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September Smart

Posted by helen on September 3, 2018

I pay my tribute to the days that Barbie dolls were Smart, Sophisticated and glamorous.

I have been thinking, perhaps I’m too old for Mattel’s new Barbie Style, most of them wear sloppy street wears– Marni Senofonte, Puma, X-files, Inspiring Sheros, Jurassic world, Tomb Raider… I want nothing to do with them.

August is gone now, what I did with my dolls in August? I managed to get rid of ALL the monster high dolls except one with a blank face–she can’t go anywhere unless I have her face painted, I also sold most of my repro dolls. I did NOT buy any dolls.

Have a Spectacular September!

11 Responses to “September Smart”

  1. I’m thinking a little the same way. I can see a time coming when I may not buy any new dolls but concentrate on the remaining vintage ones that I want. There are not so many dolls being released that I like any more.

    • helen said

      I think Mattel’s playline dolls are for children under age of 8. perhaps age 3-6 is the main focus, so there are a lot of painted hair and clothes. Mattel’s Collector dolls are for people age of 14–22, who are heavily influenced by the street trends, popular movies & celebrities. Quality or Artistry of the doll itself isn’t important. if you look at the photos that posted in online groups (including the official Barbie Fan club), you will notice how much the trends & customer demographics have changed.

      • Yes I think it is a large part of the reason I am less interested. I often don’t know who these celebrity dolls are meant to represent and I find them ugly and more like action figures. Gigi Hadad was the exception for me. I had never heard of her and hated her outfit but I thought she was very pretty so I got her.

      • helen said

        Mattel’s ECO gave an interview last year, saying Mattel’s main focus would be the “Generation Alpha”(born since 2010 until 2025). So we are not going to see nice collector dolls since Mattel does not want to invest money in collector line

        I bought Gigi doll for her new head mold, I sold her body & her outfits.

      • helen said

        I have just vented that I dislike these crappy movie dolls, here comes another one. lol –“Aquaman” Mera gives you a comic relief

      • Not even pretty.

      • helen said

        more movie dolls “Nutcracker and four realms”. an eBay seller is asking for $118+ $20shipping for the sugar plum fair, the price makes the doll even more ugly. lol
        suglar plum fairy

      • helen said

        once again, it proves Mattel is all for “Generation Alpha”

      • helen said

        nutcracker and four realms

  2. Becky said

    Hi Helen,

    Thanks again for a lovely calendar page. May I add the word, “elegant” to your list of adjectives of the past days of Barbies?

    Trusting September is a good month for you. You were surely busy in August….does it feel good to have gotten rid of the dolls you were able to do so?

    • helen said

      You are so right, Becky. Barbie collectible dolls were effortlessly elegant. The Trend has changed. I checked the new arrivals in the Barbie online shop before I started making a calendar and I couldn’t find a doll that fits my bill. so I went back to choose an old doll.

      Hopefully, the size of my doll collections will shrink more when September ends. so I’ll try to keep myself busy. My focus now is collecting quality doll fashions instead of dolls.

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