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Happy 4th of July

Posted by helen on July 4, 2020

Protests, coronavirus, masks, looters and burglars…. all the chaos make this 4th of July different.



If you still believe that the American Spirits are unbreakable, then, shoot up some fireworks. IMG-0001.jpg

I only bought one doll this year(so far), she is “Mattel 75th Anniversary Swimsuit Barbie”.  I dont know how many times Mattel has reproduced this black white striped swimsuit, it is very boring. so I give her a makeover:


Happy 4th of July to everyone,

Stay Healthy

Stay Happy!

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Happy Easter

Posted by helen on April 12, 2020

Happy Easter to everyone!
Although I live in New York, the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am “as safe as yesterday is”

However, most of the stores are closed, only grocery stores remain open. we are ordered to stay home, Social gatherings are banned. If we do need to go out such as making a trip to buy food & necessities,  we’ll have to wear face masks and practice social distancing–keep 6 feet away from other people.  Supermarkets only allow a limited number of customers to enter the store, you have to wait outside the store until someone finishes shopping and comes out, then you can enter. Since this is such a populous city, you can imagine the wait at the store entrance is long.

So, kids are not allowed to egg-hunt today. This  Easter Bunny House was set up in a nearby park a month ago, the house stands but no one is around. Poor Bunnies feel lonely.


but CoronaVirus does not stop the arrival of a brand new spring. flowers are blooming, birds are singing.




If you think everyone follows the executive order and stays home, you are wrong. many people ignore the rules, I’ve never seen the benches in this tiny park empty, there are people all the time.


This arrogant dude, completely ignores the orders & rules. he doesn’t wear a mask or practice Social Distancing. There was a long line in front of a Deli yesterday afternoon, he skipped the line and waltzed in to the store.  When confronted about it, he replied: “How about I just get my coffee & go, then you wont have a problem” What an Asshole! 


Thankfully, most people in my community are law-abiding citizens, many of them are doing good deeds for others.

I wish the Crisis will be soon over,  the anxiety & financial stress caused by #CoronaVirus is so much worse than the Virus itself. the Suicide Rate climbed 35%.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching the Epidemics in history, I learned the Great Plagues, the Spanish Flu, HIV/AIDS, SARS, Ebola, etc…  these are Great Lessons to learn, it helps to understand & cope with CoronaVirus. 

Stay Safe & Stay healthy, everyone!


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Posted by helen on March 28, 2020

The world and his wife are freaking out about CoronaVirus.

I’m not afraid of #CoronaVirus, but I am afraid of the financial crisis caused by CoronaVirus.

Barbie says: “Stay Calm, Stay Home, place a bet on your future & believe in the best possible outcome!”


Its a great time to play dolls again when you are practicing “social distancing”.

CoronaVirus does not stop the arrival of a brand new spring


Barbie’s hope grows as the flowers bloom. Things will work out just fine, we always survive.


by the way, the new Silkstone Barbie “Best to A Tea” doll will hit the market next month.

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Happy Birthday to Barbie

Posted by helen on March 9, 2020

Happy the 61st Birthday to Barbie.

Barbie & I have gone separate ways, I left Barbie Fan club, I have not bought a new doll since last April.

Perhaps its time to make up, but it really depends on what Mattel offers. I can hardly find any new designs I like.


And I also hate WordPress’ new “block editor”, its ultra annoying –I’m not a paid member, so I am unable to roll back to its “classic editor” — that’s another reason I have not blogged for a long time.


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Posted by helen on February 6, 2020

Barbie Signature 2020 Production line

The first 4 dolls have been released, you can find them in the market. I have not bought anything.

I may buy the 3 Fashion Model Collection Dolls. but I’ll only make purchases when they are discounted.  the Best in Black doll looks awful in her unfitted Black Dress, she is not at her Best.  the Best To A Tea doll doesnt look promising based on the concept sketch –if you remember the City Chic Blue Suit AA doll, you’ll have to  keep your expectations on this Tea doll really low.


