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Cinderella’s Wedding Day

Posted by helen on May 21, 2018

there are many Cinderella movies have been made,  no one really knows in which era Cinderella lived.  The newest movie has a modern wedding dress designed for her.  My Barbie now owns it.

I think Mattel’s new “Faraway Kingdom Bride” should have had a dress with grass & flowers, as the Bride is supposed to be the “Maid of the Meadow”.




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Love is in the air…

Posted by helen on May 20, 2018

Did you hear the Wedding bell ring?  here comes the bride:

I did not watch the Royal Wedding, after I woke up on Saturday morning, I googled for a few close-up photos.

I don’t love the dress, I don’t hate the dress, I like it better than Princess Diana’s dress.

I suppose I could choose a fashionista doll that has a modern face, but I think Silkstone Barbie has the best body to wear the dress.

Barbie wore it better, the dress fits and hugs her body,

one Twitter user tweeted her wedding picture: “Phone hopping asking did Megan borrow her wedding dress from me” I took a look,  well, she wore the same dress as the Royal bride! here is her picure

Am I surprised? not at all. if you flip through old  “Simplicity Pattern” Book, you can find a bunch of similar dresses. you may call it “outdated” or “timeless”, your choice.

I remember when KellyAnn Conway wore this so called “Gucci” coat to Trump’s Inaugural Ball,  people  laughed about it, as it  also from “Simplicity” My friend Lisa said: if you know how to copy, you’ll be a great fashion designer. lol

Many Fashion experts have commented that Meghan’s dress is ill-fitted at waist & bust,  perhaps she lost some weight before wedding


here is the original sketch:


And this is a better one is by Megan Hess


sorry for the lack of activities, I tried to win a few doll wedding dress auctions from eBay,  but either I forgot to bid or the price went to high.  Yesterday I won a Wedding Day Barbie, the price ended really low, I’m not even sure if the seller would ship it or cancel it.  hopefully it will come, so I can continue the wedding photo thread. lol

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Hello, May!

Posted by helen on May 1, 2018

There will be an eye-catching Royal wedding on May 19th, 2018. all the Fashionistas are waiting to see what Wedding Dress the royal bride would wear.

it looks like a great opportunity for “Barbie Signature” to promote its Barbie® Faraway Forest® Fairy Kingdom Wedding Dolls Giftset ($150). I try not to rain the parade, but the set does not look like a wedding at Fairyland, its more like a young couple casually goes to a Fair(market) hand in hand.

I currently don’t have any Barbie wedding dresses, I sold all of them. but I’ll make a new collection this month. so that’s the plan for May.

Barbie is shopping for her Wedding Party:

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Flashback Friday: Fashion Editor

Posted by helen on April 27, 2018

I wish Barbie still holds a high position in Fashion Industry. she was a Fashion Editor in the early 196os,  two decades before Anna Wintour started working at Vogue.

Here is my Fashion Editor or club meeting  Repro Fashion Set in  Red.

Merry Berry–so delicious, I need some Strawberry smoothie!

Mix & match

Shopping for Ken

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Blush & Bloom

Posted by helen on April 22, 2018

Barbie is taking a stroll  on Sunday afternoon.

A replica of the “Blush & Beauty” dress Coat, with blooming rose prints.

some bad news:

one of the free photo hosting sites I used suddenly shut down. Once again, I lost many photos. I have tried to save some photos last night, but only worked through to the blog entries I posted after April 2016. “Please Pardon our appearances” –You will see tons of Red “X” and bad links on this blog. This would be the 3rd time within 3 years that a free photo hosting site is out of business. I can’t blame any of them, “Free Service is just worth what you paid for”. 🙂

Barbie hired a new CEO, surprised? not at all, I never believed the CEO Mattel hired in last Feb was the right person for the job, the new CEO worked in Media & video game industry, so you understand Mattel still believes “going digital” is the right direction.

we don’t care for the Shero collection, that’s bad for Mattel. but the worst is yet to come: A distant relative of Frida Kahlo sued Mattel over the right to the silly Frida Barbie doll, Mexico court blocked sales of Frida Kahlo Barbie in Mexico. will it be banned in USA market? no answer yet. If you believe the doll will be banned in US market, you may want to hurry up & pre-order her from Amazon or Amazon sellers. She is still $29 at this moment. I wouldn’t bother with her.

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Flashback Friday

Posted by helen on April 20, 2018

Some vintage styled dresses for Fashionable Friday:

Cotton Casual:



Black/white (bad hair day)

Lets Dance

Swing Easy

Orange Blossom

Pretty as A picture




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Me N My Doll Skipper

Posted by helen on April 7, 2018

I don’t know how many siblings Barbie has,  I know  Skipper is one of them, but she has never impressed me, I would say I like little Kelly much better –Kelly reminds me of Shirley Temple.

I made the “Me N My Doll” Fashion Set for my  poor Skipper to match Barbie’s “Dancing Doll”  dress.  now  my April Calendar  has come to life.

I thought I’d finish this dress within 2 hours, but it dragged on for 2 days.  as these extra little things made me lose patience.  I looked through eBay sellers’ pictures and found the dress comes with a petticoat. unbelievable! so I had to make it–even the dress doesn’t really need a underskirt. nowadays even a collectible doll like Silkstone black dress does not have a petticoat. oh, there is a pair of white socks, too.  its just too tedious…

I went to TRU looking for a Miniature doll, and found a 2″ Miniature American Girl suits perfectly, its made by Mattel, too.   The mini doll is more poseable than Skipper.  her arms open, legs move,  Skipper has this stiff body, she can only stand straight.

I probably should give the mini doll rooted hair, but I’m done.  no more needles and threads,  its time for TV news,  I want to watch how Trump Tower caught fire twice within 3 months (Jan 8 & April 7, 2018)

All the higgledy-piggledy (oh, well, I forgot to throw in the hairband)

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Its April

Posted by helen on April 1, 2018

The first quarter of 2018 ended,  I have not bought any newly released Barbie.  I almost hate dolls like Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, Shero…  these are not collectible fashion dolls, they are playline dolls with collectible price tags.

I keep digging the “Trash N Treasure” boxes instead of browsing Barbie’s online stores.

This dress,  a Vintage Repro #1626 Dancing Doll,  was also purchased at Barbie Convention 2015. I have never put it on my dolls before.  This is the first time my Barbie wearing it.

Skipper has a matching dress “Me N my doll” –I don’t have it, perhaps I should make a repro for skipper.

Now, let’s swing into spring!

Happy April.

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Happy Easter

Posted by helen on April 1, 2018

Barbie goes to  Easter Parade, her floral fashion style is inspired by Legendary Fashion Illustrator René Gruau (1901-2004) & Moschino Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Runway.

if you like Traditional or Vintage style, here we are back to 60s “swing easy”:

Happy Easter Sunday!

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Fashion Ave — Mint Classic Fashion

Posted by helen on March 27, 2018

I found this “Fashion Avenue Classic Mint Fashion Pack”  yesterday in one of my “Treasure or Trash” boxes,

I bought this pack at Barbie Convention. the color matches my travel doll’s hair perfectly. Its a smart design—the credit goes to the Pattern Maker, very simple pattern, yet still fit (fit TNT 1966 body),  the straight line cutting makes the sewing job easy.  however, the low-quality black ribbon trim at the bottom hem looks incredibly cheap,  it  ruined the whole thing.

A little alteration to replace the cheap ribbon with New black fabric border & green lace trim:

Doll  enjoys her new dress & spring time:

since I admire the cleverness of the  pattern-maker so much, I replicated one in white


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