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TokiJoki Platinum: Pleasure or Torture

Posted by helen on September 13, 2015

The newly released Tokidoki  Platinum doll is the talk of the town. some call it  “TokiJoki”  –Joki is “Joke” in Latvian.

I was asked to air my opinions, so I am stepping on the soap box , lol

1. The Doll: The package &  body tattoos  look colorful,  the color palette is nice, too.  but the design  of the doll is simple, her hairstyle, dress, facial paint all can be done by an amateur without  professional trainings.  The bodice of the dress is a piece of stretchy sequined fabric with a plastic “bra” (the same plastic form that comes with playline fashion pack) underneath to keep shape.  not much  tailoring or  sewing work is needed.

2. Why Platinum?
Ultra Limited edition carries a sense of immediacy and exclusivity, When Demand is 10 times greater than Supply, Barbie stirs up a storm among the collectors and catches all the attention–possibly new potential customers who would extend the market.

The driving force to pursuit a platinum doll may come from the sense of pride of having rare dolls in one’s collections; the love of the doll design itself, or the desire to make profits on the 2ndary market… whichever it is, the enthusiasm is good for a brand.

3. Is it a Fair Game?

Pre-registration, lottery, changing sales time to midnight, opening to BFC member only… you name it, people have different “fair” ideas but..
There is NO “fair-to-everyone” way to distribute 999 dolls if 9,999 people want it. you may say, “I m a paid member”, someone may say, “I don’t pay $25 membership, but I spend $2500 on BC website every year…”

Life is not fair, Prince George and Princess Charlotte could buy out all 999 platinum or Mattel may want to give them for free and you have to compete with thousands of other shoppers to have Mattel accept your hard-earn $75
Life is fair, everyone has his chances. all crowds flood to the same bug-filled website TheBarbieCollection.com

4. What Happened?
Mattel played a little head game with collectors: “Treasure Hunt” , the purpose was to slow you down and make the “check-out” procedure easier for others. if thousands of shoppers hit the check-out at the same time, the site may crash, so Mattel sent you on a hunting trip. if you took the trick, most likely, you didn’t stand a chance to get the doll. people who fully understood the purpose of “hunting” did not hunt. hunter Vs. hacker (well, I can not call them hackers, it doesn’t need that much high IQ lol)

5. Where were you?
I saw many postings on BFC forum such as “I stayed in waiting room over night” “I was sent to buy the Pink Label, not the Platinum label” — you were not in the right waiting room. BC loaded a Clock Countdown page,  some people kept the page open until the sales began. but that page would not automatically lead you to the right waiting room & right doll, it would go to the Tokidoki Product page. There was a hidden Countdown page opened at the same time, you could see <title>the Barbie Collection Waiting Room<title> in the source files — that was the right page would ultimately lead you to the Platinum doll.

6. Should you be upset?
you have the right to be upset as you didn’t get what you truly wanted. but how crazy should you go?  Making phone calls  to harass  BC customer Service Reps;  threatening BFC you will not join the Fan Club next year; cursing eBay sellrs or praising how FR dolls are better than Barbie…. these are unnecessary.  You probably have one thousand dolls in your house and you’ve never had time to take a second look at them after your purchases,  you really don’t need another doll.   Besides, if you keep crying  for not  seeing today’s Sunset, you’ll be missing out tonight’s Moonrise.   So,   you need to patch up the pieces of your  “broken heart”  and figure out how you can do better when next platinum comes around.

7. Epic Fail or Great Success
Different perspectives: many collectors who failed to obtain the doll called it “Epic Fail”, Mattel Sales Team might have a celebration party: all the dolls were sold, the site did NOT crash –it was a great victory.

8. True/Real Collectors Vs. Scalpers
We see the hatred towards eBay sellers who try to sell the platinum doll at higher prices, some people label themselves as “True (real) Collectors”, eBay sellers as “Scalpers” .

Platinum Barbie is a collectible item, what kinds of buyers make up a collectible market? 2 types of them:

  • a. collecting the item for their own pleasure (enjoyment)
  • b. collecting the item for profitable Resale (Investment)

They both help to form and boost Barbie Market; you are not more decent only b/c you take the dolls to your grave and never sell them, an eBay seller has no less integrity only b/c he treats Barbie like Stocks on Wall Street. its a free market.  it would be different if he steals bread and milk from your plate for sale  and leave you to  starve to death.

you may blame & hate “scalpers”, the question is, can Barbie afford to lose them? I don’t know if Mattel’s marketing experts study how important 2ndary market is to collectible Barbie, I am guessing the brand would lose 20%-30% annual sales without the 2ndary market sellers’ help with quick turnarounds.  Many dealers, toy stores and department stores have dropped Collectible Barbie for good, eBay and amazon sellers help to reach unreachable. have you sold dolls on eBay to buy new dolls? if you have, it also counts as a contribution the 2ndary market made to Barbie sales. Without an active 2ndary market, not a single Collectible item can survive in long term. .

