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you pay for your urge

Posted by helen on March 29, 2011

do you remember “top models” resort Barbie, Summer & Teresa?

they were $9.99 each, all over the discount stores, but all the sudden, their price goes as high as $234. the recent eBay auction for Summer is $199.

Check this out! and take a look at this one, too!

who is paying for them? I dont know, perhaps people who feel the urge to have them…

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Top Models are on sale

Posted by helen on April 19, 2008

I have not been to lot-less for a while, when I walked into the store this afternoon, omg, I saw all the Top Models on the shelfs, Barbie, Summer, Teresa & Nikki … it’s so sad they are now only $9.99 each!!! that’s only a half of what I paid for them a few months back!

I decided to buy Nikki, actually, I wanted them all since they are only $9.99, but my hands were full of goodies I just bought from grocery stores, I coulnt carry more dolls unless I had the 3rd hand… if they are still availabe when I come back next time, then, I will get them all!!

I didnt buy the Platinum Japan Doll, she is just not worth $130, I would rather buy 13 top models instead.

It’s so painful that I have to sort doll stuffs every 2 weeks, otherwise, my rooms would look like junk yards. I spent a half day to clean up the mess I have made for the past 2 weeks.

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