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My ever-growing doll collections

Happy Year of the Dog

Posted by helen on February 17, 2018

Year of the Dog begins:

#FlashBackFriday:   “Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year” photos from the past:

IMG 0486



Wishing  everyone a great year of the Dog.  if you were born in the year of the dog, such as 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006,  make sure you wear a red belt for good luck.

“Empress of Golden Blossom” Barbie’s Dress is “sponsored” by Photoshop


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Forever Valentines

Posted by helen on February 14, 2018

Barbie & Ken, are together, forever.

I’m too lazy to find a Silkstone Ken, but Joan seems to like her new Date:

Gigi again, The New generations:
oh, well, Ken’s unfitted pants just ruined it. I think the Pants are from one of these Twilight Ken dolls.

Update: made a pair of new pants for Ken:

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Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Posted by helen on February 10, 2018

This is suppose to be a “Throwback Thursday” post, but I pushed “safe Draft” button instead of “publish” button.
Some old photos with hearts, roses & pets from Pinterests archive, they look good for the upcoming Valentine’s day:

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Theatre Date

Posted by helen on February 4, 2018

Inspired by this old trading card  “Theatre Date Barbie”, I made a similar set in Silver & Gray for my Silkstone Barbie.

we don’t really dress up like this when we go to the Theatre in these days, do we?

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Barbie the Loser

Posted by helen on February 2, 2018

A couple of months ago CNN predicted the Big Winners & Losers of 2017, Barbie made it on the top of the “Biggest Losers” list.

Early this morning when I turned on TV news,  NY1 news was reporting Mattel lost $281 Million in the 4th Quarter of 2017, so CNN has pretty good Market Watchers.

however, Mattel’s  Chief Executive Margo Georgiadis said in a statement:  “We are optimistic about stabilizing revenue in 2018 anchored by our key power brands, entertainment partnerships and exciting new launches.”

Do you believe her?!  based on the treatments I received from the Barbie Fan Club and the hodgepodge production line Mattel presented, it wont surprise me if Mattel sinks into the Pacific Ocean and disappears from the face of the earth.

Hasbro offers to buy Mattel,   it isn’t just a publicity Stunt.

Statistics shows doll sales increased by 23% since 2013, but Barbie & American girls dolls sales dropped more than 23%,  the market is there, Mattel is too blind to see it.  it blames kids’ interests in video games, it blames TRU’s bankruptcy … it just doesn’t see is own problems. Its unbelievable how incompetent Mattel employees are–  I remember how smart they were when I first started collecting Barbie in 2007. Now they can’t even run a website without issues.  Where have the talents gone? I may be not a fan of IT dolls, but IT dolls sales tripled if compared to 10 years ago.

The good news is that you can expect to have great discounts if you want to buy some Barbie dolls in the upcoming months.  When a company lost $281 million, it will desperately want to dump  inventory & speed up turnarounds.


by the way, today is “go red for women” day

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It’s February!

Posted by helen on February 1, 2018

2017 wasn’t a good year for Barbie, 2018 doesn’t look promising, Barbie sales has been dropping steadily, Hasbro keeps offering to buy out Mattel,

In loving memory of Barbie’s glorious past, here I present you this desk Calendar for Feb 2018:

Black Magic:


and Now:

Happy February!


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Its been a quiet & cold month

Posted by helen on January 27, 2018

Saturday is for Shopping…

she is browsing the designer boutiques along  West Broadway in Soho, NYC.

well, this dress is from Helen’s Boutique:

The little black dress never goes out of style:

all right, this post proves I’m still alive.

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Happy New Year

Posted by helen on January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, best wishes from my dolls to yours.

wishing your doll collections grow bigger in 2018.

I chose this “White Magic” Barbie as Miss January, may she  bring you a magical year!


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Merry Christmas

Posted by helen on December 25, 2017

Sure you found a gift under the tree this morning—We wish you’ve got what you asked for

We are more excited about After-Christmas Sales!

Happy Holidays!

Your Last minute eCard —its not too late to wish your friends a merry Christmas with this one-of-a-kind card:

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Its Gigi Again

Posted by helen on December 23, 2017


she is now on an articulated fashion model body  donated by the “Barbie Look sweet Tea” Doll.

In the Pink:

lets go Green:

you can still have a White Christmas without snowfalls:

Gala Gown

we are too lazy to iron out the wrinkles.  the dress looks awful, but the spirit is high.

Happy Holidays!

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