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It’s February!

Posted by helen on February 1, 2018

2017 wasn’t a good year for Barbie, 2018 doesn’t look promising, Barbie sales has been dropping steadily, Hasbro keeps offering to buy out Mattel,

In loving memory of Barbie’s glorious past, here I present you this desk Calendar for Feb 2018:

Black Magic:


and Now:

Happy February!


6 Responses to “It’s February!”

  1. Becky said

    Thanks, Helen! You’ve another beautifully done calendar page as well as a pretty dress to show us of the glorious past. Thank you!

    • helen said

      you are welcome, Becky. I grow anger with “Barbie Signature” since it has my account locked. so I wont be buying new dolls but digging the past… 🙂

  2. Miss Susie said

    More and more I’m noticing people are looking back. Nostalgia is big! Maybe Barbie should tap into this on the cheaper more mass produced scale somehow……maybe sculpts inspired by the classics and outfits that harken back to the past. I know they do this with special sets. But, I think something like it should be more prevalent. I used to purchase many Barbies myself. But, lately, the dolls on the shelves seem bland.

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    • helen said

      I tried not to look back but find a doll from 2018 Barbie production line as Miss February, I failed. I like the new Elegant Rose Silkstone doll, but I used her as Miss December 2017, Mattel has “Welcome Baby” Barbie doll as the new release for Feb, 2018. I dislike her, she is worse than many playline Fashionistas Barbie. so I picked “Black magic”, since “White Magic” was the Jan calendar theme.

  3. Chris said

    Dear Helen! I love always your Great creations. How do you get this Material with all the Designs on it for sewing? Best regards!

    • helen said

      Hey, Chris! thanks for visiting my blog. most of my fabrics are purchased in the nearby stores. There are many fabric stores in The New York Garment District (near Times Square), I like browsing in the stores and buy all different sorts of interesting fabrics. I also buy fabrics from eBay. sometimes I design my own patterns and have them printed in the fabric printing shops. https://www.mydigitex.com/

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