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Barbie can’t do the Math

Posted by helen on September 25, 2017

We know Barbie complained “Math is hard”,  but I m so not happy  that she does not make any efforts to improve herself. and I have to pay for her mistakes.

The other day I ordered a doll with a $10 off discount code, before I clicked on “complete order”, it showed the total was $66, but after I submitted my order, my card was charged for $76.

I didn’t really believe this happened, so I tried again today, here is the screenshots:   each page shows different amount,  I can not tell what would  be the exact amount Barbie wants to charge me if I push the “complete order” button

“view shopping cart” –it shows the  estimated total is  $30.05

Moving on to  “payment”,  you can see the total amount  has increased to $40.


one more click, it goes to the “order review” page, the amount jumps from $40 to $54.38:


at this point, I wouldn’t try to push the “complete order” button,  it may become $64 …   that was what happed to my last order,  on  the “complete order” page,  it showed the total was $66, after I submitted the order,  it became $76.

12 Responses to “Barbie can’t do the Math”

  1. Havilland said

    I don’t know what’s happening with the site. I’ve been getting an error page for the Mattel shop and Barbie for the past 2 days.

    What happened to you is utterly ridiculous, though! And completely unacceptable. I say give them a call. The wait time has been much improved for their customer service line.

    • helen said

      you only have been getting an error page for the past 2 days? lol Many people have had it since Jul 24th.

      Believe or not, Barbie does not like my complaint: Now my account is locked!! I’ll have to call her customer service, –I can add items to my cart, but I can not check-out.

  2. smh

    • helen said

      you’d better not to buy anything until Barbie passes Math exam. It seems the rest of my 3 quarterly rewards will be wasted. lol I used the first one on the platinum fringe doll.

  3. Romona said

    Very unfortunate, but not surprising.

    • helen said

      so you know Barbie’s “you can do anything” and “you can be anything you want to be” is a big lie, Barbie cant do the math and can not be a GOOD web designer, that has been proved by the history.

  4. Sometimes it seems as if Mattel does not want us to buy their products.

    • helen said

      I cant believe Matte’s new CEO who was an executive of Google would allow this sort of thing happen.

      • Well I suppose that someone who ran an internet company can’t be expected to know anything about dolls. Poor strategy just the same.

      • helen said

        I suppose a Google Executive should know better how website works or can hire better website designers. All these problems are created by the programmers who are not capable of logic thinking. –these badly implemented scripts and conflicted promotion codes… the website is created and maintained by Mattel’s IT team in India, the Reps in USA could not help when customers have technical issues and India is in sleep. what they do is taking down the name of your account and send a work order to India… I reported to them via email that my account is locked, I can not check out. Of course, I did not expect to hear from them. , so I managed to find a workaround myself, they would get nervous if they know how I did it.

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