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Back To Basics

Posted by helen on April 30, 2012

when Barbie Basics Collection 003 came out, I was in lack of  enthusiasm and pretty happy they were the last wave. 

This evening I deboxed  the 4 models I have purchased, and took a group shot:

I wish I had waited longer, b/c I just saw Target put them on sale for $15.99.  Perhaps I’ll  go to Target sometime later this week &  get Model #008.  but I am not sure if I really want her. I have too many “so in style” dolls that have the same face mold.

Taking their sandals off their feet isnt an easy thing, I broke 2 fingernails when trying to take off the sandals from Model # 14 & #2.

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“Happy Birthday Ken” Barbie

Posted by helen on December 17, 2010

I went out to meet a friend in such a cold day, we had dinner in a turkish restaurant near Times Square, the food was TERRIBLE,  I then went to Toys R Us to see what dolls they have now. the first one I saw is “happy birthday Ken” Barbie, I took 2 pictures. guess what, I do not like the dress, the dress is similar to  a well-known fashion designer’s design,  I cant remember his name, but that dress looks so much better, if I can find the sketch, I’ll post it later.

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Dylan’s Candy Barbie

Posted by helen on September 19, 2010

the “Dylan’s Candy” barbie

Another plain Jane will go on clearance in the very near future!

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Trixie again!

Posted by helen on February 8, 2010

I just love Trixie!  she looks naughty yet so sweet! 

Here I made her a new dress, my version of “Cotton Causal”

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Princess of Ireland

Posted by helen on January 15, 2010

she was ” princess of ireland”  she  is now a model.  😀

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Another Vintage & Modern Combo

Posted by helen on August 3, 2008

I find the Vintage Sculpt actually looks pretty good on Model Muse Body, it is still not too late for Barbie to start a new career as a super model at age 50.

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