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Platinum–“black & white” Beaded Gown

Posted by helen on May 15, 2013

Mattel’s Platinum Label only means “low proeudction number” –No more than 1,000 unit produced.  it doesnt not represent the highest quality, it doesnt wear the higest price label, either.

1st platinum this year (maybe one & only) will go on sale on May 22nd.


the dress says “Barbie Loves Napkin-folding arts”, and she serves like a napkin holder, even with a jeweled napkin ring on the waist.

Certainly this is not the first time Barbie showed her interests in Napkin Folding, see this  Barbie worked hard on someone’s Wedding Day.  its also in Black & white

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Pinch of platinum

Posted by helen on May 25, 2011

“Pinch of Platinum” doll went on sale at 12 EST, today.

as expected, shoppers experienced difficulties & tornados during platinum doll sales …the site was so borken, lots error messages, frozen pages, “502 bad gateways”, apparently it had traffic jam.

I was at my wits end, but I was patinent and not frustrated at all. I got one after a half hour try, and I tried many different ways…

sorry so many poeple are now Pinched by anger. lots of them started bashing eBay sellers who put the doll on ebay for higher prices (4 of them showed up on ebay before the sales started, 14 of them have showed up on ebay right after the sals ended, and of course, more to come… at least 100 of them will be on ebay….)

Here is the way I look at it, Mattel loves the intensity platinum caused among the collectors, it also loves to see the high prices on the 2ndary markets, its great for Barbie image and will create enough buzz to attract attentions from both old and potential collectors.

Platinum dolls only mean “no more than 1,000 was rleased”, it doesnt mean the dolls have higher qualities, the quality of “Pinch of Platinum” is no better than christabelle barbie, but poeple go crazy for platinum dolls, I would never understand why some people pay $1,000 for city smart. In my eyes, this doll is not greater than the $39.00 debut..

I am lucky to get POP, if I didnt get her, I knew I would not be upset at all. she is just a doll, there are plenty of good ones I can buy…. but I am Pinched for $$$$.

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City Smart

Posted by helen on May 16, 2010

City Smart, a highly sought after doll on eBay, price often goes over $1,000.
she is just another silkstone doll in my eyes, I probably wont even pay $200 for her.
nothing so special, special enough for $1000. a simple dress & simple hair style. her make up is pretty, but not the prettiest one among them all.

many collectors focus on how limited the doll is but ignore the artistry of the doll itself. if a doll is limited platinum version, they go crazy and are willing to pay $$$$

if you are a doll-maker, well, study collectors’ buying habbits, you will have much less work but make more money.

Mattel’s Promo pic:

Actual doll (are you willing to pay $1,200 for her?)

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Glimmer of Gold

Posted by helen on May 16, 2010

do you like her? Glimmer of Gold, a doll drove collectors nuts when she went on sale last month and was sold out within 19 minutes. her designer Robert Best call this face “high fashion”, click here to go behind Glamour wit Robert Best

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Pop life Ken

Posted by helen on October 21, 2009

I could live without him, but I was home and my Cable TV was out for no reason, I got nothing else better to do but went online & ordered him.

I just dont think he is better than Speed Racer Ken except for he wears “Platinum” label. Mattel’s Platinum Label doesnt mean the doll has “Platinum” quality, only means less quantities were produced. does Speed Racer Ken have better costumes and accessories such as gloves, helmet?

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Vera Wang™ Bride: The Romanticist Barbie® Doll

Posted by helen on October 14, 2008

I fianlly got to see her at TRU, she is actually a very beautiful doll,  her face paint is pretty enough to meet the “Gold” standards, her hair style is simple yet elegant.  Only her dress doest meet my standard. nylon organza & lace… oh well, not the best quality

FAO has the privilege to carry a “Platinum” vision,  the doll comes with Platinum blond hair. but with 8,900 counterpart “Gold” dark blonde dolls out there, I consider  this “Platinum” is only 10K

ebay’s complete listings showed The gold label version is only worth $62-$86 at ebay, when BarbieCollector is asking for $150, and Time Square TRU is aking for $189.

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Posted by helen on November 19, 2007

If I posted my opinion at bc.com, some people might be really angry, no one like high prices…. but I am free to speak here, as no one knows me!)

Platinum Cher,  Ethel Santa at $34.99?

—It’s all about what “Platinum” should be. If it represents the newest designing concepts & the highest quality of Barbie, then, the price should match & reflect all the efforts–it would upgrade Platinum dolls image as well– Platinum dolls are limited editions of 999, they are not made for everyone.  They should represent the best of Mattel and be “hard to get” and give the collectors more Pride to own.

It just doesn’t make sense that a pink lable is selling $49.99, a gold label is selling $179, but a Platinum goes down to $34.99.

 There will always be problems when demands are larger than quantities produced. Right Price should closely reflect & well balance the market demands.  It’s a loss/mistake that Mattel started the platinum at $34.99, Mattel didnt use price as leverage to control its own market and benefit its distributors & consumers, but let a few secondary market sellers take full advantages.

I have no doubt many who initially didnt want Cher & Ethel Santa decided to get as many as possible just to make profits. Some wanted to get the dolls as they were heated up by other’s burning desires. Acra’s price didnt go up much at ebay, the original price certainly reduces the demands, the sellers would not dare to hold many dolls, it’s not b/c they dont have enough credit line, it’s b/c they have less chances to make sales since less people have the desire to buy the doll at high price, it actually gives collectors more chances to get the doll at reasonable price.

Both Acra & Deirdra are still available at Times Square TRU, do they set great example?
I am sure Mattel’s Marketing strategists knew all the pricing tactics, and they could have foreseen the market demands based on their experiences. I dont understand why they set Platinum at $34.99 then let it soar up to $500 at eBay.  Maybe they wanted to stir up consumers feelings and attract attentions, also give some people  false impressions that Barbie is hot, profitable & hard to get(you’d better start to collect now :D) — so these $34.99 platinum dolls serve one purpose:  Getting “Publicity”– No matter you are happy or angry, these dolls hit “Headline” news in doll communities & are hot topics for long time to come. 
There will always be problems with sales channels, not everyone would be happy. the key is, whom should Mattel make the happiest? It certainly should not be the 2nd market sellers, who should be the most disappointed ones? certainly not the royal collectors.

I would really love to hear Mattel Marketing Strategists’ explainations, I guess it’s a secret for Mattel to keep.

I dont run fever for any platimuns, although they wont break my bank account,  I wont pay $500 since they do not meet my quality standard.

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