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Hudson’s Bay Barbie

Posted by helen on October 15, 2016

Hudson’s Bay Barbie is a thoughtfully designed doll. she has very nice outfits and accessories, the whole package is very presentable.

But the doll itself falls flat, nothing so special or unique about this face, its another blond Barbie basic dolls

I decided to  let my Travel doll model the Hudson Fashion,  then we left home for a street Fair, she wasn’t buying anything but fishing compliments:  “oh, I love this doll!” “she is so pretty…”  lol

Lots interesting things to see at the fair:

Panda Bear!

Monkey face?


shoes,  not Barbie’s size!

these Little Dolls are keychains


Modern Art

The “Jewish Center”

Time to go home:

Wait, we need to check out this store:

you’ll have more fun if you can manage to pay a lot less.

we did not come home empty-handed, we bought 3 miniature  “food” trays including Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings.  so our “Thanksgiving Feast” is ready.




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Mardi Gras!

Posted by helen on April 5, 2013

as the 2013 Barbie Convention is approaching, we are in mood for Mardi Gras parade again:

Guess who has wore the same style?

fashion faceoff

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Ready for the White Night

Posted by helen on July 5, 2012

I have emptied Barbie’s wardrobe by selling everything sellable on eBay!  you can imagine how mad Miss E. Travel is since the big Convention Days are just a week apart…  To cheer her up,  I am burning my midnight oil to make sure she will be the best dressed in the “dining room” –lol,  that’s right, no Red Carpet,  just dining rooms.  So we won’t be over-dressed.  just semi-formal.

Single shoulder cocktail dress For the White Night:

She is getting so old, hair color &  make-up faded… I freshed her up a little bit:

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Springtime spectacular

Posted by helen on March 28, 2012

Spring arrived without notice…

Lot of trees are still sleeping,

 but… look! dont let the beauty slip away before your eyes

Flowers are blooming!

my neighborhood is really beautiful & peaceful:

Flowers are blooming, but business is not, the “space for rent” sign is everywhere …

Have a wonderful Spring!

P.S.  Miss E wears  my  version “Garden Party” Dress

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URBFC 2011 Barbie Convention Travel Doll — Part II

Posted by helen on July 17, 2011

I’ll try to be a little bit more organized  & follow the time line:

Our travel Doll started as a “Debut”, she was donated by our club president Mike:

then, she  was transformed and renamed, our club member gave her a pretty name “Felicity Best”. b/c we adore Mr Best.

She came from OK, her first stop was NYC,  revisitng her birthplace brought back so many good memories:

1. javits Center: Barbie ‘was born here 51 years ago

barbie needs a chinese Visa before flying to shanghai,

she is wearing “miss Sugar Kane” (played by Linda Evans,  Beach Blanket Bingo) outfits

NYC times Square Subway Station:

More to come, stay tuned

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my Travel Doll

Posted by helen on June 25, 2011

remember her? she has served as my travel doll for 3 years. she went to DC convention, Cleveland Convention, and many Barbie Day get-togethers…  I want to retire her before my doll friends get tired of her, but I have not found a replacement.  so she  was on duty again & went to metropolitan museum of Art with me today. The dress was made last night,  I call it  “WaterColor Monet”, which  fits today’s theme perfectly.  I should have taken a photo of her in front of Monet’s paintings, but Camera is not allowed in the galleries  oh, well…  I am a person who follow all the rules, so I did not take any photos of her & Monet…

here she is, outside the Metropolitan museum, isn’t she pretty?

Dining with Friends:

Meeting other Travel dolls:


Good Friends:

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Travel Doll is in making….

Posted by helen on August 27, 2010

I am working on our club’s travel doll.   it’s very unfortunate that I am currently addicted to computer games, Barbie dolls are left aside. but I forced myself to turn off all the games and work on Miss Best’s Hair this evening.

when it comes to customize dolls, the most difficult part for me is Hair Restyling, not only I am in lack of imagination, and also I am in lack of techniques & tools.

our Miss Best was originally the Debut doll, she has thick bleach blond hair, I want to give her a updo, but I do not want to cut off her hair, its hard to make an updo with such thick long hair–you dont want to put a 20 LBS heavy bomb on the top of  her head, right?

I finally used some “Chinese knot” techniques.  lots braiding work, but it worked out great! Now I am waiting her hair to dry up, then, I’ll give her a new makeover as well! she is going to be a beautiful doll.

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ready to travel, ready to rock

Posted by helen on July 19, 2010

Miss Mint Hair will travel with me to Barbie Convention, Clevend. she went to DC with me last year.

she played “golden girl” last year, we celebrated Barbie’s 50th Birtday. this time she will be a rocker!

here comes my one & only Travel doll!

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Silkstone L5 & Christian Louboutin

Posted by helen on March 7, 2010

I changed my mind this evening, decided L5 will be my travel doll for Barbie day. I worked so hard this evening, and made her “Christian Louboutin”, lol, okay, robert Best is going to be so pissed off that I keep copying his designs, hey, its not I couldnt come up with my own designs, since no one is paying for my designs right now, I think I dont have kill my smart brain cells to do anything my own. 😀 besides, tomorrow is Robert Best Day, not Helen’s. imitation is the best form of flattery!

the original Design by Robert Best:

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ever wondered how my travel doll looked in DC?

Posted by helen on July 15, 2009

she made her way to DC with me, I call her “Pseudo Silkie”.

here she is in hotel room:

more pictures to come, stay tuned

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