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Remembrance Day

Posted by helen on November 11, 2018

Today marks the 100th anniversary of when the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month brought an end to The War World One.

Remember &  honor all  the men & women who fought  for peace  & humanity. May we never have another war again.

Armistice Day/Veterans Day  is the teaching moment for all of us.


One Response to “Remembrance Day”

  1. helen said

    I wonder if people today are less willingness to “fight for their country” since they are better educated. People who died in the wars were poor working class, the ruling class has never made any sacrifices, instead, they made fortune & name for themselves, the soldiers were told to “fight for their country”, but in reality, they were fighting for the politicians, bankers and arms merchants. 306 British soldiers were shot dead not by their enemies but by their own army men for their “cowardice”–many of them were teenagers, aged from 16 to 19 who never had chance to defend themselves. how cruel the ruling classes treated people who fought for them.

    if you belong to the poor lower class, does it matter to you who rules your country or if you don’t have a country? why do you want to travel thousands of miles to kill strangers or risk your own life?

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