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Archive for August 1st, 2017

Disney Platinum Snow White & Prince giftset goes on sale tonight

Posted by helen on August 1, 2017

Disney store exclusive,
17″ Snow White and Her Prince Charming giftset,
Platinum label, Limited edition,
650 sets worldwide.
Price: $750/set,
Release Date: Aug 2nd, 2017.



if you want them, you will have to standby tonight (Aug 1, 2017) until the clock strikes 12  (PST), then, you join the crowds & fight for them.   I  see some people already listed them for $1200–$1400 on eBay & eCrater.  One eBay seller has 2 sets. he wants $1450 each. I wonder how these sellers are so sure they will get the doll. since more than 650 people will be online to grab them, everyone has fair chances.

I don’t want to pay $750 for them.  they don’t look like $750 at all.


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Happy August!

Posted by helen on August 1, 2017

August arrived faster than I expected. although its quiet in my household, Barbie made a couple of summer splashes.

Mattel re-launched its website & Barbie Fan Club, now its a  big Salad plate, from hot wheel to Barbie, all-in-one under Mattel.com

A new Brand  “Barbie Signature” replaced  “the Barbie Collection” , from Barbie Collectibles to Barbie Collector, then Barbie Collection, now  “Barbie signature”,  you can clearly see the mindsets of  the past & present  marketing strategists.   “Barbie collectible” focused on doll quality, something nice you want to collect.  “Barbie Collector”(BC)  was more customer-oriented,  the marketers wanted to create customers emotional attachment;  The Barbie Collection said “everything goes, you buy whatever we throw on you”.  Barbie signature”(BS) is  very egocentric,  the Marketers really believe they can rely on the brand influences to attract customers. lets wait and see if  they will find a Billboard that’s large enough for Barbie to put up her  signature.

Each time they change the name,  the sales would drop significantly.  each time the sales drop, they would change the name.  who believes the BS marketers can not do better than BC marketers?

Besides the name changes, the structure of the Fan club also changed.  it now has 3-tired membership:  Platinum,  Gold & Pink. basically, its an old “Buy more Save more” program Mattel loved to use before..

Platinum Membership: membership fee is  $34.99,  for every 3 month, you get $30 discount if you place an order of $100 or more and all the items of  your purchase are BS items, not playline items like Fashionistas. you have access to club Forum and club dolls, you also have earlier access to new dolls — for example, the new Sorcha doll is now available for Platinum members to order, the other costumers have to wait for a week –its a blessing for non-platinum members, b/c the later you buy, the cheaper you get.  99% of the BS dolls take 3 years or longer to sell out.

Gold Membership: membership fee is  $19.99,  then for each 3 month, you get $20 discount if you place an order of $80 or more and all the items of  your purchase are BS items, not playline items like Fashionistas. you have access to club Forum and club dolls.

Pink Membership: Free. you get 20% off on your first order. you have no access to forum or club dolls. however, the forum is not as secure as Mattel thinks, anyone can access it, it just takes a few more clicks.  Mattel’s websites have always been a big mess. the Tech support is from India.  if you have problems with the website and call BS’,  the Customer Service Reps cant solve your problems, they have to consult with Mattel’s “Team India”, but India sleeps when you are awake.   Many customers  have password/log-In  problems , some have tons of items in their shopping carts that are not removable, some log in  under other people’s names…

if you are not interested in buying club dolls, you don’t have to join the club. b/c $30 or $20 reward isn’t big deal, you can buy dolls from somewhere else at better prices. for example, when Walmart website offered the $175 Oscar De la doll for $52, you saved $123. and you don’t have to spend $34.95 membership fee.   the club forum is almost dead, not active, not informative, there are plenty better online groups you can join  for free.

I have not joined the club, perhaps later this months  before the platinum Pink Fringed gown doll comes out,  I’ll buy Gold membership.

The other big event was Barbie Convention in July. however, I no longer attend conventions.

The next years convention theme is “On the Avenue with Barbie”, Here is my August Calendar, On the Ave with Barbie in a hot summer day

Wish everyone a happy August.

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