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Blush & Bloom

Posted by helen on April 22, 2018

Barbie is taking a stroll  on Sunday afternoon.

A replica of the “Blush & Beauty” dress Coat, with blooming rose prints.

some bad news:

one of the free photo hosting sites I used suddenly shut down. Once again, I lost many photos. I have tried to save some photos last night, but only worked through to the blog entries I posted after April 2016. “Please Pardon our appearances” –You will see tons of Red “X” and bad links on this blog. This would be the 3rd time within 3 years that a free photo hosting site is out of business. I can’t blame any of them, “Free Service is just worth what you paid for”. 🙂

Barbie hired a new CEO, surprised? not at all, I never believed the CEO Mattel hired in last Feb was the right person for the job, the new CEO worked in Media & video game industry, so you understand Mattel still believes “going digital” is the right direction.

we don’t care for the Shero collection, that’s bad for Mattel. but the worst is yet to come: A distant relative of Frida Kahlo sued Mattel over the right to the silly Frida Barbie doll, Mexico court blocked sales of Frida Kahlo Barbie in Mexico. will it be banned in USA market? no answer yet. If you believe the doll will be banned in US market, you may want to hurry up & pre-order her from Amazon or Amazon sellers. She is still $29 at this moment. I wouldn’t bother with her.

2 Responses to “Blush & Bloom”

  1. WOW!! Your post should have been titled the good, the bad and the ugly! Your lovely taking a stroll is gorgeous, and so is her outfit!! I am soooooooo sorry to hear about the loss of your photos. That always sucks!! But sadly, bad stuff happens. I guess the safest thing to do is to save your pictures in the cloud and on a flash drive or some type of hard drive as well as on the photo sharing sites. Alot of trouble, but worth it—especially for those extra special pictures that you want to keep. And how ugly of Mattel to create a doll without getting the proper permissions. As overbearing as they have been with convention planning (that they supposedly have no affiliation with), you would think they would have their legal things in order. Oh well!!

    • helen said

      hello, Stephanie. nice to see you in such a lovely spring day. lol
      The closure of the 3 free hosting sites didn’t upset me as much as it should be. 2 of my favorite neighborhood discount stores are closing–this really makes me SAD. I was in one of them yesterday to buy some mini flowers. plus, Toys R Us is also closing, Flickr is changing its ownership. not sure if that means “no more free accounts!”

      Frida Barbie’s lawsuit confuses me a lot. perhaps its good to give Mattel some sort of punishment for not having its own creativities but keeps copying others. anyway, we are going to see less and less collectible dolls.

      Mattel really should appreciate customers/collectors’ royalty and give Barbie convention full support. less and less people are interested in Barbie. kids are addicted to video games, high end collectors have moved on to other doll companies’ offerings that have better quality.

      okay, wish you a happy convention. I was asked to make some dolls for the conventions but I have not yet started.

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