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buy more, save more

Posted by helen on August 19, 2013

This would be the very first time that I dont want to order anything when Barbie Collector put up its “up to 20% saving” promotion , and my very first time I could not find a good use of my $20 BFC membership reward.

The only doll I want is “holiday Hostess –new year”, but she wont be available until next quarter.

considering to order Audrey Hepburn,  after seeing her at the Convention, I decided this was not a doll for me, she does not look like Audrey Hepburn, and her face isnt pretty. but I dont want my $20 wasted. so perhaps I could keep her dress and sell the rest on eBay?

I’ll decide before Midnight.

Photos were taken at Barbie Convention 2013.

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AMC Continues…. Funny Face

Posted by helen on July 7, 2011

My “American Movie Classic” continues. 

my plan was making “Dinner at Eight”, then, I got lazy & decided to go with the easier one. so here is Silkstone Coral, starring “Funny Face”

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Barbie as …

Posted by helen on March 22, 2011

I have never been a fan of any celebrities or movie stars or pop singers, I may like a few things they did, a few movies they made or a few songs they sang, that’s all about it–I like their works, but  I dont worship them. The images  Media or their PR agents painted for them may just not  reflect who they are.  when I worked in downtown Soho,  we often bumped into these “celebrities” on the streets,  I never recognized any of  them,  it often was my coworkers telling me: “Pay attention, she is…”   lol -do I care?   once we encounered another superstardom, my coworkers :”OMG, Look!” I asked “who is he?!” my coworkers : “you dont know him?! you must be 80 years old” –lol I could be 110 years old and died 20 years ago.  worse than that:   I bumped into my next-door neighbor on the street yesterday,  I didnt recognize him. that was embarrassing for sure. 😀

the point is, I dont care who Barbie portraits, if she want s to be a celebrity, that’s fine, but the doll itself has to be pretty and wear fine outfits.   In most cases, I would rather watch these celebrities & stars on silver  screen, they really dont have to become a doll and take a place in my doll showcase. so far, I only liked 2 movie star dolls Mattel made:  Elizabeth Taylor & Vivien Leigh. the rest just dont meet my standard. Audrey Hepburn was such a beautiful actress, but Mattel’s dolls are just not as pretty as the actress herself,  although there are some likeness,   the essence of her beauty is just not there!

a very few “Barbie as…” dolls have made their way to the “finest doll list”.  Barbie is more appreciated when she is just being herself.

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Barbie As Audrey Hepburn staring Funny Face

Posted by helen on February 7, 2009

Allright, Barbie is a shinny star again—playing Joe Stockton in Funny Face, the so-called Iconic Red Dress was originally designed by joie de vivre, replicated for my Audrey Hepburn Doll by ME! oh, yes, many people have made replicas, mattel made it for 2008 Convention Barbie Doll, I also saw one in Haute Doll Magazine, but I am sure I made with better fabric & better patterns. 😀 I made it to fit Silkstone & 1993 TNT body, my Audrey Hepburn is now on MM body, so the dress is a bit loose.

ooops, I forgot to make the necklace & earrings. oh, well, who cares, I do not want to buy more beats and stones. so I’ll leave it for now. the price of last years convention doll wore the same dress, her price could go as high as $300 on eBay, why bother spending so much $$$$ to buy simple fashions you can make it home?

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