For more information & price references, you may visit one of the deals’ websites:


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Which Barbie would you buy?

Posted by helen on October 9, 2019

Mattel has 2 dolls in process, it asks

“What is your favorite 2019 Barbie® Signature Doll Design Showdown Prototype?”

I think  the better question is “Which one will you buy if the unit price is $100”.

1. Fashion Flight

2. Royal Court



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Weekend project: DIY bookmarks & Notecards

Posted by helen on July 14, 2019

Black White Swimsuit Barbie is a forever culture icon.

I made some bookmarks and note cards as a tribute to her 60th Anniversary. 


When I was little, I collected many bookmarks. I still have some hand-painted bookmarks from my childhood.  I still like bookmarks. I didn’t see any nice Barbie bookmarks, so I created my own.   Making these tassels is a lot of hassles–It took me nearly 2 hours to figure out how to tie a perfect “Chinese Knot”


I loved making cards. many old friends have received my hand-made cards on the days they needed a little celebrations.  Once a friend watched me making New Year Cards then said: “The day you stop making cards would be the day you truly grow up” I did stop, now I’m making them again.

Have great summer time!

p.s. I’m working on my next project, an OOAK doll for Barbie Convention raffle room


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What is the “Special Barbie Signature Event”?

Posted by helen on May 24, 2019

I’m no longer a Barbie Fan club member. I received this eMail urging me to join the Club again, so I can participate Mattel’s “special Barbie Signature Event”.

I wonder what it would be? perhaps a new platinum doll?  I won’t rejoin the club unless Mattel fully unfolds its “new plan”. I dont think you should place high expectations. we have seen all Mattel’s tricks already.

here is what Mattel has to say:

Barbie® Signature is about to try something new … something daring … something bold. In other words, something worthy of Barbie® and her stunning history as a global fashion icon!

We’re making the final preparations now, and we wanted to let you know that something big is in the works so you can get ready for it. Why, you may ask? Because YOU will play a starring role in the event!

Want to be among the first to know when we reveal the details? Check your email preferences here to make sure you’re on the list! If you haven’t signed up for our emails yet, just click here to get our email newsletter.

Every Barbie® fan around the world will be able to participate in the event. However, Barbie® Signature Platinum and Gold Status members will have access to something special, an exclusive opportunity that will only be available to members, and only for a limited time.

If you’re not a member yet, now is a great time to learn more and join! On top of this exclusive new benefit, you have the opportunity to save up to $120 every 12 months on dolls in the Barbie® Signature online shop, access to exclusive content, and so much more.

So get ready for a big announcement in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to share it with you!

 $20 or $35 isnt big money, I just don’t want to support a company that shows so little care about their products and customers.  if you really want us back, dont play hide N Seek games, put your plans on Table, and let customers see upfront.

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Black & White Ball Gown

Posted by helen on May 20, 2019

Mattel sneak-peeked the next silkstone Black & whtie Ball gown last week, I have nothing nice to say about her. silly design. there are plenty of inexpensive black/white striped fabric out there, but Mattel would rather buy black fabric, white fabric then patch them together, we know the workers can’t sew straight lines.  its not cost-effective,  its a ugly design.



The heavy blue eye shadows and eyeliners  are not my favorite.



It appears that Mattel’s designers have run out of inspirations, they believe the market can never have enough black white stripes.

Here are some low-budget OOAK  or convention dolls (these are not silkstone dolls but vinyl dolls with repro  body)

I guess that’s all for Barbie’s “supposed-to-be” diamond-dazzled 6oth anniversary.







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Proudly Pink

Posted by helen on May 20, 2019

I ordered my Proudly Pink Doll some time ago , she was defective, some black paint on one of her eyes  were chipped off, so I had to do a little repair.


I’m not a fan of her outfits,  too much pink,


deboxed and repainted



She doesn’t have to wear Pink all the time.





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