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Big price Drop

Posted by helen on October 9, 2017

Good News or Bad news? All the Silkstone Barbie dolls are on sale again! the last sales happened in August, they were 30% off.   This time its 25% to 40% off.

…perhaps its time you give Barbie a boost and help America’s Economy grow by taking advantage of the 40% discount.  🙂  I already have all the Silkstone dolls except for the Blue Chiffon Gown… I will  try  to get her before this week ends. she would be $45 plus sales tax. its so much better than $75.  but I feel sorry for both Mattel & Barbie….  the market is slow,  something Mattel is doing is not right for Barbie


12 Responses to “Big price Drop”

  1. Hiawatha said

    I got an email for 20% off a platinum membership using promo code platinum, when I tried to buy it, I got acct locked for maintenance, contact customer service. Called customer service, she insisted it couldn’t be used on a membership when the email clearly stated 20% off platinum membership. I could add a doll to the cart but not a membership. So, send out an email with an offer and then not honor it?

    “Go Platinum for the best Barbie Signature experience! This week only, premium benefits and all-out access are 20% off the normal annual membership price. Use promo code PLATINUM and take advantage of this discounted rate now!”

    Dolls Blog Gallery
    Free shipping on orders $39+
    Save 20%☆☆ on Platinum Status THIS WEEK ONLY!
    Follow Barbie on
    Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube

    The Mattel Family of Brands
    Mattel Shop Mattel Vault Barbie Barbie
    Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Collectors Fisher Price Thomas & Friends
    View this email online
    Terms & Conditions

    *Free shipping offer is valid on orders $39+ after discounts and before shipping, handling, and/or taxes are added, and applies automatically at checkout. Must select Standard Ground Shipping to qualify. Excludes shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, international, PO box and APO/FPO addresses. Offer expires at 11:59 PM ET on 12/31/2017. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this offer at any time.

    **20% off Barbie® Signature Platinum Status membership with promo code PLATINUM expires 10/29/17 at 11:59pm ET. Not valid on previous purchases. May not be combined with any other offer or discount. The discount appears when you add the qualifying item(s) in your cart, and add the promo code to your cart at checkout. Offer not valid on non-qualifying items in your cart.

    • helen said

      I received the same eMail, you are right, Membership is on sale, 20% off. however, Barbie is high on drugs in these days, she does not know what she is doing. the glitchy website is often not accessible. Fan club members cant access the message board.

      I think you should call again and try to get another rep. Every Rep has different knowledge. some is better than the others. One customer called them asking if the Dream House was sold out, a rep told him “yes its a popular item, its sold out”, another customer asked the same question, a different rep said “it’s temporarily out of stock, will be back to stock soon”…

      if you call again, you may get a Rep who is able to apply the promo code for you. just tell her you have a promo code “Platinum”.

      my account is also locked. It always says “the sum of your payment is less than the order total”, please allocate the amount…” I’ll need to call before my 2nd reward expires.

      • Hiawatha said

        I did ask to talk to a supervisor who suddenly wasn’t available and the conversation ended with a supervisor would call me, never did of course.

        If the board is that messed up maybe I don’t want a membership after all, lol.

      • helen said

        you just try your luck and call again to see if you can get a different rep. It is true the Message board is not easy to navigate. it depends on what kind of browser you use. if you use Internet Explorer, most likely, you can not access the board. you will see the top and the bottom, the rest of the page does not load. “oops, the page can not be found”. We have made a lot of complaints, and were told “thanks for your patience while we iron out wrinkles”, months have gone by, things only get worse, I have to do troubleshooting every time I want to access the board, I was not shy to post this photo on the BFC message board.. lol well, of course they ignore me.


  2. Hiawatha said


    Of course, just like customer service ignores emails!

    • helen said

      I got another eMail today about the 20% off on the platinum membership, I wouldn’t want to buy another membership. Instead, I would like them to give me $20 refund b/c the BFC message board is inaccessible, the message board is a part of their promised services. plus, my shopping cart is locked for no reason.

    • helen said

      I copied this from the BFC message board

      “…. some of those employees are not very well informed and you never get the same one twice. The next person you speak with never has a clue why the previous rep told you what they did because they were wrong!”

      That’s why I said you should call them again.

  3. Hiawatha said

    The offer was only good until Sunday night, I tried to call again but got no answer, just “the number isn’t answering, all circuits are busy”.

    I did get an email early Sunday evening from customer service, and this is what I got, “Also, I see you contacted us the other day asking why you cannot use the 20% off savings offer for the purchase of a Barbie Signature membership. The offer states the 20% offer savings is not valid for any Barbie Signature, Hot Wheels Collectors or Mattel Vault items. The Barbie Signature Membership IS a Barbie Signature item. I wish I had better news!” I replied with why was I sent this 20% off email if it’s not being honored, got no reply.

    I also replied to the original email re: the 20% off and it not being honored and got this:

    “We’re sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the site. Please contact our Mattel Shop directly for assistance. They can be contacted by email or phone at the link below.” I replied that according to customer service this offer doesn’t exist and that I had contacted them via phone and email, got no reply back.

    There is a page on the site that has the same offer so it wasn’t just an email, the offer is still there for this week only but has no date. My acct was still locked yesterday but only for a membership, I could go all they way to checkout with a doll and get out before the final order.

    Today I can buy a membership for $34.95!

    So I’m wondering if it was a legitimate offer or if they had no intention of selling it for 20% off.

    Well I’m not paying $34.95 and by not honoring it they saved me about $28 so I guess I should thank them.

    That’s a good point, paying for services you’re not getting!

    • helen said

      I’m just going to tell you that you missed nothing by not buying the membership at $28. b/c the best deals are not on the Barbie website, if you have $30 reward, your reward is only good at full priced dolls, not discounted dolls. so, if a doll is $100, with your $30 reward, you should pay $70. but sooner or later, Amazon, Walmart, Target would have better prices. Did we say we got the Lavender Luxe Silkstone for $27 from Walmart online? and cocktail (2016) poseable silkstone for $58 from Amazon? and we don’t have to pay walmart $34 membership fee…
      Some people joined the club think they could get some news, but no news from the Club at all. the Message board is inaccessible for some people, The software they use to build that Message board is “Pluck” –the company wrote the “Pluck” program has gone out of business, so “Pluck” became a Zombie, it never updates, but our browsers and operating systems get updates all the time, “Pluck” does not keep up. Since my last IE update in Middle Sept, I can no longer access the board without pain. I have to do troubleshooting every time I need to get on. If I want to post pictures, I have to go extra miles, such as faking my IE user agent as Google Chrome, disabling the forum’s Rich Text editor then posting with HTML codes —how many people would go as far as I go to access the board? so my friends who use IE are no longer on the Club Forum. the Forum is nearly dead, and its not worth your $34 or $28. Yesterday, some news media reported the Hello Kitty Barbie doll will go on sale on Nov 1st, the club didn’t have a single word about it… members posted the news on the message board, not Mattel.

  4. Hiawatha said

    News and the board is all I was looking for, so you’re right, I’m not missing anything.

    I wouldn’t have used the rewards anyway, having to spend all that just to get something off. I like a good sale, lol.

    • helen said

      If I ran the club, I would open “border” — make the message board visible to everyone, any guest visitors are welcome to visit & read the board, but only members can post. so the board can have some traffic and may make a few sales.

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