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SilkiePeida –Silkstone Quick Guide

Posted by helen on December 3, 2018

Silkstone Barbie dolls produced between 2000-2015 will remain as one of the Best Mattel’s collectible production lines.

I decide to put together a “quick guide” using graphics. –I’ll call it “SilkiePedia”

It may take months & months to finish,  it involves a lot of  search & graphic work.  I’ll post whenever I have new panels.

my “SilkiePedia” includes each doll’s SKU number, SKU numbers can be used as keyword when you search a doll online.   For example, if you type “Barbie 26933” into Google Search Box, you will get “Garden Party fashion” as result.

Dolls made after 2006 have production numbers.   dolls made before 2006 don’t not have production numbers, as Mattel did not publish them.

Year 2000

Year 2016

Mattel distributed a bunch of “black dress” dolls  at Foreign doll Conventions, they are not on Mattel’s website,  I didn’t consider to include them in my “quick guide”, Now I think I may need to include them,  as its historical that Mattel decided to promote Poseable Silkstone.




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2016 Poseable Silkstone

Posted by helen on February 16, 2016

Some people Love her, some people hate her, she is now up for you to  judge.

the main reason people don’t love her is  b/c her elbows look ugly. the way  how her forearms and upper arms are jointed is not the best, there must be better designs.

she is very skinny,  much more skinny than me for sure. lol   In the last few pictures,  she is wearing old silkstone’s Gloves. The gloves tightly fit the old Silkstone dolls, but  are way too big for her. so you know how skinny her arms are.

Here she comes!

In her Little Black Dress Robert Best designed for her. Many people think the dress is too modern, actually, this is a 1958 Dior surplice dress. then copied by many designers. perhaps the boots made the dress look modern

Belated Valentine’s Day Pictures:

Shop Till You Drop, and Go Green, too.

Browsing internet

Online Shopping

“A good Catch” LITTLE Tee

Grand Entrance

Its my party, please “Bear” with me, lol

her “poseability” is very limited. all the joints are very tight, maybe that’s b/c she is new. I am afraid I may break her legs & arms. a black rubber band is used to string her legs together, I am almost sure the rubber band will be broken as time goes by.

Mattel probably never dreamt that so many people would be so negative about this little doll. if you are a BFC member, you probably have read all the comments.

I am not a big fan of articulations, but I have all kinds of Mattel’s articulated dolls, from Model Muse Pivotal to Made to Move, I bought them all. but I don’t pose them much.

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sisters’ rivalry–who wore it better?

Posted by helen on September 27, 2013

Pumpkin time!

the little sister looks up to her big sister, Big Sis is always the center of attention!

I am being a fair Mommy, so Kelly gets a new dress just like her sisters:

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silkstone stars

Posted by helen on June 19, 2012

when  Grace Kelly silkstone Dolls are still lingering around the market,  Elizabeth Taylor dolls are ready to  hit the shop in Sept.

the dolls are  “White diamond” & “Violet Eyes”.

I did not buy Grace Kelly Dolls even the prices has dropped under $100 on Target online & Gilt online.  Somehow I am just not crazy about these 2 dolls.  The bridal gown and the black dress with large flower prints are just not the types of fashions I would like, besides that, doll faces are not as pretty as Grace Kelly herself.  

Not sure about the price point of  these Elizabeth Taylor dolls, if the range is from $145-$175 same as Grace kelly, I’ll have to pass on her as well. perhaps we will see the sample dolls at the Barbie Convention. 

But I am sure Elizabeth Taylor Dolls will be selling much better than Grace Kelly dolls.


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Vintage Vogue– Wild & Single

Posted by helen on April 23, 2012

my voyage in vintage continues…

Single shoulder cocktail dress with  wild Leopard & Cheetah Prints -inspired by Vogue Pattern 7528

the dress is made of  crepe chiffon, the ultra thin & flowy fabric is very difficult to work with. as its see-through, it has to be fully-lined. it cost  extra works…




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New HairDos

Posted by helen on June 11, 2011

Hair restyling is my “weak department”, its not that I cant do it, it takes long long time to do it, I wish I could visit a fashion doll factory to see what kind of special  tools workers use to set these fancy hairstyles. my guessing is, it wont take them more than 5 minutes to set the hair, but it may take me hours to do it.  no FUN

Debut & Waitress have new hairdos.. dolls are not mine, but I gave them new looks.

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your Easter Mila

Posted by helen on April 24, 2011

Mila plays “innocent” –Egg hunt!




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silkstone dolls become more pricy

Posted by helen on March 24, 2011

the prices of silkstone Barbie dolls  soar up on ebay lately…

I am not sure what is happening, maybe the new silkstone dolls are boring but pricy, so people go back to look for the older ones?

since ebay will offer every seller 50 free auction listings each month after April 15th,  I predict many auctions will start at high prices since sellers wont have to pay insertion fees based on the items’ start  prices. bad news for buyers.

It took me long time to warm up with silkstone dolls, I didnt start collecting  them after July, 2009. I was luck to find many good deals on ebay, there are still lots highly-sought-after silkstone dolls I dont have,  I guess the chances to find them at reasonable prices in the future are slim since their prices keep going up every day.

the milk price  has also gone up a lot lately… so we cant complain about the doll prices. I only wish Mattel could come up with some great designs in the future so people can look forward and dont have to stalk the old ones on eBay.

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How do you like my Blonde “A trace of Lace”?

Posted by helen on March 4, 2011

she was a brunette, I rerooted her with platinum blonde hair, now she is a blondie! how pretty she looks in blue!

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BFMC goes Russia

Posted by helen on September 29, 2010

Have you seen  the sneak peeks?  2011 Silkstone will go with a Russian theme.  so far, there are 4 dolls in line: (not sure if there will be more in this line, but trust me, they wont sell very well)

  • Mila  $85
  • Nikolai  $75
  • Verushka $115
  • Darya $150

I m not a fan of any national costumes, so I am not excited about them, I do like the facial screening of Darya, but her price is $150, its  expensive if you compare to what she has to offer.

Verushka’s costumes are acceptable, her face reminds me of  “Tout de Suite”, which really isnt my favorite.

Nikolai can team up with the Ken from Japan, a fancy  birthday  party sounds fun, but I wont attend.

is Mila a wallflower or cauliflower? most likely, a wallflower.

 them will  go on the clearance shelfs in 2012, maybe at the end of 2011.

its sad that silkstone has to copy “DOTW”? was the DOTW Russian girl on Clearance Shelf for $12 a couple of weeks ago during the “dream sale”?!

 it’s better stick with my Hi-end.

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