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Tweed Suit

Posted by helen on May 28, 2017

Like many others, I have a soft spot for Redhead dolls, So Miss Tweed comes home.

however, I dislike her “Tweed Suit”,  especially hate the cutaway at the front of the jacket. it supposed to be a double breasted jacket,  but the front panels are not designed to be so,  that’s why the cutaway & the button placements are not centered– its a design defect.  the good thing is that  all the buttons are in black, they are not very visible, many collectors “adore” her suit, that’s good enough for Mattel.
the dress is made of 2 different kinds of fabrics,  same way as the “Blue city chic” doll’s dress. the top is made of light weighted fabric,  the skirt is made of  stiff fabric.  they don’t go together, but with Barbie, everything goes… “Imagine the impossible, you can do anything”!

The outfits have no lining, the jacket & skirt have a clear layer of iron-on vinyl backing, it feels very stiff & hard — Hey, think about the bright side, it keeps in shape.

The cutaway at the front is a strange but not smart design:

I think she looks better in Green.    I have not made any thing for poseable Silkstone lately,  every piece you see here  is made for  older silkstone dolls that have straight body,   it does not suit her the best, but the colors are right  for her:

Go Green:

Green Stripes:

Polka dots

Pussy Bow


Gal on the Go


4 Responses to “Tweed Suit”

  1. Becky said

    I agree, Helen, Ms Tweed Suit does look quite eye-catching in green, especially the blue-green pieces.

  2. Greens and blue greens are a much better match for her hair. I do think that for their collectible dolls Mattel should take more trouble with the clothing but perhaps they don’t expect collectors to de-box and think they won’t notic or won’t care.
    When you think of the lovely detail on the clothing of sixties fashion dolls it makes you mad, and those were intended for children to play with.

    • helen said

      I think Mattel’s factory workers are untrained, many of them are in lack of basic sewing skills. the dress has V-neck, its lopsided and has crappy stitches around it–of course, its expected. I would be so surprised if its neatly sewn. lol

      so we wont see lovely details on Barbie’s clothes anymore, b/c the cost is high and the workers are unable to do it.

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