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Barbie Signature 2018

Posted by helen on January 1, 2019

When I went through Barbie Signature website early this morning, I was surprised that Barbie released more than 40 signature dolls in 2018, but many collectors and I felt the wait for new dolls was long and there were no dolls for us to buy. Many BFC members couldn’t even find a chance to use their $30 quarterly shop rewards.

here is a list of the dolls that were released after Jan 1, 2018.

1. Barbie® Elegant Rose Cocktail Dress Doll FJH77
2. Barbie™ Midnight Glamour FRN96
3. Barbie® Proudly Pink™ Doll FXD50
4. Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Doll Mondrian GCM97
5. Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Doll Paris Gown FPV66
6. Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Doll Safari FJH71
7. Barbie® Mod Friends Gift Set FRP00
8. Barbie® Faraway Forest® Fairy Kingdom Wedding Gift Set FJH81
9. Unicorn Goddess™ Barbie® Doll FJH82
10. Barbie® Styled by Iris Apfel Doll #1 AA FWJ27
11. Barbie® Styled by Iris Apfel Doll #2 FWJ28
12. Barbie® Styled by Marni Senofonte Doll FJH75
13. Barbie® Styled by Marni Senofonte Doll FJH76
14. PUMA Barbie® Doll DWF59
15. PUMA Barbie® Doll AA FJH70
16. Barbie® Laurie Hernandez Doll JH69
17. Barbie® Ibtihaj Muhammad Doll FJH67
18. Barbie® Frida Kahlo Doll FJH65
19. Barbie® Katherine Johnson Doll FJH63
20. Barbie® Amelia Earhart Doll FJH64
21. Barbie™ 2018 Holiday Doll FRN69
22. Barbie™ 2018 Holiday Doll FRN70
23. Barbie™ 2018 Holiday Doll FRN71
24. Barbie® Birthday Wishes FXC76
25. Barbie® Birthday Wishes FXC77
26. Barbie® Birthday Wishes FXC78
27. Barbie Graduation Day Doll, Raven Hair FXC75
28. Barbie® Mrs. Whatsit Doll FPW23
29. Barbie® Mrs. Which Doll FPW25
30. Barbie® Mrs. Who Doll FPW24
31. Barbie® Jurassic World™ Claire Doll FJH5
32. Barbie® Jurassic World™ Owen Doll FJH57
33. Disney The Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie® Doll FRN77
34. Disney Clara’s Light-Up Dress Barbie® Doll FRN75
35. Disney Clara’s Soldier Uniform Barbie® Doll FVW36
36. Disney the Nutcracker Ballerina of the Realms Doll FRN76
37. Disney Mary Poppins Returns Jack the Lamplighter Doll FRN83
38. Disney Mary Poppins Arrives Barbie® Doll FRN81
39. Disney Mary Poppins at the Grand Music Hall Barbie® Doll FWJ29
40. Wicked Glinda Barbie® Doll FJH61
41. Wicked Elphaba Barbie® Doll FJH60
42. Barbie® The X Files™ Agent Fox Mulder Doll FRN94
43. Barbie® The X Files™ Agent Dana Scully Doll FRN95
44. Barbie® Doctor Who Doll FXC83
45. Tomb Raider Barbie® Doll

Barbie signature has become a mini manufacturer that makes trashy souvenir dolls for Junk Movies.

Mattel almost has NO creativities of its own. It makes me believe that Mattel does not need “designers”, it only needs a couple of people who have a sharp Market sense and know which movies or fashion designers are more sellable than others and making dolls to resemble their costume designs is profitable.

I purchased Elegant Rose, Mod Friends Gift Set and the 3 YSL platinum dolls

I would buy Midnight Glamour, Proudly Pink, x-file Dana Scully, Dr. who Iris Apfel dolls if they are discounted, as I only like their faces or hair colors, so I would not pay full prices for them.

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