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Yellow Roses…

Posted by helen on April 5, 2017

This rose dress was wore by Kim Novak in Film “Phffft”, she played a small part  in the film. her role in this movie probably has been forgotten, but the picture of this Rose Dress often pops up on internet, there are thousands of Pins on Pinterests.

Barbie enjoys to own the style:

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Pillow Talk? $10 off!

Posted by helen on August 18, 2011

$10 off on “pillow talk” giftset. if you want them, that’s a great deal, as you also get “buy more save more” discount


They are not  type of  the dolls I like, I honestly dont like male doll with painted hair.


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my 5th eBay anniversary

Posted by helen on June 25, 2011

eBay sent me a congratulation letter 

wow,  5 short or long years!

 I still remember the first doll I sold on ebay was Fashion Fever Modern trend Lea, I sold her for 99 ¢ , today, her price can go as high as $120.

I dont remember which doll was the first doll I bought from ebay.

eBay has changed so much, so have I.

t’s your eBay anniversary–year 5
We want to say thanks and let you know how much we value
having you as an eBay community member. All of us at eBay
wish you the very best in the year to come.

Thank you!

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Silkstone–the Calendar Girl

Posted by helen on September 2, 2010

okay, people, here comes a new release, silkstone 2011 Calendar girl (well, she is Miss July  in your 2011 Barbie Calendar)

I should have worked on the Modern Black Barbie, but I dont have the right fabric, so I ended up making Robert Best’s Calendar Girl,  Miss July , 2011. hope you like her.

I first thought the costumes were super easy, but it wasnt easy. working with tiny pieces of Organza, taffeta & sequins has  never been easy!!  the organza part almost killed me.

I survived!

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design your own barbie

Posted by helen on August 24, 2010

of course, you are not really the desinger, but the “picker”, you pick what you like and put piece together to have your “design”, easy, isnt it? why not try out?


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back to debut

Posted by helen on April 14, 2010

2 new Debuts, one with Lime green hair, one with Wine-colored hair.

Lime Green


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grand opennings

Posted by helen on March 4, 2010

many stores near my home have run out of business, “Space for Rent” signs are everywhere. stores like “Creativities” & “Treasure hunts” were my favorites, but they disappeared in the thin air.

the good news is, Khol’s, Centry 21, TJ max are moving in. Khol’s & Centry 21 opened their doors on March 3, TJ MAX will grand open on March 14th. lots promotions going on right now, I got gift cards, coupons… I spent this afternoon browsing through their merchandises… not bad. I bought a few items for the upcoming “Barbie Day”.

I cant wait for TJ MAXX’s grand opening, maybe I will find a couple collector dolls. Khol only has Fashionistas, beach fun & “I can Be” dolls, none of them falls into my category.

I wish our communities didnt reject walmart, but they strongly did. I dont see any differences between Walmart & TJMaxx, Century 21, all discount stores, right? as you can see, Small stores go out of business with or without walmart.
how can these people who ran out of business blame walmart? its digital era, can you really block walmart from moving into your neigborhood, there are online stores.

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why are they still watching?

Posted by helen on February 22, 2010

it confuses me so many people watch closed ebay auctions.

I auctioned a doll, it had 34 watchers when the listing was live on ebay, now the auction has ended, there are still 26 watchers. item is One-of-a-kind, if its gone, then its gone forever, no chances for 2nd offer or relisting. so why are people still watching?

one of my acutions closed 30 days ago, there are still 7 watchers. I dont get it at all.

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Stunning in the Spotlight

Posted by helen on October 12, 2009

let’s imagine if the doll has other hair colors than blond.

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Bad PR Image

Posted by helen on April 2, 2009

I went to Times Square TRU this evening, and surprisingly found the “Now & Then” Barbie is sold at $18.99 there. all the silkstones are sold $10 more than other stores.

The regular price for “50th Anniversary” Barbie is $49.99 everywhere elses, but at Times Square, it is $57.

Bad PR image, isnt it? “Barbie collectors” are sold to collectors, they do know the price ranges, so, whom are you fooling?

this dress is $7.99, I bet its only $5.99 at Target

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