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Blush Beauty

Posted by helen on December 20, 2016

Blush Beauty Doll is one of the last year’s Barbie Fan Club exclusives, its not a surprise she has stayed in the shop for 2 years.

The Doll was  $100, I know she wouldn’t meet my $100 standard, so I waited long enough for an acceptable price. she finally arrived on last Saturday.

I like her facial makeup, but I am  not a fan of  her straight hairline, it makes her forehead look  square & wide–“broader than Broadway”

Her coatdress is nice, although its made of low quality satin, its neatly sewn, half-lined (bodice is lined, sleeves are not)

The dress is not a smart design based on  the nature of the fabric.

the  bust & waist darts  should  be cut/sewn straight along the grain line and pressed toward center(or in the opposite direction),   but they are slanted and pressed toward right,  so the dress is lopsided, a $100 doll deserves better craftsmanship.  I believe it doesn’t bother most of the Barbie  collectors,  3 months ago,  I saw one eBay seller sold 4 dresses for $46 each and these sold dresses  looked worse than mine.


These darts really bothered me,  I had to take it apart and make them straight.  lol

there is another thing I have to mention, the bottom hem of the dress is unsewn, but glued. –its almost certain the glue will make the fabric turn into yellow in the future.

adding a layer of lace:



8 Responses to “Blush Beauty”

  1. Becky said

    Helen, You’ve really “dressed” Barbie up in a better fitting dress now. She really looks quite nice after your work. I appreciate your sharing your work.

    • helen said

      thanks Becky, The original fabric is very fragile, it can not be washed or ironed, it loses all the glory if you do so. so I’ll leave the coat untouched for sure. lol

  2. Catherine said

    It is much improved and more interesting in my opinion. I like the silkstones (the ones without articulation). Despite being careful with the first articulated one, her arm broke off. As pretty as they look I don’t think I will buy another. At least the playline ones are More sturdy even with their glue filled heads.

    • helen said

      Thanks! you have great reason to love the original silkstones, Cathy. I think Mattel try to reach some new customers who like articulated bodies and have always been complaining Silkstone Dolls have stiff bodies, but I think it all comes down to prices, if Articulated dolls are over $50, these people don’t buy it. Mattel may make the original silkstone again in 2017–at least that’s what I read from an interview Robert Best gave to fans. hopefully you can enjoy them again!!

  3. Your dress is a major improvement. I haven’t bought this Silkstone or any others for a few years now. I am reaching the point where I am getting ready to re-home them to others who can enjoy them. I’m glad you are still enjoying some of these recent girls….

    • helen said

      I had to sell my “To Catch a Thief” Grace Kelly doll to buy this “Blush Beauty”, perhaps it wasn’t a wise exchange. but Grace Kelly has a Glue head, I really hate glue. I m selling off all the glue heads unless I wanted to reroot their hair.

  4. Romona said


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