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Friday The 13th, Barbie & Black Cat

Posted by helen on October 13, 2017

Its Friday, its the 13th, its October, Its Barbie & her Black Cat…Things are getting Spooky…

Out & About, they are up for no good

you’d better watch out, the witch is coming to town!

Quick, throw her some Sweet before her eyes blink, it saves you from  bleeding blood & sweat!


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Big price Drop

Posted by helen on October 9, 2017

Good News or Bad news? All the Silkstone Barbie dolls are on sale again! the last sales happened in August, they were 30% off.   This time its 25% to 40% off.

…perhaps its time you give Barbie a boost and help America’s Economy grow by taking advantage of the 40% discount.  🙂  I already have all the Silkstone dolls except for the Blue Chiffon Gown… I will  try  to get her before this week ends. she would be $45 plus sales tax. its so much better than $75.  but I feel sorry for both Mattel & Barbie….  the market is slow,  something Mattel is doing is not right for Barbie


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Friday Night Cocktails…

Posted by helen on October 6, 2017

The Lavender Luxe Mermaid Gown now is a cocktail dress, Barbie is on her way to a Party:

The dress looks very romantic, and she holds a Genuine Leather Purse:

someone is going to buy her some drinks:

The Little sister  has barely reached drinking age:

but she has plenty of admirers.

This is the original Mattel “Blush N Gold” cocktail dress:

Wearing big sister’s dress:

She looks even prettier


so, Purple VS Blush,  which do you fancy?




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The Witch is out!

Posted by helen on October 4, 2017

I have been watching  some documentaries about witchcraft on YouTube, it scares me.  But I’m not afraid of  Barbie,  she can’t do the Math,  she can’t build a website…   I figured she can’t cast a spell on anyone, either.  she  only likes to play dress-up…

Halloween is on its way!

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Glam Gown

Posted by helen on October 3, 2017

I bought this doll as a part of my shopping therapy while feeling down. I don’t really like her face, the purple eye shadows don’t go well with her pink gown.

The  Gown does not live up to its $100 price tag. These visible stitches on her bust bother me.

the Bodice isn’t well tailored to fit the doll, the waist is too loose, the bust is too small, however, it fits Model Muse Dolls:

I decided to make a little alteration to hide these ugly stitches then pair it up with one of the Blue dresses I made for my “Winter Blue collection” , “Stunning in the spotlight” & “Blush N Gold” Dolls are competing in Blue & Pink:

Here they are getting ready for their Red Carpet presences:

At the Oscars:

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Happy October

Posted by helen on October 1, 2017

Welcome, October!

The wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!’
—Humbert Wolfe

Barbie invites you to kick leaves and pick pumpkins… Have an enchanted October, everyone!

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Barbie: A bad web designer but a GREAT spy!

Posted by helen on September 29, 2017

Many of us have troubles to navigate Barbie’s website or access  the BFC board. but why?

the simple answer is: Badly implemented scripts and zillions of adware tracking cookies make your web browser unable to cooperate with the site.

lets take a  few bad examples

  1. The page does not display properly

2. The page is not found  –oops! after oops!


3. Page found, but contents are hidden:   the words  “the Barbie Bulletin Board” are all you see.  The discussions & photos  are behind closed doors… how can I “connect with fellow Barbie fans” if the doors & windows are  closed.

4.  “please wait while we process your request… ”  wait for what?  —The dead end. You can wait until your hair tuning into grey, nothing is going to happen.

Script errors & Script errors:

 According to “Nibbler”,  a free web testing tool,  Barbie’s “Code” quality is rated 0.8 out of 10. more than 2000 errors were found on the five 5 pages tested. 


Barbie can’t code a website  –that’s not new, we knew it 4 years ago when she openly admitted that she needs Steven & Brain’s help with coding

however, Barbie is a great spy.  She puts tons of   Adware Tracking Cookies in your browser…   the long list below only shows  some of  her tracking cookies I  blocked:


 I think she can make living by selling the information she collected, but she said she would not sell you down the river.  Take a look at a  part of Barbie’s  Webpage  “Privacy Policy” — NO,  Barbie did not write these policies, its written by the Geo.yahoo that offers Barbie tracking services,   Barbie adopts the policies when she plants its cookies in your browser

Barbie has dozens & dozens of adware tracking cookies, notorious doubleclick, Adteches, etc. are all among them, check out their privacy policies when next time you visit Barbie’s website.

Adware and tracking cookies make your web browsers’ performance horrible,  that’s why many of us can not browse the BFC forum and Barbie website without glitches.  the more you guard your privacy, the more difficulties you have with the crappy site. as you can see, I have a long block list..

how these tracking cookies help Barbie to make sales grow?    I see Warnings from my IE browser all the time: “Mattel wants to track your physical location, allow it once?”    I asked: “What differences does it make if I’m in New York or Shanghai, my shopping cart is locked,  I cant buy anything anyway”  — oh, not really,  I figured out a workaround to complete the check-out process, its better Barbie does not know how I did it,  she wont like it.

Is Barbie capable of logic thinking?! no, she is plastic.


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Anyone out there wants a free Barbie Doll Forum?

Posted by helen on September 28, 2017

I’m so fed up with the BFC forum, it has lots glitches and is so very hard to navigate, I don’t understand why Mattel has to use this outdated “Pluck” software–this company is out of business years ago, without updates, it wont cooperate with newer browsers.

If Mattel does not want to spend money on new software, then, there are lots of free forum that are very user-friendly.. To prove, I set up one…

I don’t think I have the energy to manage a forum, I can’t even keep my blog alive… so if someone is interested in this free board, its yours, I’ll hand it over to you… take a look, its free and it has Chat room, too! Even if you want to be a premium member, it only costs $10 per year. I think its good enough you just stay as free.

so if you have a little group of friends who need a place to discuss dolls and like to chat online, this board is perfect…

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Barbie can’t do the Math

Posted by helen on September 25, 2017

We know Barbie complained “Math is hard”,  but I m so not happy  that she does not make any efforts to improve herself. and I have to pay for her mistakes.

The other day I ordered a doll with a $10 off discount code, before I clicked on “complete order”, it showed the total was $66, but after I submitted my order, my card was charged for $76.

I didn’t really believe this happened, so I tried again today, here is the screenshots:   each page shows different amount,  I can not tell what would  be the exact amount Barbie wants to charge me if I push the “complete order” button

“view shopping cart” –it shows the  estimated total is  $30.05

Moving on to  “payment”,  you can see the total amount  has increased to $40.


one more click, it goes to the “order review” page, the amount jumps from $40 to $54.38:


at this point, I wouldn’t try to push the “complete order” button,  it may become $64 …   that was what happed to my last order,  on  the “complete order” page,  it showed the total was $66, after I submitted the order,  it became $76.

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Happy Fall!

Posted by helen on September 22, 2017

Summer has ended. Barbie Celebrates the First day of Fall.

This is the “Blush & Gold” Doll:

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