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2018 Barbie Convention Theme

Posted by helen on August 4, 2017

An email from the 2018 Barbie Convention Co-chairs announced the 2018 Barbie Convention Theme, it sounds very intriguing.

Main Theme: On the Avenue With Barbie

No doubt whoever came up with this theme is a Vintage collector. I do not have any vintage dolls or fashions. but this set of ensemble can be quickly produced if my Silkstone Girls feel the need.  I don’t think they need it now, the sun is burning up the earth, who would be so crazy to wear a wool coat?


Three Official Events:

  1. “High Tea” Luncheon

I’m not an English, so these Low Tea & High Tea things confuse me.  It sounds  to me that “High Tea” is more like an evening meal, not luncheon. but  what do I know?    Tea is a complicated thing,  I don’t drink any Tea.

The “High Tea” doll is released before I started collecting,  I don’t have her.  I looked up on eBay, she is expensive.  I wont have her.

2. The Benefit Ball

I knew there was a “Benefit Ball” doll from 90s.  So I checked her up, oh, I must say this doll is not my cup of Tea.  The shiny gown looks Dramatic but the fabric is too cheap.   however, its a smart design, as it does not require a lot of work to create this “over-the-top” look.

3. Dinner At Eight

Jean Harlow’s stunning white satin gown comes to my mind whenever I hear “Dinner at Eight”. but Barbie probably has to cook dinner & serve the guests , so the white satin gown isn’t an option.

if you are preparing for 2018 convention,  may you be inspired by the theme.

(All the illustrations & photos are by Mattel, except the “High Tea” Sketch –I created this one as I couldn’t find one from Mattel)


3 Responses to “2018 Barbie Convention Theme”

  1. What a cool way to describe the next convention!!! I am so excited about next year’s theme. It looks like it has the potential to be really, really fun!! I am planning to go (and hope you decide to come too Helen) and hope the themes and location make it an affair to remember (yes, that is a corny reference to the movie).One can hope!!

    • helen said

      I know the 2018 theme is more popular than 2017 theme. glad you will be going, but I don’t think I’ll make it… have fun preparing & attending the convention!

  2. May said

    For me it’s not about the theme of each sit down meal or event it’s about the title of the Convention but I am looking forward to a really great time. My last convention was 2011 over seven years ago. I’m excited.

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