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Posted by helen on February 6, 2020

Barbie Signature 2020 Production line

The first 4 dolls have been released, you can find them in the market. I have not bought anything.

I may buy the 3 Fashion Model Collection Dolls. but I’ll only make purchases when they are discounted.  the Best in Black doll looks awful in her unfitted Black Dress, she is not at her Best.  the Best To A Tea doll doesnt look promising based on the concept sketch –if you remember the City Chic Blue Suit AA doll, you’ll have to  keep your expectations on this Tea doll really low.


For more information & price references, you may visit one of the deals’ websites:


2 Responses to “Barbie2020”

  1. helen said

    To make the “Best to A Tea” doll work,
    1) the Pattern-maker needs to simplify the pattern and make the sewing work easy.
    2) Choose quality fabric. Yellow is one of the most unpopular colors in the fashion world. the color itself is “hard to sell”, so if the fabric looks as cheap as the City Chic Blue Suit, plus ugly seams and crooked stitches, the doll will be dead on arrival.
    its a very sad ending for Silkstone Fashion Model Collection.

  2. helen said

    a queen can wear yellow, but Barbie cant. b/c Mattel is too cheap.

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