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Little Red Dress –Barbie Loves Dior

Posted by helen on February 13, 2015

This iconic red dress was from  Christian Dior 1956 collection “Opera Bouffe”,  Dior then made Replicas in Pink & Black  in 2013.

The dress took much more time than I wanted to spend.  There are many layers under the skirt. I was going to make a self-fabric Rose, but the fabric is too thick, so I used Ribbon instead. It turned out very pretty.

its Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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Sweet Deals

Posted by helen on February 13, 2015

I said I have not purchased any new dolls  recently, but I just bought 6 of them from BarbieCollector.com as soon as its Valentine’s Day Sales began


Ironically,  I received the Payment Declined Notice from Barbie Collector within 5 minutes after I placed order.  Then I remembered my CC company canceled that card but Issued a new one 2 weeks ago,   this is what the Credit Card Company has to say:

We are sending you a new MasterCard that will replace your card ending in XXXX,  This is a precaution we are taking to help protect your funds in light of an account review that indicates you made a purchase at a retailer that has recently announced a data compromise.  Please note that we are not affiliated with this retailer and do not have specific evidence that your account has been compromised. This is an extra layer of security to help you avoid any potential risks.

I wish I were told which Retail it was.   Target? Kmart? Walmart? Amazon?  Best Buy? or  even BC? it leaves me wonder.   perhaps it was just a computer system glitch, then the CC company sent out thousands of new cards…

Anyway, I had to Call BarbieCollector, so I can save my order and the $20 BFC member reward. Okay, no more doll orders until another “20% off” sales in the 2nd quarter.

Happy Friday, the 13th, Everyone! lol





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Little Bubble Dress

Posted by helen on February 12, 2015

I have not posted much since the New Year began. b/c the interest in Barbie dolls is dying day by day, I have not bought a single new release from Barbie Collector: not lady of white woods, not shamrock celebration, not lady of haunted manor … nothing at all.

Mattel is releasing a new “little Red Dress” AA Silkstone soon,  photos of this doll showed up 2 months ago on a dealer’s website. Yesterday BFC posted sneak peeks.  she is just another disappointment. 2015 Silkstone dolls look like Mattel designers are not there, ETSY & eBay amateur sewers took place and did the design works for them.

I heard the little Red Dress will be $85, the Brunette Wearing Pink Ensemble will be $125. if that’s true, these dolls will stay in Mattel’s WI warehouse until next Black Friday’s Clearance Sales.

I have a little piece of Aqua chiffon, not enough to make a fuller skirt, but its good to make a mini skirt,  so here comes my Little Bubble Dress…  I’ll send this dress  to  URBFC club as a part of our large group donations to 2015 Barbie Convention Raffle Room.

Little Bubble Dress

little bubble dress

perhaps I should try other colors. I’ll have to see what I have in my fabric cartons.

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showing love….

Posted by helen on January 27, 2015

we are facing snowstorms…. posting a few pictures to lift up spirits…

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Throwback Thursday –Calendar Girl

Posted by helen on January 22, 2015

I made the doll pictured below  in Sept. 2010.  The Sketch was featured in 2011 BMFC Calendar.  I think I should make a doll out of Barbie Calendar each month, would it be fun?

of course, not every sketch can be turned into a beautiful doll. some sketches only look good as sketches

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Mix & Match –Pink Pastel

Posted by helen on January 16, 2015

After seeing this sketch online, many people think the outfits are similar to the “Movie Mixer”

No, the silhouette is very different, but we have seen the capelet from “DULCISSIMA”, “Movie Mixer” or “ravishing in rouge”.

Let me put your curiosity & painful waiting to the end! here comes “Pink Mixer”!

Adding a Little Drama:

I think Mattel will not offer this doll a Purse or hat.
Pink Mixer

Of course, this is a “Prototype” made by me. We’ll see if Mattel has better production dolls.

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Ringing in the New Year

Posted by helen on January 1, 2015

I think I’d post something on the New Year’s Day to mark a beginning of a fresh year.

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Swinging into 2015

Posted by helen on December 31, 2014

My local TV News says that 60% people think they had a successful 2014. May all of you continue to be successful in 2015.

I have not made any new doll dresses lately, but my e-Cards have always been more popular than my doll dresses.  and the best part? — you can send them to your friends without paying postage….

I suppose I should make the “Lets Dance” (Swing Easy) dress, I saw Blue and Green version on eBay, I wonder if Mattel ever make it in other colors.  Pink & Red?

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Make a Cake with Barbie…

Posted by helen on December 31, 2014

I woke up to this eMail from a Friend who wishes me a Happy New Year… I thought I’d share with you, just in case you like to bake cakes, this is quite inspirational

Sorry, I had to steal some “bandwith”. lol if the pictures don’t show up, here is the link to its original site:


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Ready for the New Year?

Posted by helen on December 29, 2014

need my advices? don’t make any New Year Resolutions, just Dance away 2014 and welcome a year of New.

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