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finally, I have my package!

Posted by helen on July 21, 2011

4 more days passed,  I still didnt get the priority mail package I was expecting, calling USPS  wasnt much help, so  I went to post office at 7AM early this morning. luckily, they found the package.

2 silkstone  dolls were from ebay,  the seller’s stated the item conditions were NEW,  UOPNED, Undamaged, etc. etc.   but one doll has been removed from box, her hair net is missing,  she was loosely tied back to the box.  the other doll appeared to be “never removed from box”, but the box was damaged on the corners, some red paint  on the right side has been chipped off,  considering its an one-hundred-dollar doll, the seller should have mentioned the box wasnt in good condition but slightly damaged.

some sellers think if they hide these details, the doll prices would go higher,  which isnt true. if you write honest & detailed descriptions, your item price can go much higher, even your doll is a  nude one, it can sell at higher prices than a NRFB (never removed from box)  doll. you just catch different sort of  buyers.    some sellers just  dont believe “honesty is the best policy”

 most buyers will leave  the seller Negative Feedbacks if they expect “new,  unopened dolls” but  receive used dolls instead,    I feel bad that the seller isnt honest, but  I did not leave negative feedbacks.   I wrote a private message to him, to let him know the item was not as described–I think if I dont let him know, he would do it again to other buyers in the future. if he doenst write back with an explanation,   I will  not buy from him again.  –I have always been a good buyer,  super fast payment, and I am not picky, if the doll has wonky eyes, messy hair, I’ll fix them by myself, I never returned any items or left any  negative feedbacks to any sellers.  there were times I received the items were  not as described.  last month I received 2 nude dolls, both have  small  holes on their foreheads, and handwritings on the doll legs,  but  the seller still described them “in good condition”,   I tried, but could not remove the handwritings.  I think they were written with  permanent black ink.  since the 2 dolls were not expensive, I just tossed them. forget about them for good.

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my 5th eBay anniversary

Posted by helen on June 25, 2011

eBay sent me a congratulation letter 

wow,  5 short or long years!

 I still remember the first doll I sold on ebay was Fashion Fever Modern trend Lea, I sold her for 99 ¢ , today, her price can go as high as $120.

I dont remember which doll was the first doll I bought from ebay.

eBay has changed so much, so have I.

t’s your eBay anniversary–year 5
We want to say thanks and let you know how much we value
having you as an eBay community member. All of us at eBay
wish you the very best in the year to come.

Thank you!

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eBay takes advantage of small sellers…

Posted by helen on March 25, 2011

If you have a limited selling history—90 days or less from your first sale, 25 or fewer sales transactions or $250 or less total sales since your first sale—or if you have a Below Standard rating in your Seller Dashboard, your buyer’s payment will first show as pending in your PayPal account. Funds will be available 3 days after eBay receives confirmation of delivery when you upload tracking information, or 7 days after your latest estimated delivery date if you don’t upload tracking but mark the item as shipped. If no shipping information is provided to eBay—you don’t upload tracking information or mark the item as shipped—funds will be available 21 days after the buyer pays.

holding  your buyers payment  up for 21 days?   ebay just wants to  use your fund without paying you interests.   eBay loves to  abuse sellers,  as if sellers are not  its customers but its enemies,   I wish eBay remebers the failure it had in China,  latecomer TaoBao.com  kicked ebay out of China & gave eBay no chance to return!

eBay tries to rip of sellers in every way possible,   TaoBao beats eBay’s greediness effortlessly. According to http://www.thomascrampton.com/china/taobao-china-ecommerce/:

…. Taobao was a relative latecomer to the market – founded by Alibaba in 2003 – yet succeeded in rapidly taking on, and humiliating, eBay in this market by adopting a ‘free of charge’ strategy to compete with eBay’s listing fee model. How then to make money?

The answer is advertising. Taobao’s traffic makes it (according to Alexa.com) already the 5th largest website in China behind Baidu, QQ (Tencent), Sina and Google’s Chinese site. Over 80% of Taobao’s c. USD 300 million estimated 2009 revenues came from advertising, mostly ‘pay for performance’ ads as well as ‘pay for transaction’ and brand advertisements. The remaining 20% of revenues were generated between commissions that Taobao charges on its new (launched in 2008) Taobao Mall – a B2C area within its C2C platform – and value added services for merchants. Of course not (yet) charging transaction fees means that the “take rate” of Alibaba – the revenue generated for the company vs. the GMV – is only c. 1% vs 7.9% in the case of eBay, but this also explains the rapid increases in the GMV and the barriers for other contenders to take on Taobao.

see how smart TaoBao is?  eBay is only  good at abusing sellers &  protecting buyers who are scammers like infamous Rimma Likover!

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eBay is forced to make changes again

Posted by helen on March 15, 2011

more and more sites offer free listings,   more and more sellers open up their own online stores… it looks like eBay is facing some serious challenges.  now eBay  has decided to offer you free listings, too…  but I am 100% sure the final value fee will soon increase to cover up its losses on listing fees, its just a matter of time.

here is a newsletter from eBay:

Coming April 19: List Auction-style FREE, any start price, all the time. Add Buy It Now FREE.

Your upfront cost of selling on eBay is about to be dramatically reduced once again!

