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Fashion Ave — Mint Classic Fashion

Posted by helen on March 27, 2018

I found this “Fashion Avenue Classic Mint Fashion Pack”  yesterday in one of my “Treasure or Trash” boxes,

I bought this pack at Barbie Convention. the color matches my travel doll’s hair perfectly. Its a smart design—the credit goes to the Pattern Maker, very simple pattern, yet still fit (fit TNT 1966 body),  the straight line cutting makes the sewing job easy.  however, the low-quality black ribbon trim at the bottom hem looks incredibly cheap,  it  ruined the whole thing.

A little alteration to replace the cheap ribbon with New black fabric border & green lace trim:

Doll  enjoys her new dress & spring time:

since I admire the cleverness of the  pattern-maker so much, I replicated one in white


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Bunnies & Bears

Posted by helen on March 23, 2018

I’m making some Pets for Barbie to hold, to love.  These are easy projects but time-consuming.

Teddy Bear awakes from hibernation:

This pink bear is made of 8  mini pom pom balls  I give myself credit for being so imaginative! 🙂

Easter is near,  Barbie is expecting to play with Rabbits & Hares

Today is National Puppy Day:

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Happy the First day of Spring!

Posted by helen on March 20, 2018

Spring is here! it arrived faster than I expected. I am going to miss Winter.

Barbie’s dress was purchased at Barbie Convention 2015. its a vintage piece, but I do not know the origin. I don’t think its made by Mattel for Barbie, It cost $5.00, the fabric pattern is very nice. color faded but sill good for photo-shooting, there were yellow stains, I was able to remove all the stains. Barbie doesn’t mind a hand-me-down, I think she loves the dress.

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still looking for the 4-leaf clover

Posted by helen on March 17, 2018

Any Irish luck today? have you found a 4-leaf clover?  Barbie is still looking…

The bad news hit Barbie very hard, Toys R Us is going out of business, it owes Mattel $140 Million.  Barbie does not know when her luck will turn.

Rumor has it,  there are only 2 Silkstone dolls for 2018.  one is “Elegant Rose”, the other one is a Black Evening Gown.  it doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Happy Birthday To Barbie

Posted by helen on March 9, 2018

Wishing Barbie a happy birthday, may she hire a smart team that has the brain & passion,   she had a tough year, stock dropped by 39%.

I was hoping to see some surprises in the store,  but nothing,   no Birthday sales like it used to have.  I did  get an eMail  early this morning,  asking me to join the club  “Don’t miss out on Platinum and Gold Status perks! ” –as if its not enough for me to have one locked Platinum account,  I have not been able to order anything since last Sept as a platinum member,  I can only buy as a guest.

have a bubbly birthday but please don’t get drunk.

okay,  Barbie, we are paying for your Birthday Cake:

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who is your role model?

Posted by helen on March 8, 2018

Barbie promotes its “Shero” dolls  today.

According to Barbie:  “86% of the Moms are worried about the kind of role models their daughters are exposed to, that’s why Barbie continues to showcase examples of inspirational women”  —So, I thought these are “Fashionistas” play line Dolls,  I was wrong,  they are “Barbie Signature” collector dolls called “Inspiring women series”.    $29.99 each.

You’d better believe Mattel has put a lot of thoughts to choose  these “role models”, trying to cover all the races and regions, however, I don’t need role models, but fashion models, so they are not for me. “one’s Shero, the other’s Zero”.

Barbie & I have drifted far apart, Barbie goes younger & younger, I grow older & older.  I spend most of my time watching documentaries & mysteries on YouTube, Barbie is busy at creating little girls’ role models..

Happy International Women’s day!


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Oscars Night

Posted by helen on March 5, 2018

Last night was Oscars night, if Barbie wanted to hit the Red Carpet, what would have she chosen to wear?

Water Lily ball gown was handy, so I put it on the Black white Tweed doll, it was not easy for a little skinny doll to pull of such a big dress.

while watching the ceremony, I whipped up this one for her:

covering up her ugly joints:

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March on

Posted by helen on March 1, 2018

Nothing much happened in Feb, its time to March on.

I think I’m just going to recycle “Elegant Rose”

I have not bought the doll yet,  probably I would rather have this “Elegant Rose” instead:

Happy March, Spring is so close.

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