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The Lucky Clover & Sweet Tea

Posted by helen on March 18, 2017

Steffie was a lucky Irish  yesterday:

Today she & Barbie  met for a cup of Sweet Tea:

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A little new face –Claudette

Posted by helen on March 15, 2017

This doll arrived on Barbie’s Birthday ( or National Barbie Day), March 9th. She is a gift from a friend.

She quickly adopted some New York Attitude –her look tells you she would be the one who quarrels with the cashiers at supermarket or passengers on the bus if they move too slow.

she is the Happy Holidays 2016 AA Barbie doll,  although she does not look very happy.

She has a new face mold “Claudette”  that I wanted but didn’t have, so she is my very first “Claudette”. She may be not suitable as  a “Happy Holidays” doll, but she makes a cool Runway model.

She had glue inside her head. Mattel made a little progress on the glue heads: the glues are now water based, not oil based, so you will see less seepage, is this change good enough for you? as I told the story before, Mattel will not throw away the new auto hair-rooting machines,  glue must be used.   I hate any types of glues in the dolls heads,  this doll is now glue-free, I removed it.



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Happy March!

Posted by helen on March 1, 2017

Winter has come to the end, Spring is just around the Corner.  Happy March!

I have not bought any dolls after the new year began  although there are a few new releases such as  Natalia Vodianova , Quinceanera ,  Totally Hair, etc.  I have no interests in them, the only doll I may buy is the new silkstone “Tweed Suit”. as I like her red hair.  hope her price is $50 not $75.


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Little Black Dress “Pinch of Platinum”

Posted by helen on February 18, 2017

Pinch of Platinum now is a high-priced doll on eBay. not sure about the doll’s face, but I have always liked the dress. I thought it would be fun to have a Black Version to go with the White.

The Dress took some extra efforts to make due to the delicacies of the fabrics and extra layers of linings.

Black Vs. White:



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Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by helen on February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day, but,
who, now, is the happiest one of all?
Settfie! — The flirtatious girl won all the hearts.

who can say No to this pretty face?

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!

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Rooster, the Booster –Happy Chinese New Year

Posted by helen on January 28, 2017

7.6 Billion people celebrate Lunar New year today. don’t miss the fun!

It is a  Chinese Tradition that Children wear something New on the New Year’s Day. So I have to find my Barbie girl the best gown for the Occasion:

Chinese New Year Barbie

Who wore it better? Barbie Vs Fan BingBing (at 2011 Cannes Film Festival)

Red Moon Silkstone Barbie

The original dress was  hand-embroidered, it took 70 workers and 4 months to finish. After Fan’s red carpet appearances, the dress was auctioned off for about  USD $150K (RMB 1 Million)  in 2012 to support her Charity Projects. The white Crane, floral and bamboo design symbolize Peace, longevity & all the human virtues

Happy Lunar New Year –Kids are always the happiest. NYC public Schools are closed today.

Its very fortunate we live in a world that celebrates culture differences. Barbie has been a terrific world Culture Ambassador.


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Blush Beauty & Cocktail dress

Posted by helen on January 14, 2017

Blush Beauty Barbie Doll is going to a Cocktail Party!

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Posted by helen on January 8, 2017

Expanding my “Red head league” with this home-made Charlotte Olympia doll:

I should have made her the Yin-Yang Shoes..  Sadly,  the hair-rerooting process consumed all of my patience.  so, she’s got no shoes..

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Welcome to 2017

Posted by helen on January 1, 2017

Happy 2017 & wish you a  fun-filled new year…

Many Barbie collectors  found the 2016 Barbie Collection less satisfactory and made a very few purchases.  May 2017 bring  all of us some new exciting dolls.

My new year resolution would be “less dolls, more dresses”  –I’ll focus on collecting doll fashions instead of dolls.  Doll fashions are easy to handle, I don’t have to deal with aging dolls’  sticky legs, glue heads, cracked necks, yellow faces, etc.

This white Lace dress is the same style as the blue dress I made last week, only this one is fully lined,  it has nearly 20 little panels, patching them together precisely isn’t an easy task.  my patience is tested.  I could have simplified it, but I wanted to honor the original design.

May you glide into the new year with balance, stability & happiness

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Merry Christmas

Posted by helen on December 25, 2016

Another little blue dress for Barbie:

I got the “big bow” idea  from this Vintage dress, it looks like a perfect Christmas Gift package.  Perhaps I should make one in White.

Merry Christmas!


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