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Mod Friends

Posted by helen on February 6, 2019

Mod Friends came home when Walmart discounted them.

Mattel’s repro dolls have never been good sellers, the prices always drop as rotten apples fall from the trees. This set’s price dropped from $80 to $43. But it remains $80 on Barbie’s own website.  I suppose they are for a specific group of collectors who have fond memories of playing these type of dolls in their childhood.

Stacey, wearing “Cool Casuals” 2 piece set


Barbie, wearing “Flower Wower” dress.


Christie, wearing “Tangerine Scene” bodysuit & skirt



7 Responses to “Mod Friends”

  1. It is odd they don’t sell well. I think the Mods had very nice facial colouring and for people who can’t afford vintage or like minty, new looking dolls they are a good way to collect. I’d prefer vintage myself but I’ll take a repro if I can’t afford the original.

    • helen said

      I know many people who collect vintage or Repros do love this set and have bought duplicates or multiples, but its just not enough to digest 6,800 units. most of us have little interests in Vintage or Repros. I have sold all of these 3 dolls but kept their clothes. I prefer modern look. if you look at these large online groups, Fashionistas are the “most collected”. The Barbie Fan club’s photo forums are all about Fashionista dolls now. –actually, the Fan Club has become a playline doll club. Barbie’s customer demographics have changed.

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