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September Smart

Posted by helen on September 3, 2018

I pay my tribute to the days that Barbie dolls were Smart, Sophisticated and glamorous.

I have been thinking, perhaps I’m too old for Mattel’s new Barbie Style, most of them wear sloppy street wears– Marni Senofonte, Puma, X-files, Inspiring Sheros, Jurassic world, Tomb Raider… I want nothing to do with them.

August is gone now, what I did with my dolls in August? I managed to get rid of ALL the monster high dolls except one with a blank face–she can’t go anywhere unless I have her face painted, I also sold most of my repro dolls. I did NOT buy any dolls.

Have a Spectacular September!

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More Furry Friends

Posted by helen on August 17, 2018

We adopted 2 more pets from eBay.
Sachi–the long haired white Samoyed dog was made in 1991 by Mattel. she is fluffy and adorable. but she is not poseable.

And Puppy Ruff Scottie –Scottie was born in 1993. She has a weird look, Mattel could have made her more realistic. Scottie is also not articulated, she can’t make different poses, but if you pet her back, she barks out loud.

I think their sizes are too big for Barbie, I’m not sure if the are really 1/6 scaled miniatures.

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Best Friends Forever

Posted by helen on August 15, 2018

Barbie continues to adopt pets from eBay. The 39 year old Afghan Hound “Beauty” arrived today.  “Beauty” was born in 1979, much older than Prince, the Poodle.  She is as poseable as Prince, but Her back joint is very loose,   a little repair is required, other than that, she is really a “Beauty”

Barbie looks like a great pack leader.

Beauty is not very energetic, a long walk makes her tired.

She needs to sit down for a few minutes:

This  little Poodle is a stowaway, she followed Beauty  home,  of course, Barbie welcomed her with open arms. I think she was a part of the “Mommy & Twins  poodles” Package (released in 1996).

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So Long, BFC!

Posted by helen on August 13, 2018

My “Barbie Fan Club” membership will come to an end tomorrow. I have been with the club for 10 years, but I will not renew at this time. I may return if there is a pretty Club Exclusive doll turns up & requires club membership to buy.

The club used to be very active and full of information, it was educational for me as a newbie in the Barbie World. Now its very much a dead club.

Its time to leave the club and start new adventures.

the sky’s the limit.

oh, how green is the new valley. many pretty fresh flowers

By the way, Mattel will shut down a large part of its online shop, it will only keep collector Barbie & hot wheels on its site for sale, the other sales will be handled by its partners and  retailer chains such as Walmart, Target, Amazon — after losing $187 million operating fee in the last quarter and cutting 2,200 jobs at the beginning of August, this is just another surviving strategy to cut back on labor & warehousing

You have until August 16th 2018, to use any outstanding promo codes or offers” Details are here:





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Poodle Parade

Posted by helen on August 5, 2018

I don’t understand why the “Poodle Parade” Barbie Doll does not come with a poodle.  I never purchased that doll since she doesn’t have a poodle.

My Barbie has a small collection of poodles.

Do you know? The first Sunday in August is “National Sisters Day”. so here is a little sister. – Poodles may love baby Kelly more than Barbie

“Prince” remains as the “Favorite”

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Walking into August

Posted by helen on August 1, 2018

Barbie & her old pal, Prince, the Poodle

July has drifted away, and a half of the summer is gone. there is so little I can find in the Barbie signature shop, so I treasure-hunted on eBay, the apple print sheath and Prince the Poodle are 2 of the things I collected last month. I am very fond of Prince. perhaps I’ll get his sister “Beauty” in the near future.

To celebrate my new treasures, I present you August Calendar. lol

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Lazy Summer Days….

Posted by helen on July 21, 2018

At seaside:

enjoying the sun sand & blue sky…

Walking the little dog


buying some Organic fruit from the nearby  Green Market

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FIFA World Cup 2018

Posted by helen on July 15, 2018

Barbie is heading to Times Square for World Cup Watch Party.  Sorry,  our national team isn’t qualified for World Cup 2018. Not like other soccer nations, our people are cool and perfectly fine with our team’s failures.  Barbie & I  are free to root  for any teams we like  .

We like to cheer on underdogs, and we love Cinderella story.. Winning isn’t so important to us, we choose the teams that stick together, work hard and never give up.  Our favorite teams are Croatia & Belgium.

Today is the last day of World Cup 2018,   why does  time fly so fast?  it was just like yesterday that Barbie went down to Brazil and cheered on US team 4 years ago!

if only we could stop the clock… how sad that every show has to come to an end.  Year 2022 seems so far away, but it will be here before we know it.   Hopefully, we’ll see our national team at FIFA World Cup 2022.  we have kept  the “one nation, one team” flag from 2014!

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Happy 4th

Posted by helen on July 4, 2018

Barbie is a proud American.

The following are old photos:

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Joy July

Posted by helen on July 1, 2018

Goodbye June!
I have been really “busy” for the past a few days and managed to craft 4 dolls for the upcoming Barbie Convention. it never changes, I just couldn’t do a thing unless the deadline is really close and there is no time left. I was asked to make these dolls at least 5 months ago, but I did not do a thing until the last week of Jun started. I had to rush them out via Priority 2 day. I hope USPS will deliver it tomorrow, but I’m worried — two days have gone by, the package is not traceable. no updates in its online tracking system. my June ended up in such a mess. but Hello, July!

your Calendar Girl: Midnight Glamour

many Barbie collector Fan club members hoped this doll would be released before June 31, so they could use their quarterly shop reward, sorry Mattel isn’t giving it to them. since new dolls are few and far between, many people found nothing interesting to buy and wasted their reward. it will discourage collectors to rejoin the club.

I like the color of her red hair. if I can buy the head only. 🙂

Rumor has it, there are only 2 silkstone dolls for 2018. Elegant Rose and Midnight Glamour.

I think she is not very sellable at $100, I bought last year’s Blush & Gold Silkstone at $45 from Walmart Online last week. The same thing may happen to this “glamour” doll as well.

Happy July!

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