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Barbie’s Glue Head Syndrome continues…

Posted by helen on October 26, 2016

As much as I like some new Ever After High & Fashionistas dolls, I have not purchased any recently, as most of them have glue inside their heads,  I hate glued heads, even without glue seepages, I still hate them!

My guessing was Mattel’s factories now use a new type of Hair Rooting Machines that can only push the hair into the head then glue it, it can not sew chain stitches (double-thread lockstitches) as the old machines did, and this type of new Machines is cheap.

To confirm my theories,  I  contacted a Production Coordinator who works for Mattel in Shen Zhen, China.

She explained the factories now use a new kind of “Automatic” Hair Rerooting Machines that do not require workers to sew the hair  like it use to be—it saves Labor cost,  glue is the only way to secure the hair.  —- so I was right,  they now use the rooting machines that can not do the chain stitches, but I didn’t know they now have “Automatic” system!  It’s safe to bet Mattel will continue to ignore our complaints since it wont throw the new machines out of the windows.  Gee, shall we hate such advanced technology?   we can only hope a genius would design a more advanced auto machine that can do chain stitches the same way as the old manually-operated machines did.

I have no idea how the “auto” rooting machine works ,  here is a YouTube video that shows how the old Manually-operated machine works, as you can see, it is Labor-intensive —  I guess Mattel laid off more workers with the help of “Auto” machines.

I still have a bunch of brand new playline dolls that have glues, I m ready to drop them off at Walgreen’s when this  holiday season comes. —-Walgreen’s  launched its  “toy Drive” in 2011,  you can donate new, unwrapped toys at Walgreens near you.  Each year I bring some playline Barbie dolls to the nearby store, its so convenient.  I hate glues, but  Mattel made a statement that these Glues are safe for Children–you’d better believe it.

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