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Posted by helen on January 28, 2016

The last Silkstone doll I purchased was Lavender Luxe, she was $100 when I bought her in early Aug, 2015,  she was the last silkstone I purchased, I never bought her successor “Blush Beauty”, b/c I believe the quality isn’t there.

I felt foolish to pay $100 on a doll with such low quality, it happened to me so often,  but I still went ahead and brought her home ,  how silly?  I finally learned my lesson and did not buy any after this.

the lavender dress has 2 layers, the organza/tulle overlay is  smaller than the underneath layer  of polyester taffeta,  so the taffeta is all wrinkled, looks awful on the doll.

The 2 back panels are lopsided, one panel is much longer than the other,

if you close the snaps, this is how it looks:

Mattel’s workers really don’t care anything about “craftsmanship”,   I don’t have to mention the big head splayed legs…

b/c I wasn’t happy with what I got,  I bought my very first  Victoire Roux ( Monte Carlo )–I only wanted to see exactly how much better IT’s clothes are.  Yes, IT throws Mattel 10 blocks behind. Will I start collecting IT? No,  the looks & styles of IT’s dolls are not my cup of tea.   if only Barbie can manage to keep me… sigh.




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Ma Petite Fleur

Posted by helen on January 23, 2016

Since  Barbie has nothing new to offer, I took a peek at Poppy and saw this upcoming 2016 W Club Upgrade Doll   “Ma Petite Fleur” doll,  her price is around  $130.

The dress is one of McCall’s vintage designs from 60s.

I think being a doll designer probably is one of the easiest design jobs on the earth, b/c you don’t need to kill your own brain cells to come up with new ideas, you just flip through old pattern books or fashion magazines then pick a style which you think its going to sell… so it is more about your market sense, not your talent.

I have always wanted to make a shelf bust dress for Barbie, but never did.  after seeing this Poppy Parker, I just decided Barbie must have the dress before Poppy does. lol

Pink Poppy or Blue Barbie?

I doubt Barbie would wear a country pumpkin dress like this to visit a Chanel Boutique.

It a cute dress for Garden Party & Low Tea

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Black & White

Posted by helen on January 14, 2016

when you don’t know what to wear, then, pick “black & white” for your day,  its unmistakable.

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After 8 years…

Posted by helen on January 10, 2016

WordPress sent me a message that Today marks the 8th Anniversary of this blog.

I could have invited Francie to a drink at the nearby soda shop if I knew it earlier….

the Golden Girl --Francie's 50th Birthday Celebration:



Lot of things have changed after 8 years. I no longer buy as much as I used to do. Most dolls I bought recently are playline dolls. prices are ranged from from $7 to $15. but I don’t really play them.

Beblow are the Collectible dolls I bought from Mattel’s 2015 “Barbie collections”:

Fashionably Floral
Little Red Dress
Bouclé Beauty
Lavender Luxe
The Barbie Look Sweet Tea
Classic Evening Gown
Shamrock Celebrations
Insurgent Tris

I bought them for all different reasons, some of them were on sale, I just couldn’t help when such good deals came along.

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golden girls…

Posted by helen on January 2, 2016

ringing in the New Year with 50-year-old Francie… cant wait to see how Mattel’s 50th Anniversary Francie looks like.

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…Not in mood for a happy holiday

Posted by helen on December 23, 2015

The whole year I have been feeling sad, I dream of death ALL the time and worry something bad would happen… and its happening…

A close relative lost his battle to lung cancer,  my older cousin had an open-heart surgery,  now is having complications…  these bad news caused me sharp chest pain,  the holiday season is not a happy one.

All my dolls in my “Showcase” were dressed in blue, I tried to add some colors last night.  when I was sorting through Barbie’s Closet,  I  have this feeling that Death isn’t very far away from me.  Actually, it is not far away from anyone,  life is fragile.  A couple of my friends are selling off their dolls like no tomorrow, I’ll do the same thing very soon..   my future is thinning out, I’d better tidy up my place and find a house of Barbie dolls new homes, so I wont leave a big mess behind…


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Made to Move

Posted by helen on December 22, 2015

someone told me the dolls have no glue inside their heads, so I bought a couple of them to satisfy my curiosity–just to see how these robot bodies move.

it turned out the dolls have MORE glue than ever, the glue overflowed through the neck-hole and formed a layer around her neck.  only the glue isn’t oil-based, so her hair isn’t dirty & greasy like the glue heads I purchased before.

Since my dolls don’t do Yoga, neither do I.  so she was sent to eBay,  lucky girl found herself a new home quickly.

she was partially repainted.  here she was:

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Sweet Tea

Posted by helen on December 20, 2015

I ordered Sweet Tea when theBarbieCollection offered 25% off. I ordered 2 to be eligible for free shipping.

the doll has the new “Karl Lagerfeld” face mold, this sculpt only used twice before,  one is the Platinum Karl Lagerfeld, the other is the TokiDoki 2015 (both pink & platinum).

The sculpt is supposed to resemble Karl’s  favorite supermodel Cara Delevingne,  it is one of the most beautiful sculpts that has lovely “bone structures”, unfortunately, Mattel has not made a doll that truly brings out the beauty of this sculpt. what a pity!

“Sweet Tea” looks very Cartoonish,  her facial expression is strange

its like a little girl has just realized she has done something wrong, now is nervously  staring at her parent and waiting to be punished.

I wish I did not order her but waited for the “better looking ones” to come around.  since next year’s “Barbie Look” Theme is “Barbie on the Runway”, I suppose this face mold would be used again.

but what’s done is done, there is no turning back. what I can do is to give her a new makeover that changes the unhappy look

I did not paint eyelashes, b/c my magic paint brush had to retire, this one is done with watercolor pencils, I was unable to make the pencils sharp enough to draw fine lines… so no eyelashes… I see people paint Monster High dolls with watercolor pencils very nicely,  I guess Monster High dolls have larger heads, so its easier to work with pencils.  I did buy a special Sharpener just for these watercolor pencils, oh, mine, I had to watch Youtube video to see how to use this strange-looking sharpener. lol

Sorry, I didn’t like her Bangs, either.  No bang!

the doll has a very cheap looking articulated body,    not the  same quality pivotal bodies like these Jazz Baby dolls.

I don’t fancy any of these Articulated bodies unless the joints are invisible. a doll is a doll,  these exposed joints make them look like Robots. so ugly, I can barely look at them…






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It’s that time of the year again

Posted by helen on December 13, 2015

Candy Cane Stripes:

Don’t place your expectations high, it’s unlikely there will be something really valuable under the tree:


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Pleasure In Play

Posted by helen on December 10, 2015

I see the grieving for not getting Andy Warhol doll continues  , and Ava Duvernay Doll Sales certinaly didn’t help,  only made the situation worse.

neither of the dolls bothered me,  they both wear day-in & day-out Street wears, so they are not what I like to collect or pay high price for . Didn’t Andy Warhol say “everyone must have a fantasy”,  Street Wears are just not my fantasy.

but I whipped up some similar pieces..

you don’t have to have every doll even its platinum, if you have tons of dolls at home, you need to play more, purchase less.. the pleasure is in play. of course, I can convince no one. b/c many people don’t play. the never remove their dolls from the box. (NRFB)

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