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Happy Year of The Pig

Posted by helen on February 5, 2019

Lunar New Year has begun.  Its  “Year of  the Pig”. 

Barbie Baked Fortune cookies


Barbie also adopted a Pig


Lets Spread Fortune around


Perhaps you should eat less pork but more cabbages,

Wishing you happiness and prosperity



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Rooster, the Booster –Happy Chinese New Year

Posted by helen on January 28, 2017

7.6 Billion people celebrate Lunar New year today. don’t miss the fun!

It is a  Chinese Tradition that Children wear something New on the New Year’s Day. So I have to find my Barbie girl the best gown for the Occasion:

Chinese New Year Barbie

Who wore it better? Barbie Vs Fan BingBing (at 2011 Cannes Film Festival)

Red Moon Silkstone Barbie

The original dress was  hand-embroidered, it took 70 workers and 4 months to finish. After Fan’s red carpet appearances, the dress was auctioned off for about  USD $150K (RMB 1 Million)  in 2012 to support her Charity Projects. The white Crane, floral and bamboo design symbolize Peace, longevity & all the human virtues

Happy Lunar New Year –Kids are always the happiest. NYC public Schools are closed today.

Its very fortunate we live in a world that celebrates culture differences. Barbie has been a terrific world Culture Ambassador.

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Chinoiserie Chic Part II –Happy New Year

Posted by helen on February 19, 2015

Happy Year of the Sheep

1. Say it with Flowers

Plum trees blossom onto the barren landscape in the cold winter, when other flowers have withered– so the plum blossom is called “a friend of winter” ,  it most vividly represents the value of endurance, as life ultimately overcomes through the vicissitude of time. The fragrance of plum blossoms “comes from the bitterness and coldness,” as the Chinese saying goes. Souls are tempered in the depth of experience, growing in inner strength and unyielding courage.

(Barbie’s Plum Blossom Dress is hand-painted by me, using Fabric Markers sold at Marshalls & Target)

2. Firecrackers & Red Envelops
Google knows the best: “In ancient China, bamboo stems were burnt to create small explosions in order to drive away evil spirits. In later times, the lighting of firecrackers signalled a joyous occasion and became an integral aspect of the Chinese New Year Eve’s celebrations.”

Red envelopes/packets are money wrapped in red paper given to Children from their parents, I think its time for Barbie to hand out Red Envelopes instead of receiving one, b/c she is no longer a child but old enough to be a grandma.

Barbie’s Firecrackers  are made of drinking Straws: just cut the straw into short pieces and string them together.

3. The sign is looking Good
I think this “Fortune” Sign has become a universal symbol.

IMG 0486

4. Red Couplets
Writing Red Couplets isn’t an easy task, as not everyone is a poet, even a best poet may not be able to come up with a pair of perfect couplets. but all Barbie has to do is to buy a couple of them and hang them up . they look pretty & festive, that’s good enough.

IMG 0422

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Chinoiserie Chic Part I

Posted by helen on February 17, 2015

Every Day is a holiday, Barbie is hosting another party..

1. Raising the Red Lanterns to create a festive atmosphere …

the Lantern Makers want you to believe “the red lantern is a symbol of luck, wherever it is hung, that place will be prosperous and flourishing.”

Barbie’s Red Lanterns can light up if you push the tiny white buttons at the top,  I just don’t know how to replace the Batteries if they are out??

2. Paraols

Above the mountain is the dome of the sky. This is symbolized by the umbrella– its important function is to cast a shadow, the shadow of protection, thus the coolness of its shade symbolizes protection from the heat of suffering, desire, and other spiritually harmful force

3. Soul Food

Chinese Cuisine is widely seen as representing one of the richest and most diverse culinary heritages in the world… Holidays  are a time to celebrate with festive foods,   Many holiday dishes  have symbolic meanings… such as  Year Cake & Dumplings

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Club Night–Chinese New Year’s Day Parade

Posted by helen on January 23, 2012

Today marks the beginning of  Year of the Dragon! Dolls & I wish you a year full of energy,  prosperity & happiness.

not many celebrations at home, but  Miss Steffie & I  joined our doll club’s celebrations and we  had a wonderful evening:

Dolls are  excited to participate  the New Year’s Day Parade:
happy year of the dragon

happy year of the dragon

 the Dragon Dance:
happy year of the dragon

My Steffie is happy to be with the crowds:
happy year of the dragon

sit back & enjoy the show:
happy year of the dragon

Not only Barbie, Dynamite Girls love the lunar new year  celebrations as well
happy year of the dragon

old folks love to watch the parade just like the kids:
happy year of the dragon

I guess Grandpa has run out of red envelopes.. but children are still waiting to get one from him
happy year of the dragon

“We want our red envelopes, Grandpa!”   lol

happy year of the dragon

many of our club memebers collect vintages, I have no idea who these dolls are:
happy year of the dragon
happy year of the dragon
happy year of the dragon

that’s end of the show, hope you have enjoyed it, Happy Lunar  New Year from our dolls to yours!

happy year of the dragon

happy year of the dragon

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Happy Lunar New year

Posted by helen on February 14, 2010

Lea got a new dress for Chinese New Year Celebration! Year of the Tiger has just begun, the home made dress doesnt say anything about tiger, the Chinese characters on the Red Mandarin Dress read as “Fortune”, “Longevity” & “Dragon”.

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Lunar New Year Eve

Posted by helen on February 14, 2010

its Lunar new year eve, I should have made Barbie a new dress for Chinese New Year, but I have not done so. It is a Chinese tradition, everyone wears something new on New Year’s Day. I got myself 3 pairs of new socks this afternoon –now I am feeling funny about these socks. ^_^

Every new year is a new beginning, new socks symbolize new steps, I know its just some wishful thinkings, as I’ll probably repeat the routines everyday.

I noticed someone is searching for Chinese New Year Barbie, here she is:

I have not seen “year of the Tiger” Barbie, maybe I should ask my friend if there was one being released.

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photo by Angela

Posted by helen on January 7, 2010

Angela & hebbe paid me a visit and later emailed these pictures they took at my home, I didnt know they did it, so it was a surprise to see them in my email box. they seemed to have lots fun with my Barbie girls.

so here are my dolls in my friends’ eyes.

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