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Posted by helen on June 24, 2013

the past week was a nightmare. I started my week with headache and toothache, then..

lots of mice & rats invaded our building, it was so disgusting, according to the news report, there are more mouse populations than Human beings in NYC! 3 of these little bastards entered my apartment, I was terrified. since my place is so small, 4 glue boards were all it took, they all got caught within hours. I had no mercy but trashed the glue boards, I wondered what these animal lovers would say about it.

then, my computer got virus attack, the browser was hijacked again (it happened 2 years ago in Jan, 2011), whenever I wanted to go online, it redirected me to malicious websites like MonsterMarketPlace, etc.  I was so  mad!   It would be a better idea if I just “spring-clean” my computer & reinstall the operating system, but the Window Vista Home Vision I am using is so old, if I reinstall it, I’ll need to download lots of updates and service pack II, I was not willing to do that, so I spent all of my time & energy to go through system files and  window registry manually. 😦    when I thought I had fixed it & tried to go “pineterest.com”, well, my computer started downloading “Internet Security Pro 2013”,  (a new virus),  it was so bad, I couldnt even open window task manager.  if the hacker stood in front of me, I’d just killed him without remorse! (wow I was that angry). the battle lasted 2 days,  now everything is back to normal and runs faster than ever.

so computer was sick, so is the sewing machine, the bottom thread is loose, since I was exhausted and frustrated after all the time I have wasted on my computer,  I didnt think I wanted to  take the sewing machine apart and fix the problem myself. so I went online and ordered a new one. hope it gets here safe & sound…  now I am one step further from the Barbie Convention, b/c I was not suppose to buy a new sewing machine, but should use that $$$ to buy airline tickets.

I wasnt productive last week, but still made 10 new dresses. here are a few  of them

1. checker & cherry

2. Mardi Grass

3. Barbie #1

4.  Nostalgia

I keep making simple styles,  life is easier this way.

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