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Blush Beauty

Posted by helen on December 20, 2016

Blush Beauty Doll is one of the last year’s Barbie Fan Club exclusives, its not a surprise she has stayed in the shop for 2 years.

The Doll was  $100, I know she wouldn’t meet my $100 standard, so I waited long enough for an acceptable price. she finally arrived on last Saturday.

I like her facial makeup, but I am  not a fan of  her straight hairline, it makes her forehead look  square & wide–“broader than Broadway”

Her coatdress is nice, although its made of low quality satin, its neatly sewn, half-lined (bodice is lined, sleeves are not)

The dress is not a smart design based on  the nature of the fabric.

the  bust & waist darts  should  be cut/sewn straight along the grain line and pressed toward center(or in the opposite direction),   but they are slanted and pressed toward right,  so the dress is lopsided, a $100 doll deserves better craftsmanship.  I believe it doesn’t bother most of the Barbie  collectors,  3 months ago,  I saw one eBay seller sold 4 dresses for $46 each and these sold dresses  looked worse than mine.


These darts really bothered me,  I had to take it apart and make them straight.  lol

there is another thing I have to mention, the bottom hem of the dress is unsewn, but glued. –its almost certain the glue will make the fabric turn into yellow in the future.

adding a layer of lace:


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Winter Blue IV –The complete look

Posted by helen on December 18, 2016

Putting an end to my “blue” project :

These 2 dolls are still in boxes:

All shades of blues:




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Winter Blue III–belles of the ball

Posted by helen on December 10, 2016

searched all my Barbie Closets, picked out all the blue dresses I could find, I’m sure I have a few more, but could not find them. I’ll need 6 more blue dresses to complete my holiday showcase.

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Winter blue II –House of Balenciaga

Posted by helen on December 8, 2016

House of Balenciaga Fall 1961
Metropolitan Museum Collection: http://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/95416

Does yellow look better than Blue?   Balenciaga Made it in Pink, too, only the underskirt has feather trim instead of ruffles.

Mattel might have attempted to add the blue gown to the Silkstone Collection, perhaps because the gown looks plain & simple, but it would still cost a lot of work to make it.  so BMFC decided to stay with its routine Black & Pink: Siren(1957)  (its also a Timeless Museum piece)

Barbie teaches you that a  strong sense of market is always more important than artistic talents .  Barbie’s dresses are from somewhere, museum or runway or old magazines, etc.  someone has made it, some one has wore it,  but why the “Barbie Designers”  choose this one not that one?  the key question is “which one sells best?”

Both the dress and tiered under skirt are fully lined to honor the original design.

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Winter Blues

Posted by helen on December 5, 2016

Blue will be the theme color of my holiday doll display—as it is very much the mood many people are in right  now.

Inspired by the blooming Peach trees near my apartment building,  I made this dress:


The weather is not “unseasonably warm”, all the radiators in my apartment are heating up,  but strange enough, the peach trees are blooming again–they  blossomed in this early spring, Now they are flowering again! Bad omen or good omen?  its against the nature rules, so perhaps its not a good thing.

well, this Barbie girl snatched a little branch when our Super wasn’t watching… sorry, couldn’t help, b/c it is just too strange to see Peach flowers in the winter.

who turned the flowers  into blue? not me,  let’s  blame the politicians!

I’ll need a bunch of blue dresses to fill up my “showcases”,  this is the first:


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“Don’t Watch My Back!”

Posted by helen on December 3, 2016

This little dress has very pretty blue color, it displayed nicely in the store I was browsing,  so I bought it. (Barbie complete Look Fashion Pack Blue Floral Dress)

I opened it and  found the back of the dress is made of different fabric –cheap & stiff  nylon fabric.

This is ugly, isn’t it?? but not a surprise. b/c most of Mattel’s playline dresses are made this way, only pretty if you look at the front, what hides in the back you can only guess, “Don’t Look!” Barbie does not want you to see what she hides behind.

Exactly how much Mattel saved on this back panel is beyond my guess.  I would say less than 2¢. I would put up with the Silver Ribbon neck, but not the ugly Back.

I ended up going back to the store yesterday evening  and bought another one, then I took the 2 dresses apart to make a  new dress. now the back & front are made of the same fabric…

the light blue shoes that come with the package do not work with the dress,  I think purple shoes work better.

The doll is “Hudson’s Bay” Barbie, she had lots of Glue in her head,  I spent hours to get the glue out of her head.. you see,  nearly each & every item I bought from Mattel has become the “DIY” projects that I don’t enjoy. that’s one of the reasons I buy less & less. I must say Glue heads freak me out more than the 2-tone dresses.

Barbie, you’d better “watch your back” if you don’t want to lose more customers.



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Happy December!

Posted by helen on December 1, 2016

2016 has come to an end. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday Season ahead.

I threw out a small tree on Sunday,  as I got impatient after hours of trying to set it up, it wouldn’t even  stand straight.  but my Barbie dolls still have a miniature Tree that does not need me to decorate it.

This month I’m going to do a lot of “cleaning” job, my place is a mess. I need to get rid of some stuffs. so that’s the goal for December: A tidy place for holidasy. 🙂


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Think Big, Shop Small

Posted by helen on November 26, 2016

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Honestly, I only buy groceries from small stores, everything else is from big stores b/c big chain stores offer unbeatable prices.  I  bought a little wool dress from a local boutique store for $120 plus tax, then, I found the similar dress was sold for $39.99 at T.J. Maxx and tax free (clothing under $110 is tax free) .

Many of my neighborhood stores have gone out of business.   the “space for rent” signs are everywhere.  A new gift shop opened a few blocks away from my apartment building early this month, I doubt this store would have a chance to survive.  why? b/c of its poor merchandising.  These little porcelain figurines and plush animals are just not in big demand,  online stores offer more choices and low prices… Rent is very expensive here…..

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Happy Black Friday!

Posted by helen on November 25, 2016

 I would never go camping outside the stores, I only go to the stores in the late afternoon or shop online.  I like to see the shops get busy.

Happy Shopping & may you find the best deals!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by helen on November 24, 2016

Turkey Day!

My Thanksgiving Hostess Barbie has left me for a new family a few years ago,  I decided to let Joan be the holiday  hostess this year.  she looks like a fantastic hostess:

but she is an inexperienced cook,  the minute she left the Turkey unattended,  a disaster happened:

The burnt turkey ruined her Thanksgiving Feast! 😦

Okay, I have a confession to make, the burnt Turkey was my fault, not Joan’s.  I have some Polymer that I bought years ago,  they all dried up &  are hard as rock.  I didn’t want to throw them away, so I mixed vegetable oil to soften the polymer clay.  Finally, I  was able to shape up a Turkey, then I put it in an oven and went on  doing other things,  when I came back to the kitchen,  I saw the black smoke.  I never knew Polymer could get burnt.  perhaps the oil caused the burning?   lol

Thankfully, Joan does not complain. 🙂

Wishing  everyone  a very happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family & feast:

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