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Happy Memorial Day

Posted by helen on May 30, 2016

This is my new Wonder Woman.

Happy Memorial Day

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Psychedelic –bring in the colors

Posted by helen on May 26, 2016

life is more than “black & white”, life is…colorful. Barbie needs colors anyway…


Monochrome vs Psychedelic:

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Black & White Collection: Fashion & Illusion

Posted by helen on May 19, 2016

Mattel’s Designers have completed their “Black & White” Platinum Collection for Barbie, my “Black White” Titanium Collection has just begun.
Making my debut–

the first one up: Fashion & Illusion –Mistresses of the Universe

Marilyn Monroe & Barbie, who is your fantasy?

Fashion inspired by Dolce & Gabbana 2009 Fall Collection

It takes Mattel 4 years to complete its “Black White” collection, not sure how long it will take me to finish my run… I have ideas but no driving force…
My plan for the next one is “Black & White: Yin & yang”

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New Look: Misty Copeland

Posted by helen on May 17, 2016

Misty Copeland doll has gone through Hair Transplant surgery, I gave her a head of new hair and a new body.

The Glued Hair:

With New Hair:  she will need a better facial makeover, I’ll repaint her again when I am in good mood.

The doll looks nothing like Misty Copeland, since I don’t need a role model at this stage of my life, the “Likeness” doesn’t matter to me. the Face Sculpt itself is good enough to make a nice addition to my collection.

Just as I predicted, her price would be low at “Amazon Warehouse Deals” –this morning her price was $23.07.  if you keep waiting,  most likely, you will find her at $15 very soon.


She is still available on Amazon & Walmart Websites at regular price $29.99 or $29.97.  How funny an eBay seller listed her for $325 plus $15 shipping & an Amazon receipt. if only someone can help me to understand the Mentality of this seller:  Why would he want to give a buyer an Amazon receipt that stated the doll is $29.99 if the buyer actually pays $340? To prove his honesty?

blah—This face mold actually looks like Donald Trump’s 3rd wife. I am not a fan of this couple…

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Misty Copeland Barbie, is she collectible?

Posted by helen on May 14, 2016


I received the Misty Copeland doll, oh, how much I wish I did NOT buy her.

her head is full of glue, her body is badly made: large holding marks on both sides of her neck, deep scratches on both arms, rough seams on legs, her arms are not evenly varnished, so they are partially shiny and partially Matte. the sewn-on fashion is made of cheap stretchy polyester knit & tulle, the head-piece is more ridiculous!

my $9.99 Ever After High dolls come with much better fashion.  This Misty Copeland doll should cost no more than $7.99.  as she is no better than these Fashionistas Barbie that Amazon sells for $7.94.

I bought the Misty doll only b/c I want to collect the new head sculpt. but a glue-filled head requires a lot of cleaning job to make her collectible.

I wish Mattel would explain to collectors why Wax Glue has to be used,  not only the glue seeps out & makes the hair greasy & dirty, the glue also deforms the head,  glued-filled dolls have lopsided faces. when the glue turns into yellow, the doll head will also turn into yellow. you can easily see it on light skinned dolls— it happened on my Twilight Saga Victoria doll, the back of her neck turned into yellow.

I m adding a new rule to my “purchase guideline”— I will not buy dolls with glue inside their heads. as I have had enough. these birthday wishes, its a girl, city shoppers, happy holidays 2013, 2014, 2015, to catch a thief Grace Kelly, Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn, Barbie Loves Sinatra Barbie loves Elvis, Cheerleaders, Mermaid,   landmark collections, Museum collections, then & now, twilight saga, dolls of the world 2012 …. the list is too long…

hopefully, Misty would be my last glued head. This doll does not have the quality to be “collectible”

the seams on legs look so awful, but mine isn’t the worst, there are much worse ones that people posted on Facebook & youtube.

The arms look bad, too:

I guess you will soon find this doll $15 through “Amazon Warehouse Deals”.

