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Poseable Redhead Silkstone

Posted by helen on March 15, 2016

Repainted Lavender Luxe Doll head on 2016 Poseable Silkstone Body.

With Better boots:

I didn’t like the lavender luxe doll head,  it was huge. I heated it up, squeezed it,  froze it… did everything I know  to reduce the size .  Hair is a little too short for a ponytail, but I managed.





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Boucle Beauty Again

Posted by helen on March 14, 2016

I posted Boucle Beauty in Last May before Mother’s Day, she was defective, after some cosmetic surgeries,  she was adopted.

I missed her after she left.  so I purchased another one after seeing she was discounted. The new one did not have broken eyebrows but still had crooked eyeliners and a big head…  she also received a cosmetic surgery…

When I compare these photos, I think my old camera took much sharper pictures…  I m thinking to buy back the old model Cannon PowerShot  ???? –cant remember the Model number. lol

Mattel Original:




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My Spring Fantasy

Posted by helen on March 8, 2016

here comes my $9.99 Fantasy… the “Endless Hair Kingdom” Lea.  it took me some time to get the glues out of her head, and I put her on the Cinderella Body.. I should have made her a new dress,  but she looks perfect in this Water Lily Gown.

This photo was taken by a different camera, I wanted to see which camera works better.  neither of them works well… They both are cheap “point & shoot” cameras.


The Original actually has a very pretty face. If you want her, she is available on Walmart & Target Websites. if you can find her at TRU, she would be 25% off this week. but it shows “out of stock” on TRU website at this moment.

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Made To Move

Posted by helen on March 4, 2016

if you like  articulated dolls, Made to Move dolls probably are your best playmates. Even I m not a great fan of articulations, I bought a bunch  b/c Toys R Us offered buy one get the 2nd one 50% off.

I think  the name “Made to Move” comes from  a series of Osteo Bi-Flex Commercial ADs:  “Made to Move”

These  dolls’ prices are great, but I can not appreciate the wax glue inside the dolls’ heads.  So, they all had head surgeries, I placed new heads on these bodies.

Grace buying a new dress for Skipper:

Steffie’s Shoe Obsessions:

Midge (Diva) & Christie are working out:

The Christie Twin Sisters:

Barbie & her Honey

It seems that everyone has rushed into Paris,  only becuase I am too lazy to change the background:

These dolls have great “Play” Value.




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Happy March

Posted by helen on March 1, 2016

This girl surfaced unexpectedly, so I’ll let her turn the page of my calendar,  Happy March!

if you don’t know her, she is a part of the  “Stardoll by Barbie” group, released in 2011 by Mattel.


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more poseable silkstone dolls

Posted by helen on February 27, 2016

making lemonade out of lemons… she is what she is, no matter how you don’t like her joints, she is here to stay. but if all her joints are covered, she looks just fine.

being Sporty

‘Paris holiday” instead of “Roman Holiday”

Love “small town” that’s  so neat & quiet. you don’t see large crowds on the streets:

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Back to Basic —Standing Still

Posted by helen on February 24, 2016

The New  “2016 Poseable Classic Black Dress doll ” is now on a Fashionable Floral Doll’s Body.

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Water Lily & Water Sprite

Posted by helen on February 22, 2016

I was asked if I was going to buy the Water Sprite doll, I said “No”.

The reason is very simple, she is $100, but the whole look is like an addition to the “Endless Hair Kingdom” Playline Dolls.

I probably would have liked her if her costumes were not made of cheapest sequined knit (3 yards for $1.00 in the mass market).
I m not a “the older the better” person when it comes to Barboe dolls, but in this Case, older dolls like “Water Lily”, “Reflection of Light”, are much better designs. the dolls are dressed to the theme.  The custom-printed fabric has beautiful textures and watercolors, they are “collectible”.  The designer does not have to tell you the doll’s name is “water lily” but you know it.  The “Water Sprite” doll has a tacky dress says nothing about “water Sprite”,   the dress looks like a part of  the”City Shine,  Metallic Collection”

if only the Water Sprite  Doll wore Water Lily    Doll’s dress…

the recent $100 Barbie dolls really don’t live up to their price tags.

Same As Water Lily, Water Sprite is a very common freshwater aquarium plant, also called Water Fern.  the pretty look of this plant should give any designers  some inspirations…

Endless Hair Kingdom  doll is $9.99 each:

All right, I m just going to show you a picture of the fabric swatches, the knit fabric on the left is what the Water Sprite Doll’s dress made of. the fabric on the right is Water Lily doll’s gown. I think back in the old days, Mateel took their design more seriously, so the fabric was custom-designed to fit the theme. Now Mattel & its design team only want to make the most Money without cost a thing.

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Eva Chen’s Street Style

Posted by helen on February 20, 2016

I should have made a leather jacket for her  just like Mattel did for her. but I am being lazy. a tank top is  so much easier to do..

Eva Chen was  Lucky  Magazine’s editor in chief .  she now works for Instagram.

I’m not going to cut my dolls hair short. Obviously, Eva Chen needs to make a trip to see Nick Arrojo.

behind the sun shades, it is this little face:


This is Mattel’s OOAK Set to celebrate “Power of Women, only the Ava DuVernay Doll made into production). These dolls are pretty simple “playline” dolls,   I have no idea  if they would make great sales if these dolls were made into playline or pink label,  not “platinum label”.


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2016 Poseable Silkstone

Posted by helen on February 16, 2016

Some people Love her, some people hate her, she is now up for you to  judge.

the main reason people don’t love her is  b/c her elbows look ugly. the way  how her forearms and upper arms are jointed is not the best, there must be better designs.

she is very skinny,  much more skinny than me for sure. lol   In the last few pictures,  she is wearing old silkstone’s Gloves. The gloves tightly fit the old Silkstone dolls, but  are way too big for her. so you know how skinny her arms are.

Here she comes!

In her Little Black Dress Robert Best designed for her. Many people think the dress is too modern, actually, this is a 1958 Dior surplice dress. then copied by many designers. perhaps the boots made the dress look modern

Belated Valentine’s Day Pictures:

Shop Till You Drop, and Go Green, too.

Browsing internet

Online Shopping

“A good Catch” LITTLE Tee

Grand Entrance

Its my party, please “Bear” with me, lol

her “poseability” is very limited. all the joints are very tight, maybe that’s b/c she is new. I am afraid I may break her legs & arms. a black rubber band is used to string her legs together, I am almost sure the rubber band will be broken as time goes by.

Mattel probably never dreamt that so many people would be so negative about this little doll. if you are a BFC member, you probably have read all the comments.

I am not a big fan of articulations, but I have all kinds of Mattel’s articulated dolls, from Model Muse Pivotal to Made to Move, I bought them all. but I don’t pose them much.

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