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Beaded Gown

Posted by helen on May 29, 2013

Its always a “nerve wracking” moment for many Barbie collectors when a new Platinum Label doll goes on sale. The topic is too old, I dont feel like talking about it anymore. Bottom line: Issuing platinum doll is a Marketing Strategy, the purpose is to create a sense of immediacy and exclusivity to attract public attentions, it enhances the “valuable” “hard-to-get” image of Barbie Collector Brand to arouse potential collectors’ interests and keep the old ones around. The higher its 2ndary market prices go, the happier Mattel’s Marketing Strategists are. The goal is not to let everyone have it but make everyone want it! If the price on ebay drops, it means the failure of their marketing plan. so don’t bash eBay sellers, Mattel is a part of the plot. Without eBay & other 2ndary markets, the “Barbie Collector” brand sales will drop by 15%-30%. the Brand may not survive at all.

Now you have seen the doll, as I said before, she looks like a Napkin Holder with a jeweled napkin ring. the bodice of the gown is made of black satin, the “Napkin” (drapes) is made of faux Dupioni. most “beads” are glued on, not sewn on. I peronsally think the simply-constructed gown and no-styling-at-all hairstyle make this doll worth much less than its price label bears. I would never pay high price for her in 2ndary market.


6 Responses to “Beaded Gown”

  1. Sandra said

    Ooh, nice pics. Hopefully mine will be delivered in the coming days!

    • helen said

      Thanks, I need to find a space for her. when you have many dolls, it really doesnt matter if they are platinum or diamond, they all go to hidden closets. lol

  2. Good that you finally got yours Helen. I was thinking of getting this myself but after seeing her IRL, I’m not so sure. She is surely unremarkable for a platinum label. Imagine if newbies were to judge the Barbie Collector line by this doll. Surely they will think that the gold, black and pink labels are even more crappier than this! So instead of enhancing the prestige of the brand, they are undermining it! Wonder if those marketing strategist ever thought of that….
    For the record, I always consider the whole platinum label thing is a sham. As you said, it is just a marketing ploy by Mattel. Platinum is not just rare, it should be exceptional in design and workmanship as well. Save for the lovely Deirdre of Ulster that I just got earlier this month, I have absolutely no platinum label dolls. But I don’t think my collection is any less classy without them…

    p/s: Shared your photo (the last one) on FB. I hope you won’t mind…=)

  3. Stephanie said

    Helen…you are so on point with this post!!! It is ridiculous that this doll was a platinum label. Mattel should be ashamed for putting something like this out when Integrity’s product is getting better and better and better. And you are so right…it is definitely a plot by Mattel to see how “popular” their products are. ITOTALLY agree with your description of this doll. And speaking of which…who is naming these dolls lately? Beaded Gown for a name? RIDICULOUS!! They give us something good (whoever is doing shoes lately is AWESOME!!!), but then they get worst on everything else. By the time Mattel realizes they have lost their customer base, it will be too late for them to recover.

    • helen said

      Thanks, Stephaine & Paul. I think Mattel can do this b/c its collectors dont care how the “quality” is as long as its labeled “Platinum”.

  4. Scott said

    OK I am no fashionista! LOL but why would you NOT have the nails match the lips. Pale nude pink lips with dark red nail polish. That sounds like a fashion NoNo!

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