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Merry Christmas

Posted by helen on December 25, 2017

Sure you found a gift under the tree this morning—We wish you’ve got what you asked for

We are more excited about After-Christmas Sales!

Happy Holidays!

Your Last minute eCard —its not too late to wish your friends a merry Christmas with this one-of-a-kind card:

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Its Gigi Again

Posted by helen on December 23, 2017


she is now on an articulated fashion model body  donated by the “Barbie Look sweet Tea” Doll.

In the Pink:

lets go Green:

you can still have a White Christmas without snowfalls:

Gala Gown

we are too lazy to iron out the wrinkles.  the dress looks awful, but the spirit is high.

Happy Holidays!

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Gigi Hadid

Posted by helen on December 22, 2017

She is home for Christmas.

lets say she has a pretty face

A face that’s not Barbie’s but hers:

Lazy & sloppy Street style:  the black velvet hoodie has no zippers or snaps, its hard to put on or take off.  The color is dangerous — my doll has light color stains on her neck ,  chin & one of her hands,  I removed the stains on her chin using Acne Treatment Cream.  but I didn’t not clean up her body since I will give her a new body

This is how you wear your scarf:


big head, bold waistline, small chest, thick thighs, flat feet…   her body is not a super model but a playline doll.  believe or not,  our fashion industry still has standards. if the Real Gigi Hadid had such a body, she would not be  where she is today.

I have to mention her cracked neck:

flat feet

Flat feet make her  shorter than other model muse dolls

Here comes the good news:  she does not have glued hair.  Mattel made a little improvement,  the ends of the hair are burned to form a little knot (Perhaps using soldering iron), that’s much better than the disgusting wax glue. whoever came up with this “burning idea” deserves the “Employee of the year” award. lol

Her price is $50,  if you don’t like her fashion & her body, then, paying $50 for her head is too much.  The doll is not labeled –neither pink label, nor black label, no edition size is mentioned, either.  I presume there will be plenty of her floating around,  so if you wait or manage to get a promotion code, it should not be so hard to get her under $35.

Many customers have claimed Mattel now packs the collector dolls without any care, boxes are often damaged.  however, the box came to me in perfect condition –it does not mean Mattel didn’t make mistakes, I got an extra set of invoice & return policies which are addressed to other customers.

Guess who is my favorite Model?  Karlie Kloss, something about her makes you believe she is a pretty girl who has her own thoughts & depth.   watch her Catwalk:

Gigi Hadid,  looks dowdy ,bland  & boring on the runway,  not sure why she is a supermodel.


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Happy Holidays –Ball Gown

Posted by helen on December 17, 2017

This would be the first time since I started doll collecting that I didn’t take advantage of Mattel’s promotions and buy some dolls at discounted prices…  As  I just couldn’t cope with Barbie’s bug-filled website any more.

so we are having a holiday ball without new dolls.

Old girls get new gowns.

The gown features fashion illustrations of  the 2016 & 2017 Silkstone dolls, its sort like a “Catalog” .

Let’s see if it looks good on a Brunette:

I’m almost certain I will buy a Happy Holiday 2017 Brunette doll after Christmas from Amazon Warehouse deals,  perhaps in Feb or March,  when her price hits $15.

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Happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

Posted by helen on December 15, 2017

As ugly as it goes, Barbie could have won a prize. From Dior Couture to Salvation Army, this is Barbie’s  reality now.

Happy Ugly Sweater Day!

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Decorating a Christmas Tree….

Posted by helen on December 9, 2017

its not an easy task, the more things she puts up,  the uglier the tree becomes, what to do?

Perhaps we need to make another shopping trip & buy more ugly things…

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Naughty or Nice?

Posted by helen on December 7, 2017

Naughty or Nice?
Barbie said she tried her best….


Celebrating Holidays with her furry friends:

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Barbie Loves Valentino Couture

Posted by helen on December 1, 2017

Fresh From Runway,, Valentino Spring 2018 Ready To Wear

(Illustration by Robert Best)



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Happy Holidays

Posted by helen on December 1, 2017

Sad to see 2017 go. but happy holidays!

perhaps not a great year for Barbie & Barbie Collectors.  I only bought 3 silkstone dolls & one Barbie basics from the 2017 “Barbie Siganture”  collections, the rest dolls I purchased are older releases.

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