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Happy the First day of Summer

Posted by helen on June 21, 2018

Welcome to Summer 2018.

Summer is my least favorite season. but it could be Barbie’s favorite.

I bought a half dozen Repro dolls, because they are super cheap. its hard to believe there are still so many NRFB 1990s Repro dolls on eBay and the prices are unbeatably low. the old Barbie becomes new Barbie’s competitor.

Happy Summer

8 Responses to “Happy the First day of Summer”

  1. Becky said

    Hi Helen, I like all of those various swimsuit colors…unfamiliar to me.

    Summer has already been here for 6 weeks despite the fact that today it’s officially here. How about there?

    Happy Summer to you too!

    • helen said

      thank you Becky. The black swimsuit is Mattel original. I made the other 3 swimsuits . As these dolls came to me without outfits, Swimsuit is the easiest thing to make & cover them up. lol
      the weather starts heating up.

  2. They did make some very nice repros in the 90s. I seem to recall reading in my old Barbie Bazaars that they did big runs of a lot of collectible dolls and collectors felt it brought prices down. The sort of collectors who collect for value that is. I will have to see if I can find that piece as I still have the magazines.

    • helen said

      I bet Mattel made zillions of them. I have to agree with these collectors that Mattel made too many, it ultimately destroyed its own market. now these old dolls come back to haunt new dolls. I didn’t buy these new double date dolls ($100) and many other new releases, why would I? if I can get better ones from eBay for $10 each?
      if Mattel’s target market is “collectible”, it can not sell the dolls like a supermarket sells bread & milk. the strategy is quite different. you have to learn when enough it enough and how to manipulate the secondary market.

      Mattel has recently increased the platinum edition size from 1,000 units to 5,000 units, its another very bad move. it further destroys the market & brand. I understand Mattel is a large operation, small quantity is not profitable b/c of its high overhead & set-up fee. The right strategy would be keeping the edition size at 1,000, but offering better quality & raising the retail price from $75 to $350. Of course, some people who can not afford to pay $350 would not be happy (I’m one of them), but its good for the brand & market. you have to have quality products that are highly sought-after to give the collectors pride and motivation, only “highly sought after” dolls would help to stimulate the market.

      • Good reasoning although I would also be one of the ones who could not pay $350 but then I am not a collector of dolls just to display. I debox so I could not justify a large amount for a doll that would immediately be devalued. That’s why I collect playline and buy collectible dolls that I like on eBay nude if I don’t care about the outfit. I think there are probably a lot of collectors like me who want better quality than the playline currently offers but at a mid range price. I liked the Basics despite the non articulated bodies and The Barbie Look because they came into that mid range.

      • helen said

        There are websites selling dolls at skyrocketed prices, at least $800 each. these little companies’ business actually are expanding.
        The market is there, but Mattel has failed to reach it. It should not be very hard to sell 1,000 units at $350 or even $450 each if the design is popular(Karl Lagerfeld Barbie is over $1,500 on eBay) Sorry to say this, Mattel no longer has the creative mind, if you look at the new COLLECTIBLE LINE, most of them are cheap movie dolls, Wrinkle in Time, Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, Wonder Woman, Star Trek. they will all end up $10 each on Amazon. This is not the way “Barbie Signature” should go.

        People collect dolls for all sorts of reasons. but if a company wants a collectible line to survive, it has to consider the value on the secondary market. its a long term plan.

      • I don’t think Mattel really understands the collector market. I think they just see it as a way to make money as the playline is failing. I agree with you that there are too many movie spin off and celebrity dolls now. Those are just pandering to current fads. A collector who is going to spend good money for a doll wants something special and beautiful.

      • helen said

        we were just talking about these over-produced movie dolls, here they comes again, x-files, as if they have never made it before. oh, well, I guess I could buy one or two when Amazon dumps them for $10 each. (the twilight dolls are $11 each on Amazon for years)

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