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Proudly Pink

Posted by helen on May 20, 2019

I ordered my Proudly Pink Doll some time ago , she was defective, some black paint on one of her eyes  were chipped off, so I had to do a little repair.


I’m not a fan of her outfits,  too much pink,


deboxed and repainted



She doesn’t have to wear Pink all the time.





8 Responses to “Proudly Pink”

  1. Sarah Eames said

    She looks beautiful! I love your doll.

  2. Barb said

    Love your repaint – She looks much softer.

  3. It’s very poor when you get a brand new supposedly premium doll with a fault like that. I’m not a fan of the outfit or the hair as I don’t like fantasy coloured hair but that’s my personal taste. I do think that if they were going to go with pink hair an outfit in another colour would have set it off better. The all pink just makes her look like a lipstick.

    • helen said

      she indeed looks like a lipstick. I was hoping the next doll would be better, but then, the black & white doll comes, its even more disappointing

  4. I feel as if they are going to milk the collectable market for all they can until sales drop off to a point where they can mothball Barbie and say it was our fault because people don’t like her anymore. Collectors would still love to buy Barbie but not ugly, poor quality ones.

    • helen said

      if you look at Barbie’s Signature store, its almost empty. there are nothing to buy: “find a retail” “notify me” “no longer available” … Mattel already gave up collectable market. it needs to hire new designers (I dont mean the young students who have just graduated from schools), Barbie needs designers who have some market sense as well as talents.

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