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Asian Ken

Posted by Helen on May 31, 2008

I have read many discussions about why & how Mattel needs to release an Asian Ken doll.

I dont care if the Ken is white black asian or hispanic! I only wish they could make a better body for Ken doll–make his stiff arms and legs more moveable.

but if they ever decide to make an Asian Ken, I’d say, Hire an Artist in China or Japan or South Korea to make the face sculpt–someone who understand Asian Culsture & Aesthetics.

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Dynamite Girls –by Jason Wu

Posted by Helen on May 30, 2008

I am not interested in them, but there was a moment that i wanted to buy them, as they were on sale for $29.99 at FAO shcwarz.

If the Jazz Babies were $29.99, I would buy all the 3. unfortunately, these are not Jazz Babies but “Dynamite Girs”

do they remind you of Mattel’s Retro Barbie or Stacie face?! so these are knockoffs.

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Dress from FAO Schwarz

Posted by Helen on May 30, 2008

This Dress cost $18, the style is exactly same as Fashion Fever Makeup Chic Barbie, but in different color–and it called FAO Exclusive. aw!

I picked it anyway.

The silver clutch & heels are $5.00

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Lady of the Unicorn

Posted by Helen on May 30, 2008

No Way she would be my Girl, but I took some photos at FAO, just for fun.

She is priced at $210 at FAO Schwarz, I would not want her even she is 50% off.

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The Pirate Barbie Doll

Posted by Helen on May 28, 2008

A collector is asking other BC members how much they like the Pirate Barbie, and if she was worth the money-$178

People love her will eagerly tell you how beautiful she is, people who dislike her will keep silent– since that forum intends to be very unfriendly with people who hold different opinions

so, when you ask questions like this on Barbie forum, you will alaways get an impression that it would be a big miss if you dont buy her.

Here is my suggestions:
if you like the doll and can afford it, buy it!
if you want to buy her as an investment instead of enjoyment, then, check the popularity of the doll at eBAy, eBay’s Complete Listings give you all the statisticas you need to make a purchase decision.

I checked ebay’s complete auctions for the Pirate doll, well, her price was $134, much lower than BC’s regular price $178.

so, one day, BC will have to lower her price, too,
This doll will not sell at $178, but at $69.99

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