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Happy Holidays

Posted by helen on November 15, 2018

As if Halloween is not yet over…

Don’t forget to send Barbie a dinner invitation if your roasted Turkey is ready to serve:

Christmas comes early –this pretty dress features the concept art of 2016 & 2017 Barbie Silkstone Collections:

Where to hang stockings if you don’t have a fireplace?
Perhaps on the Dusty Christams Tree. –its a shame, this Christmas tree is so dusty and I wouldn’t bother to clean it up.

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YSL Platinum label Barbie: Mondrian Dress

Posted by helen on November 14, 2018

My order for this doll was placed on the same day that I ordered the Paris Gown, but it took more than a week  for her to arrive

The dress is not made of wool knit as the original is. the fabric is “Sport Lycra”. –not totally a bad thing, now you don’t have to worry  about the Clothes Moths that will eat the dress. However, if they chose Performance Knit, the dress would look less bulky

The package is weighted 7.7 Lbs. it has 2 outer boxes. as I said before I’d say it again, it  is over-packaged.  it could have saved at least $30 if the designers were more thoughtful.  7.7 Lbs package for a 3 OZ doll is not reasonable, there are smarter ways to design it and better materials to pack it.



I have made many Mondrian dresses and even donated one to 2018 Barbie Convention. but my dresses don’t have the “Brand equity” no matter how good I make them, they are not brand name. so I bought Mattel’s Mondrian Barbie to complete my collection.


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Remembrance Day

Posted by helen on November 11, 2018

Today marks the 100th anniversary of when the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month brought an end to The War World One.

Remember &  honor all  the men & women who fought  for peace  & humanity. May we never have another war again.

Armistice Day/Veterans Day  is the teaching moment for all of us.


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YSL Platinum Barbie Safari & Paris Gown

Posted by helen on November 7, 2018

These 2 dolls arrived less than 24 hours after I placed my orders,  I looked at the  Shipper’s address,  it is about 3-hour drive away from me. but it still shocked me –as Mattel is the slowest company when it comes to shipping no matter where it ships from,  it takes days to process your orders then it ships via “Smart Post” (the real name should be Slow Post) –but this time the dolls came via FedEx Home Delivery.

Initially I was only going to buy  this Safari doll, once I confirmed  that the edition size is limited to 1,000, I bought the other two.

however, Mondrian Dress has not arrived.  I placed the orders separately to save $30.

The Safari doll’s outfits are highly detailed, but its not difficult to make since they don’t have lining.  the Paris Gown is  rather simple but fully lined.  They are “Barbie Look” type dolls,  the designs do not live up the $150 price tag if you don’t consider the brand value of Yves Saint Laurent.

These dolls are also over-packaged. it contributed to the high cost.   The net weight of a Model Muse Barbie is around 3 OZ,  the whole “Barbie look” package is about 10.5 OZ.  but YSL Doll package (including shipper) is 7 LBS each. shipping is extremely expensive (I guess they were airlifted from China to USA).  The worse part is that the bulky & heavy package design is not good for either display or storage. they could have just used an acrylic display box if they don’t mind the 7 lbs.





All three dolls are limited to 1,000 units, certificates are numbered. usually, platinum label dolls are sold out in a blink of an eye.  but  after 2 days, they are still available.  they had the potential to sell out within 15 minutes regardless of the high prices, but the sales is badly mishandled,  Mattel overestimated its popularity & platinum brand value by choosing not to promote them.  it further damaged the “Barbie Signature” brand when you couldn’t even sell platinum editions.

Disney’s new Princess Premiere  Collection has 6 dolls, each is limited to 5,000 units, Disney started promoting them 1 month before the first release through different  media outlets, explaining the design concepts and how they would be released ( Starting Saturday, October 6, a new doll would be released each Saturday through November 10 online at 12 a.m. PST),  it excited its fan base as well as  the 2nd market sellers.  the dolls were sold out in 5 minutes (or less), then  eBay prices soared up to $500 — well, you still have a slim chance to catch the last one on Nov 10th.  You see, I am not a Princess doll collector, but if I know Disney’s new releases, then, Disney has done great job in its promotion!

Mattel needs to change its arrogant attitude–the way it treats Barbie Fan club members is very abusive. when you take your customers for granted, your business go down to the toilet.

I did not join the Fan club, but I did get $30 discount. I don’t know if Mattel intentionally gave the $30 reward or its just another mistake.


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Election Day –Barbie Votes

Posted by helen on November 6, 2018

Election Day! ready to vote? Read the rules before you hitting the poll

Gee, all these different languages have a common word  “NO NO NO NO”

But don’t let these   “No”  stop you

You must vote, like our future depends on it and it does.

Cast your vote for a better future!

Barbie Voted, did you?

Its a gloomy day in NYC, rain, wind & fallen leaves. but we are looking forward to a bright tomorrow…

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Monday Madness: YSL Barbie Platinum Dolls go on sale

Posted by helen on November 5, 2018

I think I’d give everyone a head-up, 3 platinum Barbie dolls will go on sale today, each is limited to 1,000 units, price $150.

sales is about to start at 12PM EST, you have one & a half hour to get ready,




Image for BARBIE YSL 1 from Mattel



Image for BARBIE YSL 2 from Mattel


Paris Evening Gown:


Image for BARBIE YSL 3 from Mattel


The one on the far right is not for sale.

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Elegant Rose

Posted by helen on November 2, 2018

I bought this doll from Target online store early last months, Target packed this doll like a glass tumbler, Barcode stickers and duct tapes with Target logos were all over on her box, of course the box was damaged during the process to remove layers and layers of Red/white Target Duct Tapes.
she actually has a very pretty face:
elegant rose

The pleated Rose Shell (top) and the black organza hat are badly-made, I sold them to someone who is not as picky as me.

Later I felt the doll isn’t more special than my other silkstones, so I let her go, too. she departed on Halloween eve.
halloween rose

then I Made a set of similar ensemble for one of my old girls:

I made hat, gloves and purse in pink, as I have too many blacks from the previous dolls, a little change is good.

The shell is designed differently, it has a lower neckline and puff sleeves. you can see the difference.

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Hello, November

Posted by helen on November 1, 2018

Taking a Coffee break from Barbie now, maybe later we’ll catch some Black Friday Sales.

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Happy Halloween

Posted by helen on October 31, 2018

Best Witches!

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Happy National Cat Day!

Posted by helen on October 29, 2018

Barbie & her Kittens wish you all a “happy National Cat Day”!

This photo was taken on National Dog Day (Aug 26):

National dog day

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