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Happy December!

Posted by helen on December 1, 2016

2016 has come to an end. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday Season ahead.

I threw out a small tree on Sunday,  as I got impatient after hours of trying to set it up, it wouldn’t even  stand straight.  but my Barbie dolls still have a miniature Tree that does not need me to decorate it.

This month I’m going to do a lot of “cleaning” job, my place is a mess. I need to get rid of some stuffs. so that’s the goal for December: A tidy place for holidasy. 🙂


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Think Big, Shop Small

Posted by helen on November 26, 2016

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Honestly, I only buy groceries from small stores, everything else is from big stores b/c big chain stores offer unbeatable prices.  I  bought a little wool dress from a local boutique store for $120 plus tax, then, I found the similar dress was sold for $39.99 at T.J. Maxx and tax free (clothing under $110 is tax free) .

Many of my neighborhood stores have gone out of business.   the “space for rent” signs are everywhere.  A new gift shop opened a few blocks away from my apartment building early this month, I doubt this store would have a chance to survive.  why? b/c of its poor merchandising.  These little porcelain figurines and plush animals are just not in big demand,  online stores offer more choices and low prices… Rent is very expensive here…..

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Happy Black Friday!

Posted by helen on November 25, 2016

 I would never go camping outside the stores, I only go to the stores in the late afternoon or shop online.  I like to see the shops get busy.

Happy Shopping & may you find the best deals!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by helen on November 24, 2016

Turkey Day!

My Thanksgiving Hostess Barbie has left me for a new family a few years ago,  I decided to let Joan be the holiday  hostess this year.  she looks like a fantastic hostess:

but she is an inexperienced cook,  the minute she left the Turkey unattended,  a disaster happened:

The burnt turkey ruined her Thanksgiving Feast! 😦

Okay, I have a confession to make, the burnt Turkey was my fault, not Joan’s.  I have some Polymer that I bought years ago,  they all dried up &  are hard as rock.  I didn’t want to throw them away, so I mixed vegetable oil to soften the polymer clay.  Finally, I  was able to shape up a Turkey, then I put it in an oven and went on  doing other things,  when I came back to the kitchen,  I saw the black smoke.  I never knew Polymer could get burnt.  perhaps the oil caused the burning?   lol

Thankfully, Joan does not complain. 🙂

Wishing  everyone  a very happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family & feast:

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Party Perfect Lea

Posted by helen on November 23, 2016

I waited long enough to buy her at a reasonable price. She is a very pretty Lea.  I still have a soft spot for Lea, but I no longer buy these Fashionistas or Made to Move Lea dolls,  so I don’t have to deal with the disgusting wax glue in their heads.

I found this very old little Brown dress that is perfect  for the Golden Season:

A roasted Chicken instead of Turkey as Thanksgiving Feast

she has a very pretty face.

One of her Silkstone Friends loaned her a  Mandarin Dress,  not a perfect fit, but she enjoyed this photo session:

If I cut her hair short, she could replace Maggie Cheung & play the leading role in the film  “In the Mood for Love”





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Happy Veterans Day

Posted by helen on November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day! With more than 150 careers on her resume, Barbie has served in the military,  so here is a Salute to Barbie!

Today’s Model  is “Winter Fantasy”  AA doll from 2003.  She is a pretty doll and she is Made in China, so she does not have sticky legs like many of the similar dolls,  for example,  Grand Entrance AA.  If you like Goddess Face, she is a keeper.


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Posted by helen on November 10, 2016

Thousands of people are protesting against the 2016 Election Results,  marching from Union Square to Trump Tower,  I decided not to go anywhere near Midtown Manhattan,  just to avoid the angry crowds.

Barbie’s all female-ticket  did not win the Presidency, so you will be seeing  “Barbie for President” again in  2020.  Don’t worry about her loss,  she has quickly recovered from Election Hangover and ready to move on.

I did not lose my sleep, either.  “Believe me”, the new president would NOT have any more impact on my life than Barbie’s Glue Heads have.

well-adjusted  & ready to face new challenges.

Wearing Red White & Blue,  she’s  a Patriotic Girl.

Ready to Work

Its hard to imagine the Trees will turn into green again when all you see is falling leaves… but life is full of wonders.


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Happy Voting Day, America!

Posted by helen on November 8, 2016

Heading to the polls….Barbie wears white, in honor of  the suffragists wore white as they fought for women’s right to vote in America.

Red Pantsuits are Powerful!

if Barbie doesn’t win the Presidency, she can always go back to be a Princess… Either Madam President  or Her Royal Highness… Barbie has nothing to lose.

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Vote your Future

Posted by helen on November 6, 2016


No matter the issue, the platform or the candidate you support – the most impactful way to shape the future of our country is to vote

Barbie for President!  lol

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Happy November

Posted by helen on October 31, 2016

Hudson’s Bay Barbie is the only doll I purchased in October, so I made her my Miss November. She is a department store doll , perfect for November when the shopping season begins.,  think about it—Black Friday!

oh, some poor Turkeys are going to be sacrificed..

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