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White Chiffon Gown

Posted by helen on July 10, 2017

Michelle Obama Inauguration Dress 2008


My blog is nearly dead, I don’t post often, but the Spammers are incredibly active.  This Russian Robot “Michaelreido” posts a spam comment every 2 hours—hoping my blog visitors would buy cheap stuffs through the links he posted (good luck on that) — -this spammer was reported to the stopspam forum for more than 1,500 times -Wordpress should block him permanently and not to fill up my spam folder.. 😠


8 Responses to “White Chiffon Gown”

  1. Becky said

    Sorry about the issues with spammers…..but, well done, well done on the gown you made above.

    • helen said

      thanks Becky. the original gown is beaded. I couldn’t sit still for hours and sew beats. 🙂 so that’s it, a simple version.

  2. Sarah Eames said

    Are you going to make Mrs. Trump’s gown? She would make a beautiful doll.

  3. This gown is STUNNING both Michelle sized and mini-Michelle sized!! Helen, you are such a talent!! Sorry about your spam bot thingie. I really wish there was a way to turn all of the spam back on them and have their computers blow a motherboard!! Why do they have to make people’s lives so difficult? Keep doing you and we will keep reading!!!

    • helen said

      Thanks Stephanie. I cant believe this Robot never changes its name, always “Michaelreido”. he sells prescription drugs from Russia. he spams like no tomorrow. hope no one dies by taking these drugs without doctors’ supervision. .lol

  4. Catherine said

    That is awful. Your dress is a work of art, just lovely.

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