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TokiDoki-Space Place 2017 Barbie Convention Raffle Doll

Posted by helen on July 10, 2017

besides creating a doll for our club, I was asked to make a personal donation to the raffle room. so here goes, Barbie is blasting off with her all-star TokiDoki Spaceship Crew.

Initially, I chose an AA doll with Mbili face mold, then I changed my mind, I selected Lea instead, she looks more like a Japanese girl.

The Whole Package:


No, I’m not going to the convention. but Happy Convention to everyone who is going.


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A week with Lea –the Charm Girl

Posted by helen on August 10, 2014

Lea usually has boring black or brown hair, this Lea is different. she has Purple hair. so she is one of my favorite Leas, she is special as she was gifted to me at 2013 Barbie convention by my friend & table hostess Sandra. so I have kept her intact, I did not change her, redress her like I often do to other dolls.

She was a customized  Kayla form “Charm girl or Secret Spell”,  her original hair was red. she and her friends Barbie & Christie caused a storm back in 2003. Parents did not like Barbie & her friends to play wiccan. (but they have no problem with Twilight Vampires who drink your blood, strange, isn’t it? ) Anyway,  the Charm Girls were recalled,  Mattel made peace with the parents.


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A Week With Lea–the Very Basics

Posted by helen on August 7, 2014

I love Barbie Basics, and I love Model #5 Lea the Best. lol

They come with the very basic wears, it’s up to you to “glam they up”, they can be as glamorous as your imaginations go… But today, I’ll just let them all wear the “basics”, so you can see how pretty their faces are!

The first Lea dubuted in the “Barbie Basics” Line. (Little Black Dress), but she looks good in white, red… any colors you like.

Her Twin Sister made apperances on the “Red Carpet” ,  but now she goes back to Swimwear:

Oh, I really Love her face,  she is a “harder to find”  dealer Exclusive, so  one more photo shot for her:

How fun, Beach Beauties!

These 2 look like twins, too. one loves “Jean”, the other is a swimsuit model, they both dressed down today–they are relaxed &  enjoying each other’s company!

the Jean Model (on the left) had a haircut as soon as she arrived home. bad or good, I take full responsibilities. lol

I wish their hair came in other colors, such as platinum blond, auburn red, even pink & blue…

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A week with Lea

Posted by helen on August 5, 2014

As per request, I’ll post pictures of some of my Lea Dolls for collectors who love her.  so the next 7 days would be “Lea Week” (Aug 5th-Aug 12)

Lea of the Day:

“Divergent Tris” Lea Doll

Divergent Lea

Divergent Lea

Divergent Lea

Divergent Lea

Divergent Lea


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The exotic faces of Lea Part I

Posted by helen on June 2, 2011

shocked to see someone brought back my “The Exotic Faces of Lea” thread on BFC board: Lea is unforgettable.

I decided to copy all of my pictures here for future references –I have more Lea dolls than Pictured, they are well hidden in closets, in boxes… once I have energy to dig them out, I’ll take photos.







More to come!


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Lea as Fantasy Mermaid

Posted by helen on October 7, 2010

she has such a beautiful face, truly one of my favorite lea dolls



if you dont have her, go to get her! 😀

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lea, a friend of Barbie

Posted by helen on May 16, 2010

keep this one here for my record:

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Bad PR Image

Posted by helen on April 2, 2009

I went to Times Square TRU this evening, and surprisingly found the “Now & Then” Barbie is sold at $18.99 there. all the silkstones are sold $10 more than other stores.

The regular price for “50th Anniversary” Barbie is $49.99 everywhere elses, but at Times Square, it is $57.

Bad PR image, isnt it? “Barbie collectors” are sold to collectors, they do know the price ranges, so, whom are you fooling?

this dress is $7.99, I bet its only $5.99 at Target

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