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New Look: Misty Copeland

Posted by helen on May 17, 2016

Misty Copeland doll has gone through Hair Transplant surgery, I gave her a head of new hair and a new body.

The Glued Hair:

With New Hair:  she will need a better facial makeover, I’ll repaint her again when I am in good mood.

The doll looks nothing like Misty Copeland, since I don’t need a role model at this stage of my life, the “Likeness” doesn’t matter to me. the Face Sculpt itself is good enough to make a nice addition to my collection.

Just as I predicted, her price would be low at “Amazon Warehouse Deals” –this morning her price was $23.07.  if you keep waiting,  most likely, you will find her at $15 very soon.


She is still available on Amazon & Walmart Websites at regular price $29.99 or $29.97.  How funny an eBay seller listed her for $325 plus $15 shipping & an Amazon receipt. if only someone can help me to understand the Mentality of this seller:  Why would he want to give a buyer an Amazon receipt that stated the doll is $29.99 if the buyer actually pays $340? To prove his honesty?

blah—This face mold actually looks like Donald Trump’s 3rd wife. I am not a fan of this couple…

14 Responses to “New Look: Misty Copeland”

  1. Havilland said

    She looks pretty! I can’t wait to get mine, though I suspect she’s is going to need some work too.

  2. Catherine said

    So interesting. I was disappointed when she sold out. Then I read your first post about this doll. I decided I would do my own Misty. I’m going to start with a Ballet Star from years ago. I love the white dress you have for her.

    • helen said

      Cathy, its a nice idea to make one your own. if you want this new head mold, you can buy a cheaper doll from Amazon Warehouse Deals. I had an order with Walmart, I canceled it. but Walmart said they may still ship it.

      The dress is from Martina McBride Barbie

  3. Sandra said

    She looks completely different and much better with the MM body. Well done!!

    • helen said

      thanks, Sandra! I still love the MM Body. the Misty doll comes with an altered “Made to Move body” with Pointe feet, Mattel padded her bodysuit, so many people think she has a new curvy body, its not the case.

  4. Becky said

    Thanks for all of your time in letting us know about dolls and your creativity with them. I appreciate your honesty.

    • helen said

      you are welcome, Becky, “Honesty is the best policy”, isn’t it? I honestly hate the glue heads. lol Yesterday evening I was in a TRU store near me and noticed many “Ever After High” dolls’ boxes are open at the top. I figured someone opened them to check if these heads have glue. so I also let my fingers go through these little gaps to feel if the dolls have glue. They do, so I ended up buying nothing.

  5. Romona said

    Helen, they need you on the design team :).

  6. I haven’t received mine yet but I love this doll!! I also love what you have done with yours…well except for the Model Muse body…(giggle). I too like the new sculpt, but I do think that she looks a bit like Misty Copeland. I think yours, with the hair down, looks even more like her. Mattel needs to hire YOU!!!! You would turn their boring line around in moments!!!

    • helen said

      Thanks Stephanie. only if you were the director of Mattel’s Human Resource Dept, then, I’d get the job. lol

      I ordered one Misty from Amazon, one from Walmart. Once I received Amazon order and found she has a glue head, I canceled my Walmart order. as much as I like to support Barbie, I can no longer accept glue heads, too many at home, and I have problems with them.

      this new head probably is good enough to make that Zendaya Barbie Mattel posted online before…

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