There is always a limit, how much is too much, let market decide. when a seller puts a $4,750 tag on a $75 doll,  he also puts a “Greed” label on  his own face, that is not a pretty image, and it hurts business.

Mattel needs to keep balance between these 2 types of collectors when there are conflicts.  the goal is to keep them both around.  Like any business, “Scalpers” have risks, too, we get angry when “Scalpers” sell dolls at high prices,  but how many times we bought the dolls at much lower prices from them? I remember an eBay seller bought a bunch of Mackie’s Banana doll, but none of them was re-sold at high prices. so he lost some money  If 9 out of 10 dolls the sellers buy  from Mattel are not profitable, they will lose interests and leave.  Sometimes Mattel should manipulate the market and let them make a little  profits.

Take the 50th Skipper doll as an example,  if other stores got the inventory at the same time as BC did, not long after, this doll would not have given an impression “hard-to-get” or “sold out”, as 2ndary market sellers had plenty of her to go around. She wasn’t really sold out…more were on the way..  Was the decision to make a consoling doll (Brunette) necessary? My personal opinion is NO, Mattel should have moved on to other dolls, and leave the Skipper to the 2ndary Market sellers. now neither the blonde nor the brunette is worth much, a saturated market is never good for collectibles. its important to leave room for demand & desire.

As a buyer,  a doll is  only worth as much as you like to pay for it,  you have  more power than sellers

9. The Future
I presume Mattel will continue offering Platinum dolls.   if you have tried many times but never had A chance to acquire one, perhaps you need to improve your techniques.  A few things you can do

  • Be informative and resourceful: make sure you know the time and date the doll will go on sale, if its not an exclusive, you should also check out the distribution channels. Many collectors  were unable to obtain the doll during BC sales on Sept 1, but they got their 2nd chance on Sept. 8th, when TRU online put her on sale around 4PM EST, some people ordered it from Harrods online and some ordered from French Amazon, etc.
  • Be prepared: The BC site does not run smoothly, when a big sales comes,  you need to find out if your can navigate the site without issues. you may also want to set up quick check-out to speed up your purchase. I always run a test on the night before the platinum sales. when Tokidoki went on sale, I tried to help a friend by sending her the link to the purple doll, she tried 10 minutes but was not able to check out on her phone and laptop. the doll was in her shopping cart, the system repeatedly bumped her out and asked her to sign in again & again.  then the sales was over. she might have been able to check-out if she cleared caches and cookies before sales started.
  • Stay connected: its an internet era, you may be not internet sassy, but if you have 1000 Facebook friends, then, one dozen of them may be quite knowledgeable at what to do. if you are in the online groups, many group members post updates constantly, following  BFC’s tweets on Twitter helps, too.
  • Arrange a Trade: if you have tons of older issues at home, you can easily find many of them have the same market value as the new Platinum,  arrange a trade with someone who has the Platinum but prefers to have the older issue to trade with,
  • Keep Calm & be optimistic: It’s just a doll… there will always be a better doll waiting for you in the future.  and appreciate what you have—the Pink Tokidoki is so much fun:

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Fluffy Floret

Posted by helen on August 15, 2015

After more than a decade of abuse,  my aged camera finally refused to work for me on my 2nd day at Barbie Convention. I dropped it on the hotel floor twice.  now it’s completely dead.

2 new cameras arrived. Both are “point & shoot”, no Manuel Mode :(

Some testing shots:

Under the natural lights:

The Dress style comes from an illustration Robert Best did for Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2015 fundraising ADs.

under A 75 WT bulb in my kitchen, without flash

with Flash:

not so bad. it meets my basic needs.

The Camera is in Pink, that’s not b/c I bought it for Barbie who loves Pink,


as you can see,  Pink costs $9 less than silver– which is the color I preferred. with this $9 saving, I bought an Insurgent Tris Barbie, she was on clearance sale at Target,  $7.48,  after sales Tax, she is still under $9. :)

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Posted by helen on July 20, 2015

Seafoam green, a soft & soothing shade is like a breeze to cool down a hot summer day…

“Tribute Doll” is perfect for the dress:

Notice the background? that’s the famous Coco Chanel Staircase,

Quote: “During the fashion shows, which took place down stairs, Gabrielle Chanel would sit on the staircase. Thanks to the mirrors she could see everything taking place, but no one could see her. She wanted to know the immediate reaction, if the journalists and clients were pleased with the collection”

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who wore it best?

