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Gigi Hadid

Posted by helen on December 22, 2017

She is home for Christmas.

lets say she has a pretty face

A face that’s not Barbie’s but hers:

Lazy & sloppy Street style:  the black velvet hoodie has no zippers or snaps, its hard to put on or take off.  The color is dangerous — my doll has light color stains on her neck ,  chin & one of her hands,  I removed the stains on her chin using Acne Treatment Cream.  but I didn’t not clean up her body since I will give her a new body

This is how you wear your scarf:


big head, bold waistline, small chest, thick thighs, flat feet…   her body is not a super model but a playline doll.  believe or not,  our fashion industry still has standards. if the Real Gigi Hadid had such a body, she would not be  where she is today.

I have to mention her cracked neck:

flat feet

Flat feet make her  shorter than other model muse dolls

Here comes the good news:  she does not have glued hair.  Mattel made a little improvement,  the ends of the hair are burned to form a little knot (Perhaps using soldering iron), that’s much better than the disgusting wax glue. whoever came up with this “burning idea” deserves the “Employee of the year” award. lol

Her price is $50,  if you don’t like her fashion & her body, then, paying $50 for her head is too much.  The doll is not labeled –neither pink label, nor black label, no edition size is mentioned, either.  I presume there will be plenty of her floating around,  so if you wait or manage to get a promotion code, it should not be so hard to get her under $35.

Many customers have claimed Mattel now packs the collector dolls without any care, boxes are often damaged.  however, the box came to me in perfect condition –it does not mean Mattel didn’t make mistakes, I got an extra set of invoice & return policies which are addressed to other customers.

Guess who is my favorite Model?  Karlie Kloss, something about her makes you believe she is a pretty girl who has her own thoughts & depth.   watch her Catwalk:

Gigi Hadid,  looks dowdy ,bland  & boring on the runway,  not sure why she is a supermodel.


12 Responses to “Gigi Hadid”

  1. I think she has a very pretty face and I like the articulation but not the flat feet particularly. Awful that you got one with a cracked neck. Shoddy workmanship. Her outfit is truly horrible apart from the staining issue that jacket looks too big for her and I don’t like the look anyway. I will try to get one but will look for a bargain price or even wait for a nude one on eBay.

    • helen said

      I think the reason they chose to make this pullover long sleeve hoodie for its “cost-effective”: its easy to make, no zippers , no snaps, no curvy lines to sew, they could whip it up very fast. but the doll looks shapeless & bulky, The outfits make the doll look like a $20 doll not $50. why they didn’t use articulated Model muse body is beyond my guess. she has a playline body. I put her on the “Barbie Look , Sweet Tea” doll’s body.

      • They made a very pretty doll look very ordinary with the choices they made . I am sure yours looks better.

      • helen said

        I guess the doll is made for teenagers who are Gigi fans. she is more a playline doll than a fashion doll. I also think they chose this “Fashionista” body b/c they had large inventory in the warehouse and they had to use it. –I read some reports in Oct, due to the very slow sales, Mattel cut back $650 million in production, it led some of Mattel’s contractors or partners in China to go out of business, these factories were cleaning warehouses and dumping Barbie’s body parts and loose outfits like rotten apples, $1.06/lbs. I think each body is weighted less than 3 OZ, a little skirt is weighted less than 0.2 OZ, that’s why we see many Taobao (China’s eBay) sellers are selling Barbie’s bodies and outfits at very low prices. these hello kitty Barbie outfits were on TaoBao long before they entered US market.

      • That’s interesting. I have seen a lot of clothes being sold by Chinese sellers on eBay that I recognised as Barbie outfits even though they were not being sold as such.

      • helen said

        the ones sold on TaoBao have Barbie labels attached. one seller sold 73 “Golden Galaxy” Barbie heads (the 2017 US Barbie Convention doll). Besides Hello Kitty, we also saw the Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian Barbie outfits and doll.

        mondrian barbie

        ysl barbie

  2. wendydirks said

    Thanks for your review! I’m so sorry about that cracked neck – that’s awful. But I’m looking forward to getting my Gigi doll anyway. I don’t mind the flat feet at all. I accidentally bought two so I’m going to put my Natalia Vodianova’s head onto Sweet Tea’s body, then put Sweet Tea’s head on the second Gigi doll.

    • helen said

      you are welcome.

      Her “flat feet” isn’t the only problem, her body is a simplified “made to move playline body, which does not fit high fashions that are made for Model Muse dolls. actually, she cant even wear Barbie basics jeans(but she can wear Fashionistas jeans) –so The whole package makes her a $24.99 doll same as these Gabby Douglas, not a $50 doll.

      • wendydirks said

        My dolls are all part of a soap opera so my standards are probably lower than many collectors. As long as I love the faces and they’re articulated, I’m happy. I realise not everyone feels that way.

      • helen said

        a pretty face & articulations are not enough for many people to pay $50. it doesn’t matter if Mattel only wants to sell a couple of thousands of dolls, But Mattel wants to sell 25,000 & more, then, Fashion & body type must be taken into the consideration. After all, Mattel is trying to sell a Runway model,

  3. I put Gigi Hadid in the same category that I put the Kardashians. Pretty sure Gigi got her career the same way: lots of ruthless self-promotion and probably a few wheels grea$ed.

    • helen said

      you are right, Gigi is from a wealthy family, her mother was a fashion model who married an older rich man. her parents are well connected and helped to pave her runway.

      I wish someday I’ll make a Karlie Kloss doll, I first spotted Karlie on Dior’s Runway years ago, her power and charisma worked magic, you can feel her strong presence that’s so much more than just her physical beauty. .. After I blogged about my Gigi doll, I wondered what Karlie Kloss is doing now, so I googled her. wow, I discovered she is also an avid computer programmer, she founded a summer camp called “KODE WITH KLOSSY” that empowers girls to learn to code and become leaders in tech, she awards career scholarships to young women developers and helps create a national community changing the role of girls and women in tech..

      how impressive is that? I was right when I said she is someone who has her own depth, she has a sense of purpose… she is so much smarter than Barbie–Barbie’s crappy website makes me so angry. lol

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