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Exploring the “Posebilities”

Posted by helen on April 29, 2016

Its been  nearly 3 months since I purchased my first “Poseable silkstone” Barbie. I didn’t like her elbow joints, I still don’t.  they are really ugly. the only way to make the doll look flattering is to cover up the joints.

this new body sculpt is quite different from the original Silkstone’s.  this doll is supper skinny, her hip is smaller than Model Muse dolls’, her upper torso is too short,  you really have to “pick & choose” what’s suitable for her,  she just can’t wear every style you want her to model.


4 Responses to “Exploring the “Posebilities””

  1. Sandra said

    I admire you for even trying one out. I decided no more silkstones. I’m surprised I’ve been able to stick to it. I like your candid review as well. The body proportions are so different. Poseability doesn’t matter too much to me since MM are my faves. Love the Pop Art dress. Did you make the slacks on the Bottom Silkstone? I love those as well!!

    • helen said

      I bought this doll b/c she was really cheap. 20% or 25% off on TRU & Target website. so she was like $34. but I would not pay $100 for the new poseable dolls. I am shocked to see BC asking $100 for the new “Cocktail” doll, I guess they think they lost $$ on the camel coat by listing her at $50, now they need to make it up through this new cocktail doll.. lol 2 weeks ago I saw this cocktail doll was listed for $59.99 on Amazon, that’s more like the right price. her dress is worth much less than the camel coat ensemble.

  2. dollz4moi said

    I’m still waiting to see if they “fix” any of the complaints so many are making with this new design. I think I was doing a better job giving my Silkies new bodies. I find that using IT or Mattel bodies works better than this. If they make some changes I would buy one. Especially if they make a redhead :O)

    • helen said

      I doubt Mattel will “fix” anything. we have complained about the glue head for years, Mattel still keeps pouring glue into Barbie’s head. the 2015 Birthday Wishes & Its a girl & happy Holidays dolls are full of glue in their heads… disgusting beyond words… but that’s Mattel.

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