Starting April 19, Standard Auction-style fees will be changing. You’ll be able to list FREE at any start price–up to 50 items a month. Plus you can add the Buy It Now option FREE to grab those buyers who don’t want to wait for your listing to end. In short, you can now list even your higher priced items free–pay only if it sells.

Also, we know online buyers pay attention to shipping costs when deciding what and where to buy. That’s why, to encourage low-cost shipping, Final Value Fees for all sellers will be applied to the total amount of the sale, including shipping. Just keep your shipping costs low to get the lowest overall fees.

5% PowerSeller discount retired–aim now to be an eBay Top-rated seller to earn 20% off
Also, starting with your June invoice, the 5% Final Value Fee discount for PowerSellers who are not eBay Top-rated sellers will be retired (all other PowerSeller benefits will continue). So be sure to check your Seller Dashboard for up-to-date information on your rating and what you can do to achieve eBay Top-rated seller status and earn a 20% discount as soon as possible.

New eBay Shopping Cart
Online shoppers are accustomed to adding items to a shopping cart–and they’re often motivated to buy more. That’s why we’re introducing the new eBay Shopping Cart that works with both Fixed Price and Auction-style items. Buyers can add items from multiple sellers and pay in one easy checkout–making it easier and more likely for them to buy more. It will become the way to shop on eBay before the 2011 holiday season.

New communications hub
Starting in May, you’ll be able to manage your communications with buyers from just one location within My eBay. View the emails that eBay sends to buyers after a transaction, manage your buyer-facing Automated Answers, or access your Store newsletters–all from one convenient page.

Category and item specifics changes
Category and item specifics changes are also consolidated with rest of updates. Find out if your listings are impacted.

Get details on the 2011 Spring Seller Update.

For more insight, you’re also invited to:

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

Dinesh Lathi
Vice President
Seller Experience

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this just came in from eBay

Posted by helen on February 24, 2011

the seller stated the doll is in mint condition, but when I opened the box, what a horror! I cant believe this happened to me.  I cant find the broken neck knob in the box, so I believe she was damaged before shipping.

she is supposed to be “Happy go lightly”  but my heart is so heavy!

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No Questions, please.

Posted by helen on February 18, 2011

a buyer was not able to ask questions about an eBay item, so this buyer made a complaint on an online forum, the others then started bashing the eBay sellers who made “asking questions impossible”, saying they’d never buy from sellers who didnt want to speak to prospective customers

here is the little truth: if you are on the seller’s block list, you wont be able to ask questions, ebay wont even let you see the “ask a question” link. Some sellers have a long block list. They dont sell to buyers with whom they had bad experiences before, buyers who have pending unpaid items or disputes with other sellers or , buyers who live overseas, etc. etc.

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IRS desperately needs $$$…

Posted by helen on January 7, 2011

From Paypal:

Starting in 2011, all U.S. payment providers including PayPal will be required by the IRS to report sales information about certain merchants to the IRS. We want to help you understand these changes.

  •   Applies to merchants receiving over $20,000 in gross sales volume AND 200 payments or more
  •   Applies only for sales beginning on January 1, 2011


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Posted by helen on July 17, 2010

oh, boy! did I have fun winning on eBAy this afternoon? an eBay seller was selling more than 50 loose silkstone dolls, she decided to hide the dolls’  identities and offer blurry pictures for all the buyers to play guessing games.

there were 3 lingerie No. 1 in the bunch, but I didnt win any of them, the lowest price was $44.  the highest went up to $68

there were a re-dressed Ravishin in rouge, I tried to snach her, but her price went up to $44,  I gave up. b/c I wasnt 100% sure if she was RIR, the pictures were so small & out of focus.

I did not win the 2 “Continental Holidays” Dolls I wanted, what a pity! one ended  up at $23,  the other $28.

but I did win 4 other silkstones.  I am leaving for cleveland on tuesday. it looks like I will be bankrupted this month.

I believe the 4 dolls I won are:  Lingerie #3,  Fashion Designer, Model Life & Fashion Insider Ken.  until I see them in person, I really dont know what exactly I have won.

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why are they still watching?

Posted by helen on February 22, 2010

it confuses me so many people watch closed ebay auctions.

I auctioned a doll, it had 34 watchers when the listing was live on ebay, now the auction has ended, there are still 26 watchers. item is One-of-a-kind, if its gone, then its gone forever, no chances for 2nd offer or relisting. so why are people still watching?

one of my acutions closed 30 days ago, there are still 7 watchers. I dont get it at all.

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eBay Drama

Posted by helen on January 27, 2010

I just read a story posted by an eBay seller on powerseller forum:

a buyer bought a 99¢ item and wasnt happy with the seller, he left the seller negative feedbacks, the seller was very upset. he tracked down all the feedbacks this buyer has left for other sellers, and found the buyer’s trick: he only bids on 99¢ items then he resells these items at higher prices in his eBay stores, but he gives negative feedbacks to sellers whoever sold him these items, its his way to kill his competitors by damaging their feedback scores.

The seller was too mad after finding the truth. he then followed this buyer’s bidding history, and decided to outbid the buyer on whatever he was bidding. lol … it eneded up he won more than 200 items just to beat up this malicious “buyer”. lol

After a while, he put all of these items back to ebay for sale and these items sold incredibly well at very good prices, he made money & grew his business. he said thanks to this bad buyer who left him a negative feedback but led him to a new business fields.

what a story! lol

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