Posted by helen on July 18, 2015

Joan Holloway

Fashionable Floral:

Market Day:

I think “Floral” wore it better.

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Barbie Collector: Summer Blockbuster Promotion

Posted by helen on July 16, 2015

Barbie Collector is having “Summer blockbuster promotions”, I have not posted sales for quite some time, since the BFC bulletin board is down and some people have problems to receive newsletters from Barbie Collector, I thought I’d post.
the discounted price will show after you add items to your cart.
Ballet Wishes $15.99
FAO Schwarz Barbie® Doll $18.74
Fan BingBing $22.49
Zuhair Murad Barbie $45
DIVERGENT TRIS & Four $11.24
Hunger Games $14.99
OZ Fantasy Glamour Dorothy $59.99– she is still too much. she is worth no more than $34 in my book, I saw this doll at last Barbie Convention, the color of her gown is nicer than the promo picture, but the word “glamorous” is overused and devalued by BC. Nothing glamour, she is a small town girl goes to a big ball with a gown made out of her mother’s organza kitchen curtain in such a hurry (the dress is unhemmed). okay, end of my critiques

and …

Happy Shopping –Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or more KeyCode: A29595

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random photos…

Posted by helen on July 15, 2015

posting some photos to keep this blog alive….

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Pop Art Part I: Tokidoki

Posted by helen on July 11, 2015

the 2016 Barbie Convention theme will be Pop Art. I think its more interesting than the 2015 Theme “A star is Barbie” –I actually found the Broadway theme Boring & uninspiring… so I felt a great relief after my struggle with the raffle Doll “Ophelia”… now its time for some fun & delightful projects.



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2015 URBFC Raffle Doll Barbie Stars in “Hamlet” as Ophelia

Posted by helen on July 9, 2015

Convention is fast approaching, for all you Raffle Room “Gamblers”, Here comes our Star who needs some of your Raffle tickets, of course, it only takes one ticket to win…

The 2015 convention theme is “A star is Barbie”, our Barbie stars in the “Hamlet”, the most popular play of all time.

The original doll was “Fiorella”, donated by our generous club member Cynthia , then, I had the honor to be her “Art Director”, “Stage Setup Manager”, “Costume Designer”, “Hair Stylist” “Makeup Artist” …. any other titles Have I missed? ooooh, I’m her “Travel Agent”, too, I’ll have to transport her to the Raffle room … :( but I am thinking to mail her to the hotel if it is safe..

so, the curtain is up, Barbie is on the stage, under the spotlights:
Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5,
Ophelia’s Flowers

“Look at my flowers. There’s rosemary, that’s for remembering. Please remember, love. And there are pansies, they’re for thoughts…And here’s a daisy, for unhappy love. I’d give you some violets, flowers of faithfulness, but they all dried up when my father died. They say he looked good when he died. (sings) For good sweet Robin is all my joy…. ”

Her dress is made of Aqua blue Chiffon & Pastel-colored Floral Georgette, I chose Ophelia for Barbie to play as I have fond memories watching this old black/white movie as a child, I thought the actress Jean Simmons who played Ophelia was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.. the sadness of seeing her floating in the river with flowers lingered in my mind forever

Many famous actresses have played Ophelia, Vivien Leigh, Kate Winslet, Helena Bonham Carter…. now its time for Barbie to bring Ophelia to live…

Happy Convention & good luck with your Raffle Tickets. remember, our club donation is a large lot, the doll is only a part of it.

A photo of Ophelia from 1948 Film “Hamlet”

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Happy 4th

Posted by helen on July 4, 2015

Happy 4th!

Happy Barbie Convention, too!

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Happy July

Posted by helen on July 1, 2015

As the Barbie convention fast approaching, I am getting anxiety attack, I have done nothing for the convention, I found the theme uninspiring. its hard for me to do things I am not interested in. when I was at our club meeting last month, a few friends told me they have canceled their Convention registrations after seeing the convention doll “spotlight on Broadway”, but they are still going to the convention to do “Room Sales” –Aren’t they smart? Making money instead of spending money

June was an uneventful month for my dolls. I did not buy a single doll even there were some great sales, I managed to stay away from them…

Hope July will be more productive than June.

Happy July!

Desktop: (1280pixelsx80opixels for wide screen)

Happy July

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