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My ever-growing doll collections

FIFA World Cup 2018

Posted by helen on July 15, 2018

Barbie is heading to Times Square for World Cup Watch Party.  Sorry,  our national team isn’t qualified for World Cup 2018. Not like other soccer nations, our people are cool and perfectly fine with our team’s failures.  Barbie & I  are free to root  for any teams we like  .

We like to cheer on underdogs, and we love Cinderella story.. Winning isn’t so important to us, we choose the teams that stick together, work hard and never give up.  Our favorite teams are Croatia & Belgium.

Today is the last day of World Cup 2018,   why does  time fly so fast?  it was just like yesterday that Barbie went down to Brazil and cheered on US team 4 years ago!

if only we could stop the clock… how sad that every show has to come to an end.  Year 2022 seems so far away, but it will be here before we know it.   Hopefully, we’ll see our national team at FIFA World Cup 2022.  we have kept  the “one nation, one team” flag from 2014!


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Happy 4th

Posted by helen on July 4, 2018

Barbie is a proud American.

The following are old photos:

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Joy July

Posted by helen on July 1, 2018

Goodbye June!
I have been really “busy” for the past a few days and managed to craft 4 dolls for the upcoming Barbie Convention. it never changes, I just couldn’t do a thing unless the deadline is really close and there is no time left. I was asked to make these dolls at least 5 months ago, but I did not do a thing until the last week of Jun started. I had to rush them out via Priority 2 day. I hope USPS will deliver it tomorrow, but I’m worried — two days have gone by, the package is not traceable. no updates in its online tracking system. my June ended up in such a mess. but Hello, July!

your Calendar Girl: Midnight Glamour

many Barbie collector Fan club members hoped this doll would be released before June 31, so they could use their quarterly shop reward, sorry Mattel isn’t giving it to them. since new dolls are few and far between, many people found nothing interesting to buy and wasted their reward. it will discourage collectors to rejoin the club.

I like the color of her red hair. if I can buy the head only. 🙂

Rumor has it, there are only 2 silkstone dolls for 2018. Elegant Rose and Midnight Glamour.

I think she is not very sellable at $100, I bought last year’s Blush & Gold Silkstone at $45 from Walmart Online last week. The same thing may happen to this “glamour” doll as well.

Happy July!

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Happy the First day of Summer

Posted by helen on June 21, 2018

Welcome to Summer 2018.

Summer is my least favorite season. but it could be Barbie’s favorite.

I bought a half dozen Repro dolls, because they are super cheap. its hard to believe there are still so many NRFB 1990s Repro dolls on eBay and the prices are unbeatably low. the old Barbie becomes new Barbie’s competitor.

Happy Summer

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the Venezuela Dress

Posted by helen on June 9, 2018

Venezuela dress was a part of Dior 1957 Fall Collection.

Barbie adopted this timeless style to attend High Tea.  The High Tea doll was released long before I started collecting Barbie dolls. her price on eBay is high above my budget

l really like the dress. but a Ruched dress takes extra time & efforts to make.   I overcame my laziness and finally made it today — High Tea is a part of the upcoming Barbie Convention theme, that’s why I’m motivated.

I chose Black & Blue geometric prints,  Barbie has too many pink.  its time to bring in other colors and prints.

I think I’ll make one in Burgundy, too.

The Return of the Elegance & Grace:

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Barbie Signature Vs. Amazon Amateur

Posted by helen on June 6, 2018

Barbie signature proudly announced the new arrival of   —Midnight Glamor, (Barbie’s webpage only works with IE browser, you will see blank page if you use Firefox or other browsers)

Price? $100.
she is just in time to catch the “Me Too” movement on the  Red Carpet

Mattel probably bought the black gown from one of these humble Amazon Amateurs

Price? $3.00 each or 6 for $10.

so you know where to look, but Barbie doesn’t .

I suppose she could have gone through Robert Best’s old sketch book and picked out something like this one? something that eBay & Amazon do not have?

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It’s June!

Posted by helen on June 1, 2018

Half a year is gone,
Hello, June,
Surprise me!

I chose Vintage “Fashion Editor” as my  Calendar Girl,  Barbie really needs better Editors & designers to rescue her from The Salvation Army!!

(below is Mattel’s promotion)

perhaps you remember that I made it in red:



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Millennium Wedding Bridal Barbie

Posted by helen on May 28, 2018

Only the dress is from the “Millennium Wedding Barbie”.

The bride is “city shine” model muse,  her model muse body has a cracked neck, so I put her head on a belly Button body, which is perfect for this dress.

The dress is rather simple,

Mattel has at least 4 variations of the “Millennium Barbie”.

I wish that I made a new wedding dress for Barbie, but I didn’t.  A couple of old ones from the past:

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remembering these who served

Posted by helen on May 28, 2018

Please Remember these who served,  and fight against your government’s unnecessary wars.


then, Enjoy Memorial Day Sales.

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Wedding Day Repro. Barbie

Posted by helen on May 25, 2018

This doll arrived from eBay yesterday. I had her before, then, I let her go when I felt the need to downsize my collections. Now she is back again. as I think her dress is one of the best Barbie bridal gowns.

Perhaps I should just keep the dress and let go of the doll.

I give her a longer veil

There are Blonde & Brunette Variations. I have the blonde doll, but I don’t have the Brunette with Raven black hair.

(Mattel’s Promo photo)


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