trays include Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings.  so our “Thanksgiving Feast” is ready.




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Skull Sheath

Posted by helen on October 10, 2016

A little dress for big Halloween.

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Pumpkins, spiders & Black Cats, Halloween is on the way

Posted by helen on October 6, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, who has the most fun? of course Barbie!

The dress is hand-embroidered, I bet not many people in America are still hand-embroidering.

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Happy October

Posted by helen on October 1, 2016

Happy October! I love October much more than July or August. the weather is pleasant, stores are stocking up for Holidays.  Some stores already put out Christmas stuffs even Halloween is one month away…  there are Art Festivals and Street fairs in my neighborhood, and… some new Barbie dolls are hitting the market…  lots of excitements…

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Charlotte Olympia Loves Barbie

Posted by helen on September 6, 2016

This doll has been the talk of the town, she was first spotted at New Yaohan Dept. store in Macau, China in the middle of August.  but Mattel went after all the doll forums & bloggers to remove the photos.

Since she is now in the US market,  and she is in my hand, I suppose its okay to post a few photos.– I am so not happy with BFC, it offers almost no service, so I decided to use BC to host my photos. –hope the photos do show up, so BC makes itself a little bit useful  lol

I picked up mine from NYC store. I preordered her on Aug 26.

Poor Barbie had to ride Subway home with me, no pink  convertible whatsoever

On heels, On subway

the Package

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Happy September!

Posted by helen on September 1, 2016

I have not posted Desktop Calendar for quite some time,  here comes Miss September…

the hottest doll of the Month, Barbie Loves Charlotte Olympia. (size 1680×1050 pixels)


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the new look of City Chic

Posted by helen on August 4, 2016

She consoles me for all the fun I have missed at 2016 Barbie Convention!

I suppose she is at Andy Warhol’s Gallery Opening

I guess it was a pretty popular style back in 60s:

Renée Breton in a Christian Dior satin evening gown, photographed by Georges Saad at chez Véronèse, 1952.:

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Disney’s 25th Anniversary Beauty & Beast Dolls go on sale today

Posted by helen on August 2, 2016

To Celebrate Belle & her Prince’s  25th Anniversary, Disney rolled out 3 New “Beauty & Beast” dolls: Belle, Beast and Gaston,  early today (Aug 2nd)  in their  selected stores. the dolls  will also be available online on Aug 3rd .   The Belle doll may be worth collecting….

Belle Limited Edition 17″ Doll

Global Edition: 5,000  –  $119.95 US / $149.95 CAN

no one has the doll  in hand yet, her eBay price already hits $398.

By the Way, Mattel’s 50th Anniversary Francie doll  (limited to 4,000) will also hit the market on Aug 3rd, only I don’t think Franice  would be sold out immediately, but the Belle doll may be out before you know it.

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city chic blue suit

Posted by helen on July 29, 2016

City Chic:

City Crap:


the doll has lots scratches on her body, a lopsided face.  the outfits not only cheap & unfit, the factory workers also left Shiny Iron scorch marks which caused discolorations.

some alterations are made,  the peplum at the bottom of the skirt  has turned into puritan collars, still cheap-looking,  b/c the nylon fabric is not apparel quality:

A new makeover & a new  Summer Sundress:

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