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Barbie the Loser

Posted by helen on February 2, 2018

A couple of months ago CNN predicted the Big Winners & Losers of 2017, Barbie made it on the top of the “Biggest Losers” list.

Early this morning when I turned on TV news,  NY1 news was reporting Mattel lost $281 Million in the 4th Quarter of 2017, so CNN has pretty good Market Watchers.

however, Mattel’s  Chief Executive Margo Georgiadis said in a statement:  “We are optimistic about stabilizing revenue in 2018 anchored by our key power brands, entertainment partnerships and exciting new launches.”

Do you believe her?!  based on the treatments I received from the Barbie Fan Club and the hodgepodge production line Mattel presented, it wont surprise me if Mattel sinks into the Pacific Ocean and disappears from the face of the earth.

Hasbro offers to buy Mattel,   it isn’t just a publicity Stunt.

Statistics shows doll sales increased by 23% since 2013, but Barbie & American girls dolls sales dropped more than 23%,  the market is there, Mattel is too blind to see it.  it blames kids’ interests in video games, it blames TRU’s bankruptcy … it just doesn’t see is own problems. Its unbelievable how incompetent Mattel employees are–  I remember how smart they were when I first started collecting Barbie in 2007. Now they can’t even run a website without issues.  Where have the talents gone? I may be not a fan of IT dolls, but IT dolls sales tripled if compared to 10 years ago.

The good news is that you can expect to have great discounts if you want to buy some Barbie dolls in the upcoming months.  When a company lost $281 million, it will desperately want to dump  inventory & speed up turnarounds.


by the way, today is “go red for women” day

12 Responses to “Barbie the Loser”

  1. I don’t get it either.

    Mattel needs to get a team together to try to find the places where they can grow. I have three main – & one minor – problems with the way they have been running things.

    One, the infantilisation of evey doll. If kids are buying less toys than they used to, why make every doll look so playline? It shouldn’t be a surprise when a quality doll that feels like it was made for an adult collector comes out. We all lost our minds over that Karl in the sweater dress for a reason. She moved so fast. And that speaks to something. Now, that’s specifically a concern for the adult collector dolls. Kids account for most doll sales but I get frustrated with all the dolls looking the same, collector or no.

    Two, I’m not convinced making Barbie’s family the cornerstone of your playline products is sustainable in this day and age. How many versions of Skipper and Stacie and whoever do we need? Mattel relys way too much on nostalgia and it’s just not selling. That goes for Signature too.

    Three, the past ten years of Barbie have been riddled with quality control issues and there have been only minor improvements. Face wonks all around, even on Collector/Signature dolls . Imperfections in the plastic and crapily assembled jointed dolls – I’m looking at you Misty Copeland! The glue phase seems to be over, but that went on far too long.

    And lastly, specially regarding the Collector/Signature dolls, Mattel keeps kind of strattling the line between playline and collector and I need them to pick a side and commit. Especially, with the dolls that aren’t for the Walmart’s and Taget’s of the world.

    And on a personal note, what is Mattel doing to grow the doll collecting community? I feel like they have taken us for granted so much. Sometimes I forget how unfriendly they are to us because that’s it’s the way it has always been. I will never forget the momment in which they took down all the skintone identifications on their website. Even with dolls already released. Why? We know THEY know what skin tone they used.

    I don’t want to root for the merger because I fear the consequences of a monopoly but i know Hasbro is much more collector friendly and open with their super fans. Particularly with their action figure lines.

    • helen said

      Thanks so much for taking time to make such a great post.

      I think Mattel failed because people who work for Mattel are just in lack of basic knowledge & market sense, Someone posted on BFC forum saying Mattel should just hire people out of phone book by random, the staff would still be better than what Mattel has now, its so very true.

      Mattel’s CEO & her Marketing researchers believe Mattel needs to pursue high tech and focus on Generation Alpha –I think it explains why we get cold shoulders. unfortunately, the Hologram Barbie cant answer where the customers are.

      • Still Museum said

        Haha! My god, I forgot about Hello Barbie and Hologram Barbie! They really think that’s where they should focus their attention? Hello Barbie was an utter failure and then they go and double down on it with the Hologram Barbie. Who knows when she’s gonna come out! She might be out right now. It wouldn’t matter, cause NO ONE WANTS IT.

      • helen said

        Mattel may have hired Marketing firms to do the research then they come up this idea that Mattel must develop high tech toys as young kids now don’t play dolls but love tablets. I watched the Demo of that Hologram Barbie, I doubt parents would pay $300 for it.

  2. love her outfit!! As for Mattel…who knows where Barbie will end up. I am just happy that I have a collection that I love. If there are no other dolls that I like (which looks to be the case so far), I am good

    • helen said

      I’m with you, I have a collection that’s larger than I need. so I’m fine if there are no new dolls that I like. but its sad to see Barbie go down so fast. perhaps Mattel should just sell license to small doll companies that are capable of producing quality dolls to make Barbie Collector line.

  3. I would be sad to see Barbie go under but I love the dolls I have. If they are not going to make dolls I like I won’t buy them anyway. Really Mattel have missed the bus not being friendly to collectors. They need us especially if they think that kids are not the market any more . If they don’t make something to appeal soon there will be no more collectors as I fear our generation may be the last.

    • helen said

      Mattel is obsessed with the idea that kids no longer play dolls, it needs to go high-tech. good luck with that, since Mattel is very dumb when it comes to “hi-tech” & “Math”. The website has new problems everyday. now the “time zones” are screwed up, it uses everyone’s local time, how stupid is that? I live in east coast of USA, after I made a post on the BFC board, someone who lives in west coast replied to my post nearly 3 hours later, but her post appeared before mine… the board is totally out of order. and… Speaking of “Math”, when Mattel’s the discount code says “20% off $100”, you think you’d get $20 off, but no, Barbie says you only get $18 off. I don’t make this up –screenshot to prove! When I say Mattel employees are stupid, I mean it.

  4. helen said

    Mattel firmly believes “hi-tech” toy will be Barbie’s future. A new joint venture “Mattel163” was set up in China to develop digital products.

    • helen said

      as dumb as Barbie is, (who doesn’t even know how to run a fan club message board), its hard to believe she can be a game developer. I have not researched how good these 3 Chinese partners(game developers) are.

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