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Joy July

Posted by helen on July 1, 2018

Goodbye June!
I have been really “busy” for the past a few days and managed to craft 4 dolls for the upcoming Barbie Convention. it never changes, I just couldn’t do a thing unless the deadline is really close and there is no time left. I was asked to make these dolls at least 5 months ago, but I did not do a thing until the last week of Jun started. I had to rush them out via Priority 2 day. I hope USPS will deliver it tomorrow, but I’m worried — two days have gone by, the package is not traceable. no updates in its online tracking system. my June ended up in such a mess. but Hello, July!

your Calendar Girl: Midnight Glamour

many Barbie collector Fan club members hoped this doll would be released before June 31, so they could use their quarterly shop reward, sorry Mattel isn’t giving it to them. since new dolls are few and far between, many people found nothing interesting to buy and wasted their reward. it will discourage collectors to rejoin the club.

I like the color of her red hair. if I can buy the head only. 🙂

Rumor has it, there are only 2 silkstone dolls for 2018. Elegant Rose and Midnight Glamour.

I think she is not very sellable at $100, I bought last year’s Blush & Gold Silkstone at $45 from Walmart Online last week. The same thing may happen to this “glamour” doll as well.

Happy July!

3 Responses to “Joy July”

  1. helen said

    if you joined the Barbie club in last July, you have an extra club Reward ($20 or $30) that you can use it now. why? b/c your club year(July 2017 to July 2018) is different from the calendar year, it confuses Barbie & her programmers. –they are very bad at math & can not figure out your final reward ended on June 30th. it sounds mean that I expected this to happen. you can’t blame me, someone said you can hire people out of phone books and still get better employees than Mattel’s. its true. I took advantage & ordered two blush beauty dolls with this extra reward –the poor doll has been there for 3 years, I’m helping Mattel to clean up its warehouse.

  2. Becky said

    Thanks for all of the heads up on the silkstones, Helen…and thanks for the calendar. I’ll keep my eye on a discounted Midnight Glamour. Keep cool!

    • helen said

      its almost guaranteed that Walmart online will have her on sale. today Walmart dropped Global Glamour Sorcha Barbie Doll’s price from $100 to $42 I think she is no better than any of these Festival of the world dolls ($19.99 each), so $42 is still a bad price. lol.

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