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Geometric Grey

Posted by helen on April 3, 2016

The new Poseable Silkstone “Classic Camel” was briefly on sale for $50 on theBarbieCollection.com a couple of days ago. then, Mattel said the price was a mistake,  the correct price  is $75…  people paid $50 are very happy, people had to pay $75 are pretty upset…

I didn’t catch the “Classic Camel” at $50, and  wouldn’t pay $75 for her, either.  I m not sure when my “$50” chance will come, so I made it up for myself with——-

“Geometric Grey” or “Graceful Gray” or “Adorable Argyle” … Barbie Loves  Alliterations, doesn’t she?

I love gray & Green  colors more than camel & black.

Trench Coat takes a lot of work to make,  so I give myself some credit for finishing it up.

Without the Belt:

the shift dress is in teal blue, the actual color is much darker and prettier.. I could have made her a Faux leather messenger bag, but  my patience has run out,  let’s call it a day, Barbie!



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Spring Stroll

Posted by helen on March 31, 2016

Taking a stroll in a fine spring afternoon….

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Happy Easter

Posted by helen on March 27, 2016

I’ve always wanted to make Barbie a Princess Seamed Shift Dress,  this is the kind of dresses I often wore when I was young.

The cotton fabric was bought from eBay, the color is little too dark for spring, but here we are actually still in winter. its too cold to feel “Spring”

Here is my Funny Bunny:

Many people are disappointed that there would not be an Easter Barbie  in the “Holiday Hostess” Series,  “Shamrock celebrations” put the series to an end,   It would be a great challenge for any designers to come up with a “sellable” Easter design –when I say “sellable”, it means that at least 5,000 collectors  are willing to buy it and pay $75 for it. .   The “Happy New Year” hostess doll has been in the Barbie collector’s shop for years, price dropped from $75 to $49 ,  it explains why the series has come to a full stop.

I bought 2 dozens of mini chicks, they are so fluffy and adorable, but I forgot to take them out for Barbie to play, so… they will have to wait for another year to have their “photo session”.


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DIY -Making Popsicle Chairs for Barbie

Posted by helen on March 24, 2016

This year the Barbie Club Fan Members are gifted with a Chiavari (Tiffany) Chair,  I first thought I didn’t have a single extra square inch for chairs, I was going to throw away a couple of chairs of my own to make space in my living room,  but then I thought perhaps I could use chairs as doll stands, since these Made to Move dolls don’t come with stands(sadly, they don’t come with shoes, either)   I immediately thought Popsicle sticks are great materials to use.

I picked 2 packs of Popsicle Sticks in a discount store, they are in different sizes, the prices are the same,  $1.29 each pack. I also bought wood glue.

I used a pair of scissors to cut the popsicle sticks,  it really is NOT  a great tool, very hard to cut,   my right hand now has a big blister, perhaps a mini hacksaw or craft knifes work better, but I don’t have anything else, I only have scissors.

I avoided the “cutting job” to save the pain when I made the table,  so the table size is the Popsicle Size. the scallop edge probably isn’t a realistic look of a dinning table.

I wanted to paint them in other colors, all the hardware stores in my neighborhood have run out of business, the nearest one is 28-minute-walk away (according to google),  I didn’t want to make a trip there. I searched my kitchen cabinets & found an old can of white paint,   the nozzles on can of spray paint has plugged up with dried paint, I tried but was not able to unplug the nozzle tip…   so I poured the paint on the chair –the result is the worst paint job you have ever seen,  it would be nice if I sprayed it evenly with Gold Metallic paint. It really makes myself laugh whenever I look at this ridiculous paint job I have done.

after I made my set,  I also made a mess at home… glue stains, paint stains are everywhere..  I thought “hmmm…. someone who is very organized must have made them  before, probably there are easy-to-make tutorials on youtube,  so I searched, wow, there are plenty of them,  I think this one is the best, check it out if you want to make some chairs:


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TokiDoki Lea

Posted by helen on March 23, 2016

I still love Lea Doll, but now she only makes her presence in Playline.  and most of them have disgusting wax glue inside their heads.

I was surprised to find a Fashionista Lea that has a clean head without nasty glue. so I gave her a little makeover:




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Redhead & Green Dress

Posted by helen on March 22, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day is not over yet…

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Shamrock Celebrations

Posted by helen on March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Joan remains to be  my favorite “Irish Girl”.   I post pictures of her on every St. Patrick’s Day.

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Poseable Redhead Silkstone

Posted by helen on March 15, 2016

Repainted Lavender Luxe Doll head on 2016 Poseable Silkstone Body.

With Better boots:

I didn’t like the lavender luxe doll head,  it was huge. I heated it up, squeezed it,  froze it… did everything I know  to reduce the size .  Hair is a little too short for a ponytail, but I managed.





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Boucle Beauty Again

Posted by helen on March 14, 2016

I posted Boucle Beauty in Last May before Mother’s Day, she was defective, after some cosmetic surgeries,  she was adopted.

I missed her after she left.  so I purchased another one after seeing she was discounted. The new one did not have broken eyebrows but still had crooked eyeliners and a big head…  she also received a cosmetic surgery…

When I compare these photos, I think my old camera took much sharper pictures…  I m thinking to buy back the old model Cannon PowerShot  ???? –cant remember the Model number. lol

Mattel Original:




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My Spring Fantasy

Posted by helen on March 8, 2016

here comes my $9.99 Fantasy… the “Endless Hair Kingdom” Lea.  it took me some time to get the glues out of her head, and I put her on the Cinderella Body.. I should have made her a new dress,  but she looks perfect in this Water Lily Gown.

This photo was taken by a different camera, I wanted to see which camera works better.  neither of them works well… They both are cheap “point & shoot” cameras.


The Original actually has a very pretty face. If you want her, she is available on Walmart & Target Websites. if you can find her at TRU, she would be 25% off this week. but it shows “out of stock” on TRU website at this moment.

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