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I feel nostalgic

Posted by helen on February 25, 2021

#TBT Throwback Thursday

Mattel officially ended “Barbie Fashion Model Collection” (BFMC) in 2020. It caused a storm among its loyal fans. but Mattel was more than ready to move on since the line had not been selling well for years.

The Silkstone material is still being used to create new production lines, such as Mattel 75th Anniversary Swimsuit Barbie60th Anniversary Ken and the “Pink Collection” that starts with “Ruffle Shuffle”  To me, these silkstone dolls are less interesting.

 I started collecting BFMC in late 2009, I missed a lot of great dolls from the 1st decade of BFMC.  Look at the 2006 production line–I wonder how it was like to be a Silkstone collector in 2006? it had to be really exciting–you’d get something new every month!  I only have Highland Fling and the Waitress –as by the time I started collecting silkstone dolls, the great ones were already expensive, so I only got the two cheapest from eBay.


I miss the excitement in the old days. I was buying dolls every week. those days wont be back, but I have plenty of dolls to play with. I plan to make some vintage styled dresses for my silkstone dolls.  here is my Interview doll wearing my Repro “Japanese Exclusive On the Go Sheath”. Believe or not, the originals cost $795 on eBay  I dont know if people really would pay that much for a used doll dress. I would not.  


I wonder if Mattel will continue to use silkstone material to make Repro dolls after the 60th Anniversary Ken.

5 Responses to “I feel nostalgic”

  1. I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for a doll dress either. I already spend more on their wardrobes than I do on my own:-).

  2. Becky said

    As always, Helen, your work is fantastic. It makes me happy to see your creativity. Take care.

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