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who is your role model?

Posted by helen on March 8, 2018

Barbie promotes its “Shero” dolls  today.

According to Barbie:  “86% of the Moms are worried about the kind of role models their daughters are exposed to, that’s why Barbie continues to showcase examples of inspirational women”  —So, I thought these are “Fashionistas” play line Dolls,  I was wrong,  they are “Barbie Signature” collector dolls called “Inspiring women series”.    $29.99 each.

You’d better believe Mattel has put a lot of thoughts to choose  these “role models”, trying to cover all the races and regions, however, I don’t need role models, but fashion models, so they are not for me. “one’s Shero, the other’s Zero”.

Barbie & I have drifted far apart, Barbie goes younger & younger, I grow older & older.  I spend most of my time watching documentaries & mysteries on YouTube, Barbie is busy at creating little girls’ role models..

Happy International Women’s day!


15 Responses to “who is your role model?”

  1. I do appreciate Mattel’s intent but as an adult collector I would rather just have a doll with more poseabiltity and a better wardrobe. I don’t really like the term “Shero”. What was wrong with heroine or if they don’t want to have a gender specific term just hero the way that actresses are now referred to as actors.

    • helen said

      I think most collectors would rather have a doll with a pretty face & a beautiful dress than a “Role Model” or “Shero”, these belong to Fashionista group. Mattel should have priced them between $9.99–$12.99, so they would be more affordable to the poor kids who really need “role models”. It seems to me that Mattel has given up collector market.

      only if life is that easy for Barbie: putting a celebrity or moive character’s name on the doll box would make sales BOOM!

      sorry, not happening.

  2. Becky said

    Since we’re all getting older, can you recommend any good mysteries on Youtube?

    I’d have to agree with you, Helen. These new dolls don’t like like they should be higher priced.

  3. I’m not impressed by any of the new “Shero” dolls, and I also think the name is stupid. When I was young, I preferred creativity, and making dolls who I wanted them to be. Neither of my two daughters seemed to want to be like a famous person either.

    • helen said

      “role models” “Hero” or “Shero” .. Why Barbie puts so much burden on her own shoulder is beyond my understanding. perhaps that’s one of the reasons she lost sales. People want fun.

  4. Lubo said

    They are just OOAK playline dolls given to women, they represent. Only Frida, Katherine and Amelia are for sale and they are Barbie Signature dolls.

    • helen said

      more are coming, , the Halloween Mummy Fencer (they call it hijab), gymnast Laurie Hernandez, etc. its a series, Mattel wont stop making them unless we refuse to buy them. I would only pay $9.99 for them, When I saw the first 3, I thought they looked like the old dolls, nothing new. I’d pay $9.99 for the Frida doll. I don’t want the other 2 even they are free. I’ll just live with the old dolls.
      old barbie

      poor Mattel, it has NO imagination whatsoever.

  5. At this point, all I want are more Made to Move Barbies, but of course Mattel is barely producing those. It’s like they’re made of gold, or something. I might buy the female doll from the new Jurassic Park movie if her body is pale enough. I have several dolls that I want to re-body that are very pale, including one poor doll whose body has completely yellowed and needs some kind of new body. And speaking of yet another Jurassic Park movie, Hollywood isn’t coming up with any new ideas either. Hopefully there’s somebody out there who might come up with something new.

    • helen said

      made to move dolls are $14.99 in my local stores, I bought some when they were on sale, buy one get one 40% off. these “role models” are $29.99. they don’t have much to offer expect the name on the box.

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