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Happy Easter

Posted by helen on April 12, 2020

Happy Easter to everyone!
Although I live in New York, the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am “as safe as yesterday is”

However, most of the stores are closed, only grocery stores remain open. we are ordered to stay home, Social gatherings are banned. If we do need to go out such as making a trip to buy food & necessities,  we’ll have to wear face masks and practice social distancing–keep 6 feet away from other people.  Supermarkets only allow a limited number of customers to enter the store, you have to wait outside the store until someone finishes shopping and comes out, then you can enter. Since this is such a populous city, you can imagine the wait at the store entrance is long.

So, kids are not allowed to egg-hunt today. This  Easter Bunny House was set up in a nearby park a month ago, the house stands but no one is around. Poor Bunnies feel lonely.


but CoronaVirus does not stop the arrival of a brand new spring. flowers are blooming, birds are singing.




If you think everyone follows the executive order and stays home, you are wrong. many people ignore the rules, I’ve never seen the benches in this tiny park empty, there are people all the time.


This arrogant dude, completely ignores the orders & rules. he doesn’t wear a mask or practice Social Distancing. There was a long line in front of a Deli yesterday afternoon, he skipped the line and waltzed in to the store.  When confronted about it, he replied: “How about I just get my coffee & go, then you wont have a problem” What an Asshole! 


Thankfully, most people in my community are law-abiding citizens, many of them are doing good deeds for others.

I wish the Crisis will be soon over,  the anxiety & financial stress caused by #CoronaVirus is so much worse than the Virus itself. the Suicide Rate climbed 35%.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching the Epidemics in history, I learned the Great Plagues, the Spanish Flu, HIV/AIDS, SARS, Ebola, etc…  these are Great Lessons to learn, it helps to understand & cope with CoronaVirus. 

Stay Safe & Stay healthy, everyone!


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