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My ever-growing doll collections

Dolce & Gabbana Tropical Birds

Posted by helen on May 22, 2017

Barbie needs bright colors and bold patterns. here goes, we adopted one fun design from “Dolce & Gabbana 2015 Tropical Collections”

Zendaya at Met Gala 2017 :

Hope someday Barbie will make a presence at Met Gala, too.

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Black & Yellow

Posted by helen on May 13, 2017

black and yellow,  what an unexpected & daring color combination

Yellow isn’t a popular color, but really,  it all depends who is wearing it

Jacqueline Kennedy wore this black yellow  evening dress  for a White House state dinner honoring  President Manuel Prado of Peru  in 1961.

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Blue Chiffon Gown

Posted by helen on May 8, 2017

Instead of waiting for  Mattel’s Chiffon Gown,  I’m singing my own blues–,

the gown looks better on Classic Silkstone dolls than the Poseable Dolls.

Here is a poseable doll:

the color & style make this gown a typical Bridesmaid Dress. so, here goes… the Wedding Crasher. lol

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Happy May

Posted by helen on May 1, 2017

I chose Blue Chiffon Gown Barbie as the doll of  May

you can read Mattel’s introduction to this doll here:


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Size Matters –shrinking doll heads

Posted by helen on April 27, 2017

I bought this doll for $14.99

Her head is much larger than my regular dolls: (she is in the center)

I decided to shrink her head with acetone.

After reading some bloggers’ posts online, I thought this is how I should do it:  Soak the doll head  in the acetone, the doll head would first blow up much bigger then shrink, you take the head out of the acetone after it shrinks to the size you want.

However, it didn’t happen this way.  After I soaked the head in Acetone, the head blew up  as big as an egg. but it stayed that way forever, it didn’t shrink,  her makeup were “gone with the acetone”, her head remained big.  A week has gone by, I could no longer wait, so I took it out and left it on my kitchen counter –then, magic happened, the head shrank! Perhaps it shrank too much,  now its smaller than a regular collectible doll’s head.  Also, the head is hardened– its as hard as a Silkstone doll’s head.

since the doll lost all her face paint, I had to repaint it–A job I don’t like

she probably has just killed a rabbit, so you see the blood on the sword:

Here she is with her fellow wonder woman, you can see the size differences:

Too much risk is involved with Acetone,  it may ruin the makeup, it may cause head split, it may damage the hair ( Kanekalon hair does not stand the test of Acetone),

So I don’t recommend it.

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Happy Easter

Posted by helen on April 17, 2017

Happy Easter, but we did not go on an Egg-Hunt.

My Barbie actually has a half dozen Easter bunnies, but I could not find a single one of them when I needed them,   so these ducks (or geese) stand in:

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Happy April

Posted by helen on April 1, 2017

Barbie goes “Mod”, the iconic YSL Mondrian dress is perfect for her:


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Cosmos Couture

Posted by helen on March 26, 2017

Although yesterday was “Earth Day”, we went far beyond the Earth & reached the Sun, Moon & Mars…..

Red Moon or Blue Moon? The Planetary Dreamer is ready to explore the universe.

I purchased this Cosmos Fabric online without knowing the scale of the Pattern. The pattern is too big for a little Doll, I overlaid with a piece of black Mesh that has small Gold Star design. it changed the look dramatically.

Back of the dress:

As 2016 Barbie Convention Approach, I will be making a few more space themed dresses for Barbie. I plan to custom-design fabrics for Barbie when I have the fund

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The Lucky Clover & Sweet Tea

Posted by helen on March 18, 2017

Steffie was a lucky Irish  yesterday:

Today she & Barbie  met for a cup of Sweet Tea:

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A little new face –Claudette

Posted by helen on March 15, 2017

This doll arrived on Barbie’s Birthday ( or National Barbie Day), March 9th. She is a gift from a friend.

She quickly adopted some New York Attitude –her look tells you she would be the one who quarrels with the cashiers at supermarket or passengers on the bus if they move too slow.

she is the Happy Holidays 2016 AA Barbie doll,  although she does not look very happy.

She has a new face mold “Claudette”  that I wanted but didn’t have, so she is my very first “Claudette”. She may be not suitable as  a “Happy Holidays” doll, but she makes a cool Runway model.

She had glue inside her head. Mattel made a little progress on the glue heads: the glues are now water based, not oil based, so you will see less seepage, is this change good enough for you? as I told the story before, Mattel will not throw away the new auto hair-rooting machines,  glue must be used.   I hate any types of glues in the dolls heads,  this doll is now glue-free, I removed it.



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