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Me N My Doll Skipper

Posted by helen on April 7, 2018

I don’t know how many siblings Barbie has,  I know  Skipper is one of them, but she has never impressed me, I would say I like little Kelly much better –Kelly reminds me of Shirley Temple.

I made the “Me N My Doll” Fashion Set for my  poor Skipper to match Barbie’s “Dancing Doll”  dress.  now  my April Calendar  has come to life.

I thought I’d finish this dress within 2 hours, but it dragged on for 2 days.  as these extra little things made me lose patience.  I looked through eBay sellers’ pictures and found the dress comes with a petticoat. unbelievable! so I had to make it–even the dress doesn’t really need a underskirt. nowadays even a collectible doll like Silkstone black dress does not have a petticoat. oh, there is a pair of white socks, too.  its just too tedious…

I went to TRU looking for a Miniature doll, and found a 2″ Miniature American Girl suits perfectly, its made by Mattel, too.   The mini doll is more poseable than Skipper.  her arms open, legs move,  Skipper has this stiff body, she can only stand straight.

I probably should give the mini doll rooted hair, but I’m done.  no more needles and threads,  its time for TV news,  I want to watch how Trump Tower caught fire twice within 3 months (Jan 8 & April 7, 2018)

All the higgledy-piggledy (oh, well, I forgot to throw in the hairband)

7 Responses to “Me N My Doll Skipper”

  1. davedave84 said

    You have done a fantastic job, as always. I again apologize for rarely commenting, but I do read all of them, and love them. I have your posts sent to my email where I can read them. I agree entirely with your viewpoint of Mattel/Barbie’s downslide in quality and such. I find so few dolls that I want to buy, and the ones I do tend to like I feel are priced at more than they are worth. 2 years ago, I was given a 27″ BJD doll that I have been focusing on more and more. The larger size (1/3, where Barbie is 1/6), gives more opportunity for accessories. Thank you for the calendar!

    • helen said

      thanks, Dave. I must say my interests in Barbie has lost. but I have not started collecting any other dolls, either. Mattel’s 2018 collector line pushed me further away from Barbie. Mattel spent way too much $$ buying license to make junk dolls like Tomb Raider, Jurassic park, Mary Poppins, nutcracker, wrinkle in time & Shero. they are not for me.

  2. helen said

    the Mini “American Girl” doll is made by Mega Construx (owned by Mattel)

  3. Fox's Cottage Creations said

    Fantastic job on both dolls. You have far more patience that I do. I never was into Barbie’s and I think they might have been just coming on the screen when I would have been the age to have one. My sister and I each had two gorgeous (still have them) fashion dolls but I forget the brand. Then my daughter’s wanted Barbie’s and of course, that meant custom outfits by me. Once Xmas I nearly ripped my hair out and peeled the skin of my hands as I decided it would be wonderful to make them each floor length wool coats. My father was a weaver the Armed Services, so he often brought home discard or pieces that had a flaw. Lucky us. One year he came home with 2 yards of Melton Wool, it was gorgeous. It was wonderful to sew on but a nightmare as it was so thick. What was I thinking….but after two weeks they were completed. Turn the sleeves was the worse.Between my two daughter’s and grand daughter there must be 200 of them.

    Your attention is just amazing. Sorry for not posting but I read every post. I will get better at posting I promise. The dolls look adorable and love you made the the underskirt (crinoline) as it was very proper to wear one back in that era. You never left the house with out one. Either a straight slip, a underskirt, a full crinoline or a full slip. I think it’s something missing from dressing in the last decade or two. I am tired of seeing through women’s dresses/skirts to see their underpants and bare legs. Wish they would bring those back and wearing stocking with a dress. I hate the bar leg look. Sorry rambling here.

    • helen said

      What wonderful memories you have! “200 of them” certainly made you a very patient person!! I have not made floor-length wool coat for dolls, making a doll coat with full lining is not an easy task. if I had 2 yards of Melton Wool, it would be turned into a coat dress of mine, not Barbie’s—making a coat in human size is easier than doll sizes. Lucky your dolls to have wool coats! lol
      many early Silkstone Barbie dolls come with very detailed fashion, including underskirt. the new dolls have simplified clothes. it probably reflects the cheapened fashion industry–believe or not, most women’s dresses in the department stores are made of cheap nylon knit, just like these Fashionistas Barbie dolls’ dresses.

      Thanks for visiting, I’m not very active in blogging. as there are not many new dolls that I’m interested in. Mattel is killing the collectible Barbie line by throwing away quality & its own designers’ creativities. All these Twilight dolls & divergent dolls are under $9 in the discount stores, but Mattel continues to flood the market with more junk movie dolls. I have not bought a single one of the newly released dolls, so I have little to post.

  4. Becky said

    Despite the fact that Barbies have lagged in recent popularity and quality, Helen, you’ve brought Skipper into full “vintage” view. You did a wonderful job on the dress and accessories. I think your work is wonderful, creative and well-done. Fox’s Cottage Creations is right…one never left home without a petticoat…I’m still in that camp. Thanks for bringing modesty and “class” and value to your work. Well done and thanks for sharing it all with us.

    • helen said

      Thanks Becky. I’ll just take a voyage in vintage when there is nothing new. so, there will be more Petticoats. lol
      I found a collector’s website that has many pictures of Barbie’s vintage look. I’ll replicate some of the outfits from 1600 series. http://www.moltrer.de/1600.htm

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