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Exploring the “Posebilities”

Posted by helen on April 29, 2016

Its been  nearly 3 months since I purchased my first “Poseable silkstone” Barbie. I didn’t like her elbow joints, I still don’t.  they are really ugly. the only way to make the doll look flattering is to cover up the joints.

this new body sculpt is quite different from the original Silkstone’s.  this doll is supper skinny, her hip is smaller than Model Muse dolls’, her upper torso is too short,  you really have to “pick & choose” what’s suitable for her,  she just can’t wear every style you want her to model.


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Something Red

Posted by helen on April 17, 2016

Many Silkstone Fans now have seen the new 2016 Poseable Silkstone “City Chic” Barbie.  The blue suit was “inspired” by Oscar De La Renta 2016 Resort collection “Lightweight Double-face Wool Crepe Ruffle Jacket & Skirt”.

My dolls like Red better than Blue….. I knew from the beginning  this would not be  a best design for a tiny 12″ doll,  b/c of the miniature scale,  its  almost impossible to  make the spiral ruffle cascade down like waterfall flowing.  some online photos showed that Mattel’s Sample Makers really struggled to make it right. First  they used  the self-fabric to make the ruffle, later changed to chiffon… the outcome is still not satisfying….

I  gave it a try anyway…  the ruffles also look awful, I m not fond of it.  I have another pc of red fabric probably is more suitable for this style, but I m done… its not a cost-effective design.

city chic Barbie

city chic Barbie

city chic Barbie

“City chic” was supposed to be the “Fan Club” Exclusive.
Mattel put a half of the sketch of this doll on its website and believed it was good enough to lure people to join the Fan club.
Now Mattel has realized this is not a good design for its Fan Club, so the tiny sketch has been removed from its website and replaced with a doll wearing Pink Gown… the Pink Gown will be the new “exclusive”

My doll is wearing only one shoe, b/c I only found one. the other one is missing.


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Luciana’s outfits

Posted by helen on April 10, 2016

This is Poor Luciana’s best outfits as a wedding guest:

Luciana was a $100 doll, but $100 doesn’t guarantee quality outfits.  The crooked neckline or lopsided collars are expected. I would be surprised if the dress were neatly sewn.

I imagine Luciana is the Great-grandmother of our Bride Principessa.  her fashion is so outdated but she wants to pass it down to Barbie…

A little alteration is needed…

Mix &  Match:

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Something Blue

Posted by helen on April 9, 2016

The Oscar De La Renta Barbie Bridal doll hits the market with a big price tag $175. Her gown is a miniature replica of Oscar’s 2013 spring bridal collection “Something blue”

I don’t think I want to pay $175 for it, so here goes —-“DIY”, an easy solution.

If you appreciate the simplicity, she looks elegant without all these ruffles.

The Model is  Mattel’s 2015″Cinderella” Doll.

there is another design in this “something Blue” bridal collection, it has Vertical ruffles, I think I like this one better and will make it for Barbie later:

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Geometric Grey

Posted by helen on April 3, 2016

The new Poseable Silkstone “Classic Camel” was briefly on sale for $50 on theBarbieCollection.com a couple of days ago. then, Mattel said the price was a mistake,  the correct price  is $75…  people paid $50 are very happy, people had to pay $75 are pretty upset…

I didn’t catch the “Classic Camel” at $50, and  wouldn’t pay $75 for her, either.  I m not sure when my “$50” chance will come, so I made it up for myself with——-

“Geometric Grey” or “Graceful Gray” or “Adorable Argyle” … Barbie Loves  Alliterations, doesn’t she?

I love gray & Green  colors more than camel & black.

Trench Coat takes a lot of work to make,  so I give myself some credit for finishing it up.

Without the Belt:

the shift dress is in teal blue, the actual color is much darker and prettier.. I could have made her a Faux leather messenger bag, but  my patience has run out,  let’s call it a day, Barbie!



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