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A little new face –Claudette

Posted by helen on March 15, 2017

This doll arrived on Barbie’s Birthday ( or National Barbie Day), March 9th. She is a gift from a friend.

She quickly adopted some New York Attitude –her look tells you she would be the one who quarrels with the cashiers at supermarket or passengers on the bus if they move too slow.

she is the Happy Holidays 2016 AA Barbie doll,  although she does not look very happy.

She has a new face mold “Claudette”  that I wanted but didn’t have, so she is my very first “Claudette”. She may be not suitable as  a “Happy Holidays” doll, but she makes a cool Runway model.

She had glue inside her head. Mattel made a little progress on the glue heads: the glues are now water based, not oil based, so you will see less seepage, is this change good enough for you? as I told the story before, Mattel will not throw away the new auto hair-rooting machines,  glue must be used.   I hate any types of glues in the dolls heads,  this doll is now glue-free, I removed it.



12 Responses to “A little new face –Claudette”

  1. Becky said

    Pretty, Helen…I especially like the last photo/outfit. You brighten my days with your creativity! Thank you.

  2. I like the Claudette face but strange choice for Happy Holidays I have to agee.

    • helen said

      beats me, why they chose her as “happy holidays” doll. As much as some collectors don’t like the Millie Face, Millie actually makes a better holiday doll than Claudette. as she is so very cheerful. 🙂

  3. Phyllis said

    Haha with her New York attitude! I do like this facemold but since it hasn’t been used much, I was happy to see it on a playline doll. The Millie face is used on the caucasian Happy Holidays doll, so it would have been overkill to use it for the AA doll too. They still do use the oil based glue on some dolls as I have gotten some girls with pretty greasy hair lately! I think in might depend on what factory they are made in.

  4. Catherine said

    She redressed very nicely. I really like the dress you put on her. Thanks for the glue update.

    • helen said

      glad you enjoyed her. the dresses are made for silkstone dolls, so they don’t fit her well, when I have better dresses for her, I’ll post again. the glue head will continue… no cure. I think Mattel believe it does not affect Barbie sales. people buy for their children don’t mind.

  5. Catherine said

    I should have said dresses.

  6. Holly said

    What a pout! She is really better off suited to a career as a runway model.

    • helen said

      one day I was browsing online reviews, a Mom commented she has always bought happy holiday dolls for her 6 year old girl, but she wouldn’t buy this one, as she is not a happy doll. lol

  7. Dee said

    Love the blue/black dress and the stripey on the bottom …really nice work! She looks PO’d maybe about living in NYC? lots of stress there, that’s for sure. I think the doll is very attractive but would look better in a silk sheath, her face is too strong and modern for a fluffy sequined holiday gown.

    • helen said

      thanks Dee. she borrowed the blue dress from Silkstone dolls, I have not yet made her anything special. have you moved to the new home?

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