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My Barbies

I love my dolls…


21 Responses to “My Barbies”

  1. mollyen peace said

    I counted my barbie’s and I have 342 of them…….

    • you have some pretty barbie dolls, i am a collector too. but your material for the outfits is beautiful. cant get that kind around here. any rate yours are pretty.

  2. Helen said

    I’m enjoying reading about your dolls! I’d love to know – where do you keep them all?

    I’ve ‘only’ got about 80 I think, but I’m really struggling to find room for them. Think I’ll have to put up some more shelves.

  3. dollsaga said

    I debox most of my dolls to save spaces. I also remove all the bracelets, earrings, and separate my dolls and their cloth to prevent fabric colors from bleeding into the dolls’ bodies. all of my nude dolls are kept in paper cartons, cartons are piled up in 3 closets and 2 cabinents, a few of them are on the floor. Each cartons can have up to 40 dolls. I dont want my rooms full of Barbies, so I constantly sell off old dolls if I get new ones in

  4. mia said

    i have 90 barbie’s

  5. blue barbie said

    Where did you get those barbies with the blua and pink hair? Did you costomize them yourself??? I wish i could buy one haha!!!

  6. CHOL said

    Where did u get all those gorgeous dolls and dresses did you make those dresses how’d u make it

  7. CHOL said

    those dresses are really expensive

  8. CHOL said

    i have a barbie that looks like yours but its hair is BRUNETTE BUBBLE CUT it is also mattel

  9. Itzy said

    I have 180 barbies, all from garage sales, thrift stores. I have it in suitcases, but I would like to display in bookcases, that is my plan. I crochet dress for them.

  10. Cindy said

    Helen you have a very lovely doll collection!!!!

  11. Angie said

    i wish i could collect again. i used to, but then i sold all my fairytopia dolls (those are what i collected; mostly fantasy theme dolls), and i want to start collecting them again. i just don’t seem to be able to find any for sale, wherever i look. 😦

  12. Gretchen said

    Hi, Helen
    I love your dolls too. I specially liked ‘Elvira’. How long did it take you to make the costume?

    • dollsaga said

      Thank you Gretchen.it took a few hours to make the costumes, I had to find different things from different places, so it took much more time finding things, you know, browsing in the stores or online to find fabric, faux leather, the sword, accessories, etc.

  13. Gretchen said

    Well, it was well worth it. It’s just fabulous. So are the rest of your dolls. Thank you for posting them; I really enjoyed looking at them.

  14. What a beautiful collection you have – may you enjoy them forever!

  15. Lucimar said

    Hi Hellen. My name is Lucimar. I’m living in Brazil and I saw your collection. Congratulations!!!!! All details are very beautiful!!!!! Thank you for to stimulate the creation for other people. Hugs. Lucimar

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