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Misty Copeland Barbie, is she collectible?

Posted by helen on May 14, 2016


I received the Misty Copeland doll, oh, how much I wish I did NOT buy her.

her head is full of glue, her body is badly made: large holding marks on both sides of her neck, deep scratches on both arms, rough seams on legs, her arms are not evenly varnished, so they are partially shiny and partially Matte. the sewn-on fashion is made of cheap stretchy polyester knit & tulle, the head-piece is more ridiculous!

my $9.99 Ever After High dolls come with much better fashion.  This Misty Copeland doll should cost no more than $7.99.  as she is no better than these Fashionistas Barbie that Amazon sells for $7.94.

I bought the Misty doll only b/c I want to collect the new head sculpt. but a glue-filled head requires a lot of cleaning job to make her collectible.

I wish Mattel would explain to collectors why Wax Glue has to be used,  not only the glue seeps out & makes the hair greasy & dirty, the glue also deforms the head,  glued-filled dolls have lopsided faces. when the glue turns into yellow, the doll head will also turn into yellow. you can easily see it on light skinned dolls— it happened on my Twilight Saga Victoria doll, the back of her neck turned into yellow.

I m adding a new rule to my “purchase guideline”— I will not buy dolls with glue inside their heads. as I have had enough. these birthday wishes, its a girl, city shoppers, happy holidays 2013, 2014, 2015, to catch a thief Grace Kelly, Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn, Barbie Loves Sinatra Barbie loves Elvis, Cheerleaders, Mermaid,   landmark collections, Museum collections, then & now, twilight saga, dolls of the world 2012 …. the list is too long…

hopefully, Misty would be my last glued head. This doll does not have the quality to be “collectible”

the seams on legs look so awful, but mine isn’t the worst, there are much worse ones that people posted on Facebook & youtube.

The arms look bad, too:

I guess you will soon find this doll $15 through “Amazon Warehouse Deals”.

22 Responses to “Misty Copeland Barbie, is she collectible?”

  1. helen said

    someone recommended this youtube viedo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJvt4HTLIw4

  2. helen said

    this photo is from a facebook group, a facebook friend shared on my timeline, I think this one looks worse than my doll. lol https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13221697_1178298548849353_667087026398577441_n.jpg?oh=86749a46e54a2970b6b25050fc766126&oe=57E05AC4

  3. Sandra said

    Oh my lord, this really saddens me but your post is necessary and I appreciate it Helen I think I have almost all the dolls you mention that have glue heads. I’m so sad.

    • helen said

      Sandra, I spend hours & hours to get the glue out of the dolls’ heads, sometimes my hands are wrinkled after using these strong acetone & cleansers. I get very frustrated with all the glue heads. I will not buy more of them. I did not buy a single Fashionistas doll b/c I am unable to know if there are glues inside their heads, if you see someone asks Amazon Reviewers if the doll has glue inside her head, that’s probably me… lol I want to make sure I don’t bring in more glue heads…

  4. tkarengold said

    This is totally unacceptable and I’m being diplomatic.

    • helen said

      many people don’t take the doll out of the box, so they wont know all of the problems, Mattel takes advantage of it.

  5. Mary Tarpey said

    Thanks for the review. I had my reservations about this doll and I’m sad that they should’ve done a better quality for Misty.
    Did you get rid of your FB page? Miss seeing your posts there! Mary T.

    • helen said

      You are welcome, Mary. thanks for visiting my blog. Facebook locked my FB Page and insisted that I should give it my phone number or ID, I refused it. I managed to unlock my account and saved a few photos I needed, then I deleted the account and asked Facebook to stop demanding to have any personal info from me.

  6. Shinbo said

    I am a glue heater too! I never buy dolls with glue in their heads…I do find out that matter started using glue in 2008. So dolls produced before 2008 are fine … But after 2008 9 out of 10 has the glue …so annoying …

    • helen said

      I think the first glue head I purchased was “Then & Now” Barbie from 2008 or 2009. this doll was made both in China & Indonesia, the China-made doll is glue free, the Indonesia-made doll has glue. the worst ones are the Barbie Basics “Swimsuit collection”. I would have bought tons of “Ever After High” dolls if they didn’t have glue heads, but most of them do, so I saved lots money.

  7. majormistakes said

    Such a pretty doll, watching those pics is heartbreaking. Won’t buy her, too risky, thanks a lot for your opinion!

    • helen said

      If you want to buy one the fix it, I think you can get it later through “Amazon Warehouse Dealers” for much less, perhaps $15. lol I said I wont buy glue heads, but the hardest part is how I can find out if the doll has glue or not. once you buy & open the package, you can not return it if there is glue. 😦

  8. Romona said

    Wow, Helen! This is NOT good. I ordered her with my reward, but this is truly discouraging. I will try to keep an open mind while I await my doll’s arrival.

    • helen said

      if you don’t remove her costumes, then, you wont see her crappy body. that’s why the fashion is sewn-on. Mattel does not want you to see the roughness. all the ugly things are hidden.

  9. That is just bad. I read somewhere that Sweet Tea first wave was also of bad quality. Perhaps a new wave of Misty Copeland will come in soon if there are enough complaints about the quality, I guess.

    • helen said

      Sweet tea has rough hands. In general, Mattel’s doll quality goes down day by day regardless of our complaints. I deboxed my Andy Warhol Campbell soup doll yesterday and she has 2 “wrinkles” on her face, I have used fine sand paper to smooth the body seams & hands then spray the body with “Mr. Super Clean”, but I have no cure for dented lines on the doll face. I have another doll that also has a wrinkled face–she is cheap, so I don’t complain. Andy Warhol doll is $50, she should not have a defective face.

      • Integrity and Tonner must be laughing at Mattel for years now.

      • helen said

        neither Integrity nor Tonner is Barbie’s Match. at least not now, they both are so tiny. that’s why Barbie does not care if people complain or laugh or cry. she does what she likes. I think Mattel may give up Collectible Barbie dolls but focus on Playline only. The collector market seems to be too small for Mattel to keep.

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