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A week with Lara Part VII

Posted by helen on June 14, 2015

okay, this is the last day of a week with Lara. its Sunday, she should have wore “Sunday Best”, but I decided to let her go Casual.

Barbie Basics –first Wave

The dress has the word “Sunday” on it, so its perfect for today

Birthday Wishes 2005
I m posting this b/c the next BFC exclusive “Homecoming Queen” also wears a Ruffled Dress

I think Christabelle is my favorite Lara.  I can never photograph her as beautiful as she is:

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A Week with Lara Part VI

Posted by helen on June 13, 2015

Go Red For Women

In her Original Red Gown:

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A week with Lara Part V

Posted by helen on June 12, 2015

Top Models: Teresa
“Top Models” were released as playline dolls, but the doll qualities are so much better than today’s “Barbie Collector” (or “Barbie Collections”) Dolls.  Top Models come with  lots of accessories:  shoe boxes, hangers, hats, purses, extra shoes, cover-ups, hair brushes, hair extensions, etc… the Price was $19.99.

See how Pretty her face is

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A week with Lara Part IV

Posted by helen on June 11, 2015

Citrus Obsession
This doll’s price was down to $10 at a TRU store near me. that’s the reason I bought her.

Apparently I Like Green, Blue more than Pink.

adding a bit of pink:

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A week with Lora Part III

Posted by helen on June 10, 2015

Couture Angel

Perhaps Lara is a natural blonde,  but  she has  a “Total Dye Job” done :

she could use some jewelry & hair accessories, I just didn’t bother—lets presume she is getting a custom-designed gown, this is her first fit, that’s why she doesn’t have any accessories. :)

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A week with Lara Part II

Posted by helen on June 9, 2015

Best Model, South Beach.

she is not really camera-ready,  her hair needs a little touch-up, worse than that, I don’t have any suitable clothes for her at this moment. She is a very pretty Lara.  Sadly,  the photos look strange, my camera is not functioning well after I dropped it on the hardwood  floor. I have trouble to turn it on & off,  lens cover stuck…  time to buy a new camera…

I was making a set of “Bouclé Beauty” Replica for my “Evening Gown”  AA Silkstone Doll, but failed to complete the Jacket. The Beach Girl was fine to wear them without the jacket:

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A week with Lara Part I

Posted by helen on June 8, 2015

Lara was introduced to the market as one of Barbie’s friends from the “Generation Girl” line back in 1999.

Lara isn’t the most popular face, she is probably on many collectors “least Favorite Face Mold” list.

I never treated Lara fair enough to buy as many as I did to Lea or Goddess. Recently my love for her grows a little bit. I’ll pay 7-day tribute to Lara, whose friendship has enriched Barbie’s life forever, she is also an accomplished model in her own right.

First up is Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie® Doll, I  purchased her at A J Wright. (The store has closed)




Actually, she isn’t exactly what she was, I added a little personal touch to make her “Mine”

Before & After Photo

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So Tragic: Neck Cracking

Posted by helen on June 6, 2015

I just noticed some of my dolls now have splits or cracks in their necks. These dolls have the bodies with the year 1966 stamped at the lower back. I bought them new and have not played or displayed them, but they just aged & damaged as time goes by.

So far I have found about 5  or 6 of them.  I need to take a look at the dolls with Shani 1991 body

This is something I didn’t know before, I’ll certainly be very careful with my future purchases.

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Happy June

Posted by helen on June 1, 2015

“Classic Evening Gown” arrives, nothing is so classic about her. she is more a part of the “Pop Culture”, the design is inspired by Reem Acra 2013 Fall Collection.

Many collectors do not like the back of this “Classic Gown”:

I m guessing the plain back might have saved a couple of cents on the production cost?   a little pc of  floral lace  does not cost one penny more than the plain tulle.

This is my easy solution:

Today marks the beginning of June, here comes my wallpaper (Screen Resolution 1280×800)


Have a great Month!


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“Classic Evening Gown”

Posted by helen on May 27, 2015

not what you expected, this is my AA version.

I did order the Platinum “Classic Evening Gown”,  I have no idea when she will come, BC uses the slowest shipping method, it would not surprise me if she travels 10 days or longer to get here. I made this one last weekend.  I love her Goddess face much better…

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