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More Furry Friends

Posted by helen on August 17, 2018

We adopted 2 more pets from eBay.
Sachi–the long haired white Samoyed dog was made in 1991 by Mattel. she is fluffy and adorable. but she is not poseable.

And Puppy Ruff Scottie –Scottie was born in 1993. She has a weird look, Mattel could have made her more realistic. Scottie is also not articulated, she can’t make different poses, but if you pet her back, she barks out loud.

I think their sizes are too big for Barbie, I’m not sure if the are really 1/6 scaled miniatures.

4 Responses to “More Furry Friends”

  1. tp said

    Hi! First time commenting here but I’m a huge fan of your blog! Once I replied to your tweet about the articulated silkstone bodies and got a reply from you. I would like to ask a question. I will be visiting NYC this weekend, and wondering if there’s any store that I can get Barbie collector dolls. Now with Toysrus and FAO Scrwartz gone I don’t have high hopes but it would be great if I can find one as I’ll be traveling from Japan. Hope it’s not rude to ask here.

    • helen said

      hello, there! thanks for visiting my blog.

      Its sad to say that its very hard to find collectible Barbie dolls in NYC. I honestly don’t know which stores still carry Barbie collectible dolls. if you do find them, the prices are 30% higher than online stores’ prices.

      Perhaps you can make a trip to New Jersey and find collectible dolls in discount stores like “Tuesday Morning” — Tuesday Morning received a large shipment of collectible dolls a couple of weeks ago, their prices are 50% off the MSP. you may visit Tuesday Morning’s website to find which location is near your hotel.

      TRU is closed, but FAO is expected to reopen at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC before this Christmas.

      sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful. I’ll ask my friends to see if they know any fancy toy stores in NYC that have collectible Barbie

      • tp said

        Thank you so much for such a generous reply!
        I saw a lot of instagram posts about doll hauls at Tuesday Morning and was amazed at their price, but I thought they were gone pretty quickly. The one in Paramus isn’t that far from NYC, so maybe I’ll give it a try. Again, thank you so much for your sweet information!

      • helen said

        You are very welcome. My friends say Kmart may have a few collectible Barbie dolls, but I wouldn’t hold high hopes. if you are in Midtown Manhattan, check out the Kmart store at 250 W 34th St. Have fun in NYC!

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