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My ever-growing doll collections

What is the “Special Barbie Signature Event”?

Posted by helen on May 24, 2019

I’m no longer a Barbie Fan club member. I received this eMail urging me to join the Club again, so I can participate Mattel’s “special Barbie Signature Event”.

I wonder what it would be? perhaps a new platinum doll?  I won’t rejoin the club unless Mattel fully unfolds its “new plan”. I dont think you should place high expectations. we have seen all Mattel’s tricks already.

here is what Mattel has to say:

Barbie® Signature is about to try something new … something daring … something bold. In other words, something worthy of Barbie® and her stunning history as a global fashion icon!

We’re making the final preparations now, and we wanted to let you know that something big is in the works so you can get ready for it. Why, you may ask? Because YOU will play a starring role in the event!

Want to be among the first to know when we reveal the details? Check your email preferences here to make sure you’re on the list! If you haven’t signed up for our emails yet, just click here to get our email newsletter.

Every Barbie® fan around the world will be able to participate in the event. However, Barbie® Signature Platinum and Gold Status members will have access to something special, an exclusive opportunity that will only be available to members, and only for a limited time.

If you’re not a member yet, now is a great time to learn more and join! On top of this exclusive new benefit, you have the opportunity to save up to $120 every 12 months on dolls in the Barbie® Signature online shop, access to exclusive content, and so much more.

So get ready for a big announcement in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to share it with you!

 $20 or $35 isnt big money, I just don’t want to support a company that shows so little care about their products and customers.  if you really want us back, dont play hide N Seek games, put your plans on Table, and let customers see upfront.

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Black & White Ball Gown

Posted by helen on May 20, 2019

Mattel sneak-peeked the next silkstone Black & whtie Ball gown last week, I have nothing nice to say about her. silly design. there are plenty of inexpensive black/white striped fabric out there, but Mattel would rather buy black fabric, white fabric then patch them together, we know the workers can’t sew straight lines.  its not cost-effective,  its a ugly design.



The heavy blue eye shadows and eyeliners  are not my favorite.



It appears that Mattel’s designers have run out of inspirations, they believe the market can never have enough black white stripes.

Here are some low-budget OOAK  or convention dolls (these are not silkstone dolls but vinyl dolls with repro  body)

I guess that’s all for Barbie’s “supposed-to-be” diamond-dazzled 6oth anniversary.







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Proudly Pink

Posted by helen on May 20, 2019

I ordered my Proudly Pink Doll some time ago , she was defective, some black paint on one of her eyes  were chipped off, so I had to do a little repair.


I’m not a fan of her outfits,  too much pink,


deboxed and repainted



She doesn’t have to wear Pink all the time.





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Flashback Friday: Pink Memories

Posted by helen on May 17, 2019

Digging out some old photos & Sharing pink memories with you:

Roses are romantic...

pink party dress

Boater doll in Pink


silktone Barbie OOAK costumes Niagara Marilyn Monroe

Barbie Learns From Lady Gaga


Barbie silkstone Enchanted Evening Dress in Pink


Pink Halter Dress

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Happy Easter

Posted by helen on April 21, 2019

Happy Easter to the dolls.  Barbie may have got more than the eggs that  she is looking for.




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Barbie is a part of Yang Gang

Posted by helen on April 14, 2019

My blog has not been active, as I donated all my time to support the little-known Andrew Yang for President!

I bet you have never heard of him, he has no fame, but he has tons of ideas and at least 80 policies as a part of his presidential proposals.  I’m fascinated by his data-driven & fact-based campaign, its a campaign of ideas, reason for revolution! for the first time in my life, I donated my time & money to support a political candidate.

Since he is an outsider, none of the Mainstream Media outlets wants to give him coverage and air times.  but the Yang Gang–as we supporters call ourselves, started pushing the movement from ground zero.  we used all the means we know to make him known. Finally, some large networks  take notice.

Today,  Andrew Yang will appear on CNN Town Hall at 7 PM EST  & make his case to the nation why he should be your next president, Please tune in.

if you don’t have Cable TV, you can watch it on web: http://www.freeintertv.com/view/id-200

Andrew Yang is a forward thinker, by supporting his campaign, I updated myself and discovered many new things & new people. life is exciting again.

Here Barbie & Trixie are heading to Washington D.C for a Rally in D.C. tomorrow: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/andrew-yang-in-washington-dc-tickets-59674635441

How do you like Barbie’s new bumper sticker Yang2020 & her new cap with the word “MATH” on it? –Andrew Yang often asks you to look at the numbers, his speeches are full of statistics, MATH is not easy for most of us, Andrew Yang Makes America Think Harder


Exactly what are Andrew Yang’s Ideas? well, he wants to give you large sum of free money,  $1000 a month . Get out of here,  How? NO WAY! Learn from Barbie: keep your mind open and  check it out  lol

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Posted by helen on April 1, 2019

Welcome to April.  A month of new beginnings, Happy springtime — Barbie gets sporty!

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happy National Puppy Day

Posted by helen on March 22, 2019

Happy National Puppy Day. Happiness is a warm Puppy.
Barbie & her puppy go for a joy ride.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by helen on March 17, 2019

I didn’t realize today is St. Patrick’s day until now —well,  Google Doodle turned the logo into green. 

This is a repro doll I bought from eBay on Barbie’s Birthday, it was disappointing that Mattel did not offer any sales on Barbie’s Birthday.  I had an eBay discount code, so I used it on this doll Here is an old photo,  but it fits the occasion:

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Happy 60th Birthday to Barbie

Posted by helen on March 9, 2019

Barbie Celebrates her 60th Birthday, its been a bumpy journey, but Barbie has managed to survive & stayed relevant.

Now & Then


Barbie is a pioneer. she is  ” the First woman astronaut”  “Frist woman president” …  she is  the Last Generation of Firsts


ooh, don’t forget this:  she is the first woman who  has  a dream house of her own.


Thanks to Barbie for the Joy & inspiration.

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